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Thursday, November 26, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving!

Due to scheduling issues among our immediate family, we are sitting down to eat a little later than usual this year. So, now that everything is done and waiting for the festivities to begin, I actually had the welcome chance to sit and bang out a quick post. 

Here is the table setting we will soon be sitting at:

Not too much different from years past, but there are some new plate additions, and the sunflowers are a switch from our usual mini-pumpkins.

Happy Thanksgiving to All!

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Busy few days ahead

Thanksgiving is just around the bend. I have the happy situation that I do two small Thanksgivings every this year is no big change for me. Everyone in our limited and cautious small circle who comes here anyway, are the only people who will be here for either of these two days, making the events safe-ER if not 100% safe. We may also open a couple of windows for extra caution.

I have a lot to do though. I slimmed down the menu this year based not on Covid, but on past leftover data. We are also slightly tweaking our traditional table set-up, substituting silk sunflowers for the little pumpkins we used in the past.  I will post pictures. 

As for the menu? The usual from years past. I am not trying any new recipes this year. But the historic favorites will all be center stage. ( the two biggest hits are a corn and clam chowder and another Colonial recipe: mussels in a spiced cream sauce ) There are other specialties all gleaned from a Colonial cookbook, an old Frugal Gourmet book on American cooking, and another book on Thanksgiving recipes through the years. But a menu can be much less time-consuming than everything I put myself through. Just look at the serendipitous simplicity of this presentation:

Yummy. And so low on calories.

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Hero worship

Compared with most normal people, I could probably be considered a bit obsessed with superheroes. But put me alongside some avid "fanboys" and I seem very low-spectrum. At least nowadays. I am going to be 61 very soon and I suppose a certain waning of interest is to be expected. 

Recently I posted an Iron Man diorama which prompted a private exchange between me and recent Spooner recipient, Tomy. During our conversation I mentioned that my favorite superhero was Marvel's Daredevil and said I should really take a picture of what my son calls my "Daredevil Shrine". For those utterly unfamiliar, here is what Daredevil looks like:

An issue from the 70's that I have particularly enjoyed....and have still.

Daredevil "The Man Without Fear" first appeared in April of 1964......a bit too early for me to have appreciated at the time.....since I was only 4. Since then he has been featured in a rather tepid movie with Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner, and more recently in a good quality series on Netflix starring Charlie Cox......who does a much better Matt Murdock (Daredevil's daytime lawyer alter ego.) than Affleck.

Daredevil appeals to me for several reasons. He is a dark character. In fact, the writer, Frank Miller, 'darkened up' the character a few years before he did the same for Batman. So if you think of what Batman was like in the 60's and how he suddenly became "the Dark Knight"......that was Miller's retooling......and he did it to Daredevil first. 

I also liked that in terms of powers he is not unlike most of us. He has no super-strength, no healing factor, no claws that pop out of his hands, he doesn't even own a high-tech iron suit. The only strange powers he does possess are heightened senses and a kind of 'radar sense', which enables him to envision things all around him in a kind of 360 degree vision......which is the ONLY vision he has since Daredevil is technically blind. 

For decades, artists have struggled with rendering how Daredevils 'sees' his world. But two-dimensional drawings in a comic book, or even a scene in a movie are too limited to get it exactly right. The images are more than just shapes to him. They are a combination of sonar-like impressions, sounds, smells, tastes........all in a spherical display with him in its center. There is no sneaking up on him. He doesn't need to turn around to punch you or throw something at you. It's like a sightless but otherwise sense-rich immersion which requires him to struggle more to edit things out, than pull information in. It's hard for him to relax. It's hard for him to sleep. His world does not diminish by closing his eyes.

When we admire a hero we often look for a blend of things we can relate to set against traits we don't have that we admire. For me, the thought of being blind is beyond terrifying. So I admire his ability to transcend something I dread. He also is a morally-conflicted, "lapsed Catholic"........something I was when the character first appealed to me.
(Now I am more of an atheist as many of you know.) His stories.....especially his later ones.....were never bright, happy, battles for good. They were battles that challenged the notions of good. They encompassed perspectives rather than black-and-white dichotomies. Good stuff.

