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Wednesday, October 7, 2020



Keyboard letters continue to e  problem. AutoCorrect fixes some stuff but writing is tedious. replacement laptop is coming. The interview is doe but is ot fully trscried. Still, given the lack of participation here lately,  will it eve matter? Doubtful.


  1. I had a similar problem recently, but instead of missing letters, the keys got electronically jumbled such that when I hit one key a totally different letter was entered. Maddening.

    1. that sounds horribly frustrating! it went away briefly yesterday, & I got some stuff fiished..... but it's ack again now. agree = maddening.

    2. It was, though in my case it probably built some new synapses as I learned that if I needed an L I really needed to type @ and if I needed an @ I needed to type &.

  2. Replies
    1. i appreciate that too.......ut it's like you & two others t est for y give post. i looked ck t last year & i was complainig out the same thig i October. people must hate to respond i October. plus this glitch is fuckig oyig!!!!!!!!!