As a spanko, I always loved this scene....even though it was a singular aberration whose theme was never repeated. I also found it ironic years later that one of Daredevil's nicknames was "DD".....the other being "hornhead".

Anyway, once I set him up in my mind as a favorite, I began collecting a lot of "Daredevil memorabilia", and to be honest, that was initially a very economical pursuit since Daredevil never had a huge following. Everyone knows Spiderman, Captain America, and the Hulk, but whenever I would say my favorite character was Daredevil, I would get a blank stare. Nowadays that has changed and he is way more popular than he used to be, but he is still an acquired taste for a limited base.

But now that you all have an idea of who Daredevil is, let's get to that shrine:

Here are figures, glasses, cars, buttons, gaming pieces, key-chains, and a collectible statue. (There are other statues not in my possession that are amazing but whose price tags were sadly prohibitive.)  The scary part is that this shrine doesn't even contain everything I own, and there are several more figures,  and movie posters that are on display with other sets, or packed away. Several boxes are also sadly positioned in front of others and so in many places there are figures behind the ones you can see. And then there are the comic books! I have nearly all of the first volume, including the first ten issues. 

You can see that the classic all red outfit was his primary look, but he started out as a combination of yellow, red, and black. He also donned a few other outfits over the years including one that incorporated some armor......since he had no bulletproof skin or unbreakable bones. It's scary to think that this one shot represent several thousands of dollars of comic book value.

To be honest, I have not kept up with my hero for a long time now. My son has informed me of some of the more dramatic plot twists and developments, but I just don't have the inclination to collect comics and read them like I used to. Still, heroes tend to be what we want them to be. Their glory days are etched in our minds and recent developments seem insignificant when measured against our own relationship with the character. Regardless of what has transpired since, or what happens in the future, for me, Daredevil will always be the red-clad "Man Without Fear" acrobatically prowling the streets of NYC's 'Hell's Kitchen' looking without sight for wrongs to right......and wrestle with.

Friday, November 20, 2020

The 2020 Spooners


And the Spooner goes to:

Well, despite saying I would go by memory alone, I did actually use the Blogger search feature to help with this year's Wooden Spoon Award list, but I only went back a few months and I scanned the comments fairly briskly. Naturally, I had no problem listing our 'regulars', but I will say that if you are reader who has left even a single comment in 2020......even a comment to voice dissent.......YOU STILL HAVE EARNED A SPOONER. So sorry if I missed anyone who qualifies, but the following list is pretty fair in my opinion.

Heading the Wooden Spoon Award list are three people I know I can rely on even in the leanest of times. So congratulations to Merry, Dan, & Tomy who have been around for way more than just 2020, and who comment generously. 

More Wooden Spoon winners whose participation I appreciate include: Mr. Bill, Joe, Archedone, Sissysnow, Fondles, Hermione, Jack, Jhakov, Glenmore, QBuzz, Julie, Erica Scott, & Crimson Kid.  We can also add some newcomers to the list. I believe these folks began commenting in 2020 and are  welcome additions to our special circle: Alan, ZM, Baxter, Hortic, Max, ron, Redtail, & Steve S.

Lastly, I must award special Spooners to my dear reader/disciplinarians who not only comment on posts but often are the inspiration for them. (Besides, if I somehow leave them out, I'll probably earn a slip or get a direct spanking!) So congratulations to Ana (my Little Monster) whose Dental School schedule has kept her very busy, and Nickki who lately has been the star of many interesting posts and pictures. Love you both!

So congratulations to all winners.....even those who qualified but I somehow missed. A lot of effort goes into this blog, and while praise is always nice, it's not what I look for. It's all about interaction. Discussion. A sharing of opinions. I do this so kinky people can talk with each other, intelligently, cleverly, passionately. We don't need to agree, but life is a process of participation. As kinky people we may often feel left out on the fringes. "Collected Submissions" is meant to be a parlor for people to feel safe and among friends.....even friends who vehemently disagree. And not only an informal parlor where a guest can not only slip off their shoes, but a kinky one where they maybe even drop their pants to show off a spanked butt and still feel accepted. And so besides congratulations I want to THANK everyone ......heartily......who has left even a single comment. Your participation is what keeps me going.

And on this "Love our Lurkers" Day, if you are a lurker looking for love, please seek it on one of the other participating blogs. There are several. Because here on this day, I wish to recognize participation rather than solicit it. If you can come here and take the time to read and yet never in a year find the time to offer even a single comment, all I can say is.................


Thursday, November 19, 2020

Lovin' Spoonful


No, no, no! Not these guys. THIS "Lovin' Spoonful":

The Wooden Spoon Award. ( the 'Spooner' )

Tomorrow is "Love Our Lurkers" Day for many worthy blogs who participate. I used to add this blog to the list early on, but more recently, I have adopted the same timeframe as "LOL-Day" to deal with the silent lurker situation a bit differently. Rather than try to coax reluctant readers to participate.....which is something I feel I do all year very little success.........I take this time to reward those loyal folks who do. 

Tomorrow I will make the presentations, but I will be handling the awards a bit differently this year. In the past I spent a long time researching participants through the year so as to not leave anyone out....even if they only made a single comment at the beginning of the year. It is a tedious process. This year I am just going to rely on my memory to name those folks who stand out as regular participants and will extend honorary "Spooners" to anyone who knows that they did leave a comment or two, but who escape my memory.

So, if " believe in magic...." tune in tomorrow and see who makes the list!

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Hall of Armor


Stark's Hall of Armor. How many suits can you recognize?

One of the guilty pleasures of being a collector of any kind is the ability to display one's collection. In the Marvel Universe, Tony Stark not only made many different specialized and upgraded suits over the years.......but he kept them all on display in his Hall of Armor.

Many years ago, I came upon a display case for a radio-controlled toy that I knew would one day make for a great Hall of Armor for Iron Man action figures. That display case has sat around in my basement for over ten years!!! But, in an effort to get rid of some excess junk, while also knowing such a diorama would greatly please my son, I finally converted it.

I didn't bother to take a lot of WIP shots but here's one when I first started laying things out:

And here is the finished product:

I called my son to pop over and claim his new diorama and he was thrilled with what he saw. As a result, he took no time in setting up a shot and here is what he ended up with:

Not bad, eh?

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

A Post-Trump world?

Lately my mind is plagued with a mish-mash of humorous, serious, and predictive random thoughts about a future where Donald Trump exists.....but is no longer president:

"NO! I don't wanna go to jail!!!"

-Will Donald and family be moving from the White House to the “Big House”? With so many suits just waiting for Trump to resume citizen status, I am eager to see just what legal and financial jeopardy this backlog of prosecution will bring. In a year or two, maybe referring to Trump as the "orange man" will take on a whole new meaning?

"Wow, that outfit really goes with your complexion!"

-Perhaps if the television-obsessed Trump would have an easier time accepting the election results if the White House Press corps just announced that “the Trump Show has not been renewed for another season…...but there is talk for a new series in the works.” I actually do think that Trump may very well look to do a TV show in the very near future in order to stay relevant and make money. This seems so likely I would almost put money on it.

-And speaking of the mindless and their entertainment.....when will his base get bored? I mean it's not like these folks must possess the most generous of attention spans. Maybe someone should consider inventing a new sport/entertainment attraction to offer in place of the Washington Trump Show ......and maybe it could even be something less dangerous....... to distract these people? I think some kind of packed, arena attraction where maskless fans can drink cheap beer, eat pork rinds, wave Dixie flags and chant simple 3 word slogans while watching some race/contest involving drivers of oversized vehicles, armed with Ar-15s, engaged in some sort of staged combat that incorporates white supremacy themes and country music, could be a sensation... and once a vehicle is disabled combat continues in a wrestling bout. In between the nasally-twangy tunes an angry announcer can even bellow conspiracy theories? I think this might be a money-maker while keeping these people all safely in one place where their activities can be easily monitored. Kind of like a WalMart but more organized.

On a morbid note, what happens to “Trumplicans”? Will they just go on doing their usual thing in anticipation of a 2024 run? I wonder if Republicans will take an initial wait-and-see attitude towards a post-presidency Trump to see if legal action thwarts any potential 2024 bid. BUT, if it doesn’t, I can see how a conclave of powerful Republican moderates, possibly presidential hopefuls themselves, put a hit out on Donald, with the assassin posing as an Antifa radical. It sounds sick, but if it happens, I would not be the least bit surprised.

On another morbid, but this time ironic note, I wonder if a dejected Trump, possibly on the verge of a serious conviction, pulls a “Jim Jones” with his followers? Loyalists should get their Kool-Aid and mason jar glasses ready. I mean he let Covid run rampant. He let his own fans freeze. Is a Kool-Aid cocktail that incomprehensible?

Friday, November 13, 2020

Stained glass windows

I learned the craft of making stained glass windows way back in high school and have made several projects over the years, too many of which were left behind after my divorce. One project that we have had on display for a while now is the double window in our "green room". This room is a small converted breezeway that now provides access to our enclosed rear porch and whose contents and decor are a mix of my Medieval and Renaissance weapons collection and the corner cabinet and small refrigerator that house our booze. I've shown this double set before but here it is once more:

As some of you know, I recently remodeled my bathroom. One final addition was another window I started quite a while ago and only recently finished. It was not an overly complicated project, but I lost interest in it about 3/4s of the way through and it languished until I managed to rouse enough motivation to finally complete it. To be honest, most of that motivation was a desire TO complete it and thereby put away all the crap associated with making it. 

The other day I got it done and secured it into the existing window. Rosa is very happy to have it done, as am I. Here it is:

Here are two views. As you can see, the bulk of the window uses regular clear glass, since Rosa did not want her view of our garden or bird feeder obscured.

Working with glass is both rewarding and frustrating. The end result is usually pleasing, but the road to that payoff is littered with effort, monotony, cut fingers, monotony, pieces with complicated cuts that break on the last scoring and other mishaps, monotony, nasty smells of solder flux, and a bit more monotony. 

I do think if I ever do another piece it will be a landscape and not a symmetrical design. The last time I did a project without feeling bored was a seascape of a lighthouse in our area. Unfortunately that piece is not in my possession. With landscapes every piece is unique, and that seems to hold my attention more than repeated patterns.

If you are curious about the process, here is a brief overview on YouTube: 

But if you want a simpler method of making a stained glass window with a different set of rewards, try this instead: start by procuring a pretty pattern of glass. Like this:

Or perhaps something more monochromatic and simple like this?

Lube it up and insert it into the window frame of your preference, whether yourself, or someone else. 

And with some effort, though not nearly what you'd go through with the traditional method, viola!

Your own personal window! And if you are concerned that no one will get to see and enjoy it, just put it on display!

Truly a presentation guaranteed to draw admiring glances and comments. In fact, I would wager this window will attract more admirers than the one that took me so much effort to make. Of course, I can at least SEE my own window whenever I wish........unlike this young lady who has to rely on the feedback from others.......or a this one. LOL

Thursday, November 12, 2020

5 Recommendations

I have had the astounding luck recently to have watched five different shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime….two movies, two documentaries, and something of a comedic combination…..that all made an impression and all seem particularly relevant to our challenging present. If you are looking for something to watch may I recommend:

“The Social Dilemma”-(Netflix) a documentary on social media and how the tech-world’s desire to increase profits inadvertently polarized the world. 

“David Attenborough- A Life on Our Planet” -(Netflix) part documentary, part life statement, Attenborough uses his own life of 93 years to add context to species loss and global warming. Of particular interest is the last portion where rather than only warn of the threats and challenges, he provides actual examples of solutions already underway across the globe, showing what CAN be achieved if effort is made.

“Borat Subsequent Moviefilm” - (Amazon Prime) Sacha Baron Cohen reprises his role as a naive journalist from Kazakhstan…...this time with his “daughter” in tow. You would think a sequel to “Borat” would be impossible. It wasn’t. Or that it wouldn't be as funny. It is. The "cupcake gag" alone is worthy of viewing. Maria Bakalova is an absolute gem as Borat's 15-year old daughter, whose aspiration is to be the next Melania and live in a beautiful cage. What a darling combination of comic timing and sheer guts.

“The Trial of the Chicago 7”- (Netflix) Cohen is back again…..this time as Abbie Hoffman…..flag shirt and all, along with Frank Langella, Michael Keaton, John Carroll Lynch and others in a tale from my childhood where America seems not quite so American as we might wish. 

And finally, “Trumbo”- (On DVD and currently on Netflix) Another true story about American values and how easy it can be to undermine what this country is supposed to be about in the name of patriotism…….and what “patriotism” is about versus what merely waves a flag. Bryan Cranston deftly leads an interesting cast (including Helen Mirren, John Goodman, and some folks known more for comedy than drama ) that delves into the House Un-American Activities Committee and Hollywood blacklisting. (This movie prompted a very interesting discussion between me and Rosa over exactly what it means to be a communist in America. And ‘no’, neither of us are communists. LOL ) I also appreciated the film's reluctance to portray the protagonist as some idol of philosophical and political perfection.

So there you have it. If any of these prompt further discussion, I may follow up with a post going into more detail. But for now, these snippets seem concise yet accurate enough to act as teasers. Please know that I am a finicky viewer and hate (or at least consider mediocre) most everything. I recommend rarely because of the inherent flaws in most of what I see. However, while not perfect, these suggestions easily rise above the fairly high line that routinely prevents me from endorsing other films.  Enjoy watching!  (Or rather…………. Enjoy THINKING! )

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Veteran irony

Ah, Veteran's Day. A day in America where nearly half of its grateful citizens openly express their gratitude to those who fought for and preserved freedom while simultaneously supporting someone who privately denigrates soldiers and who actively pursues a path geared to destroying the very same things these veterans fought for. The only thing about wearing a MAGA hat along with a poppy that is consistent is that they are both red. 

Oh well. Anyway, thanks Veterans. At least half of us genuinely appreciate your sacrifices and have no intention of just blithely handing over the rights and freedoms you fought for to a tin pot dictator.


Tuesday, November 10, 2020


Thankfully, amid all of the controversy over the national election results, one state result is being embraced with bipartisan unity: NJ legalized recreational marijuana. See? We can all get along. 


My history with cannabis is far less radical than my readers may think. I was too much of a goody two-shoes in high school to have smoked......though I did have a bond with some cliques that did. I started in my freshman year in college after my grandfather passed away and the guy who was my "fraternity big brother" was giving me rides to school in the morning encouraged a trial. It was hardly the effect that sensational propaganda would have you believe. It was subtle. It was regulated by intake. It was ........a lot like drinking.

I was no Jeff Spicoli in high school......but I was friends with a few!

After starting, I will admit to having been a fairly regular user for a while. But as I got older I felt that the very real side effect of losing a bit of one's short term memory was rendering me a little less sharp than I preferred to be, and so I quit.................for a LONG time. Still, even as I myself avoided indulging, I never held any position against pot, nor did I ever try to prevent anyone else from enjoying it. In fact, my political position on ALL drugs is legalization. Decriminalize drugs, regulate their production rather than leave that to unscrupulous criminals who produce products that get people killed, tax it, use the money you save from the resulting decline in incarceration and from tax to treat addiction as a disorder/disease rather than a crime, and otherwise let responsible users use.......just like we do with smoking, drinking, and (yeah, I can't resist saying it >snicker<) religion......the single largest sanctioned opiate in the world.

This doctored stained glass window cracked me up. There's even a "Jesus strain" of pot oil!

Time passed, periodically marked with a lot of information about medical uses, political controversy, and public opinion. And after my divorce, my now adult son....the one I make the dioramas for........knowing of my past usage from college 'war stories' suggested that I resume this simple pleasure, especially once I was retired. I resisted for a bit, just not feeling ready, but thinking in time I could be. And that day did in fact come. I resumed use, now enhanced with modern kickass strains and a plethora of gadgets that made my past reliance on alligator clips, vinyl album covers, and bongs made from stolen erlenmeyer flasks from chem lab seem like Stone Age tools (or Stoner Age tools?)

Eventually I was introduced to vaping pot oil. I liked it so much I told my son he now knew what he could get his old man for Father's Day that year. But as much as I like my "Magic Wand" (my personal name for my vaping device) I still use it very infrequently. I like it.....but I have to be in the mood for it, and often find I'm just not. But it's there when I want it, and I DO use it and love it when I do. 

Me last St, Patrick's Day, pretending to be Billy Connolly in "Boondock Saints" substituting my "Magic Wand" for his cigar.

I believe my current rate of usage is a nice counterargument to those who still insist that pot is a gateway drug. If it is, then that fucking gate has been left open for decades, and I still haven't gone through it. Similarly, given how easy it was for me to get marijuana when it was ILLEGAL, counters the belief held by those in a panic, that once legal I and others will now go on a binge-orgy of usage. In 2012 Washington and Colorado became the first states to legalize recreational marijuana use. (It should be noted that such action did not result in either state turning red, thereby proving that legalization will not result in the rampant degeneration of intellect.) Now my NJ has followed suit.......passing the referendum by 60%! And I am curious to see what happens.

I doubt it will be the catastrophe warned about in this classic.

Still, while voted to be legal, NJ still has to finalize the legislation to make everything gel. But for now, I still have my small circle of indulgers to share some high times with. I already mentioned my son and his circle, but there's also Jean (of Jean & Nickki fame). It's funny. Jean is willing to both spank me or smoke with me, but probably more inclined to the latter, whereas I would probably prefer the former. Like I said, pot's effect on me tends to be subtle......whereas a hard ass-roasting is anything but! I wonder though how the two might combine? I've never been spanked during a buzz. Who knows? Maybe it's something to try and for THAT adventure, Jean just might be my go-to gal? I will have to suggest it.

Cute. Except in my case it would be more accurate to say "Smoke doobies, bare your booty". Still it's nice to see updated pot slogans. Remember: "Gas, grass, or ass....nobody rides for free."?

And speaking of kinky combinations, here are two different pleasures I'm happy to inhale.......each with a distinctive aroma that brain-triggers delight. I've always liked the smell of weed......and feet. ( provided eqch are somewhat fresh. LOL )

I know my Rosa has no interest in it whether legal or illegal. Legalization is not going to force or encourage her (or other reluctants) to start any more than illegalization prevented those who wanted to smoke to stop. And I have zero interest in edibles.......something that has become popular in states where cannabis is legal. Being able to walk into a shop and buy some Alice B. Toklas Brownies will afford no allure. But, I DO look forward to just being able to walk into a place, as a legal, responsible adult, see what they have, and perhaps drop some coin for some nice fresh herb, go home, pop on DARK SIDE of the MOON, and indulge. (I just worry that if I'm indulging with a high-tech vape, and Pink Floyd is on Pandora, that it just might not feel the same.)

Another one of those pot-related things from the past that didn't age well. I remember when I found Cheech & Chong funny, and now the only routine that can still get me to chuckle or grin is their classic "dog shit" skit. I now find "Up in Smoke" unwatchably dated.

Friday, November 6, 2020

Random stuff

 A while back I told you all that Rosa and I were immersed in a stressful situation where the odds were in our favor but experience tempered our optimism. It went on for a while and it took a toll on our respective moods. But, ultimately the good news we hoped for came through and the dark cloud hanging over us was whisked away with a cleansing breeze. As such, my enthusiasm for things has returned with a vengeance.

A cute cartoon I found that playfully poked some fun at something very true for Rosa and me. Now that things have calmed, perhaps a little overdue 'worship' might be in order?

And speaking of vengeance, yesterday was "the 5th of November" prompting Rosa to remind me of our annual tradition: the watching of "V For Vendetta". 

It is a story written by the great Alan Moore and adapted for the screen. It is not a terribly old movie nor a new one......but it is a story frighteningly appropriate for our times, complete with political repression and even a pandemic. If you've never seen it, give it a shot.

Last night Rosa also gave me the double treat of a long-awaited "O" while kissing her beautiful feet. (It didn't take long...LOL....but it definitely didn't suck!) 

One of my treats last evening. Delicious!

We also discussed the possibility of a celebratory 'take out' dinner this weekend.....and a very likely return to spanking........which is another long overdue activity. We will see.

Another past view of Rosa's feet with me in the foreground. Will this be us later this weekend? Time will tell.

And then there's politics. I have been quiet here for a long time and any return to voicing my views will have to be undertaken over time. There's just too much to deal with here and now in one paragraph. The only brief comment I will make is directed NOT at something I heard from some leftwing or rightwing pundit working for a commercially motivated or agenda laden news network but the very words coming out of our current president's mouth heard in real time. I listened to Trump's news conference last night in its entirety, not a spin, not a collection of edited sound bytes, but his own rambling words. It was historic. I felt like I was watching an on-air breakdown. In Donald's own oft-used evaluation: "sad".

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Nudging the bear

Being complicit in one's own comeuppance is a complicated exercise. On one hand you know you deserve it and you know the person in authority thinks so too.....but because they do, you also know that any sign of encouragement is going to act as a green light to what will end up worse than what you might want. But since the spanking is probably inevitable, why not just resolve oneself and surrender to the moment......and even help it along?

Not long after posting the two-part interview with Nickki, she informed me privately, publicly, AND REPEATEDLY of her genuine desire to kind of 'get even' for the ordeal she felt she went through doing it. Despite her recent confidence though, she seemed hesitant to just flat-out declare a spanking for it. One day we talked about the seeming disconnect between her threats and an actual declaration that a spanking was coming and she said something along the lines that I seemed resistant to such a resolution since I had been adamantly explaining how my interview was proof of my high opinion of her rather than something to be upset about. I thought about that and while she was correct, my explanations were never intended as resistance to punishment.......just explanation. So, in order to restore her confidence, I conceded that she not only could spank me as per her right, but that being as truly upset as she was, that she most certainly should!  That was all she needed and she quickly informed me that a spanking would indeed be coming my way. 

But shortly after that phone conversation......where I felt......due to a bout of embarrassment...... I was not quite as clear as I wished to be about my feelings... I sent a rather long and revealing text:

So, on Friday, October 16, I headed over to Nickki's house so that she could vent her frustration onto my ironically compounded by my own request that she do so without mercy or hesitation. Interestingly the session was scheduled to coincide with her lunch break, so that she literally left work to meet and beat me.......and then head back. 

And that's pretty much what happened. The first half of the spanking took place with me bent over some cushions on her sofa and was unmistakably punitive. As a sort of sarcastic reminder of the complexity of the interview she had to deal with, Nickki insisted that I address her as "Doctor" whenever I responded to one of her scolding questions. I tend to struggle with responses when spanked, and at first my "doctor"s were a bit slow in coming and initially inconsistent, but Nickki is not one to be disobeyed and she wasn't kidding about how she wished to be addressed, so employing insistent wallops when I hesitated or forgot, she expertly urged my compliance admirably. Soon she had me "doctor-ing" away like crazy having effectively spanked the resistance out of me. 

Nickki spanked hard and fast right from the start, until I felt I couldn't process it all or even breathe. A panting request for a bit of a break was mercifully honored. Nickki then resumed with a slightly slower pace but with equal intensity......which served to respect my physical limitations while in no way diminishing the efficacy of the spanking. The adjustment may have allowed my heart rate to return to a more reasonable cadence, but there was also no way my bottom was going to be in any way spared! She repeatedly declared her desire to make this spanking memorable.

The second half took place in a position that is becoming increasingly powerful.....over Nickki's lap. It must sound funny to hear me say that I find this position comfortable considering how it in no way diminishes the discomfort these OTK sessions result in.....but at least psychologically I do feel very connected to Nickki as she continues to spank. I even find the process of climbing over her pillow-enhanced lap and mutually settling into place oddly nurturing. But despite the tangible caring in her positioning of me, Nickki soon made it clear WHY I was over her lap........and it wasn't to be massaged! As she claimed in the interview I was now being punished for, she no longer sees me as KDP once astride her lap but rather 'her little boy' and she instantly turns into one angry and determined "mom".

Already sore, Nickki now paddled my butt into twin fireballs of sting. To be honest, as much as it hurts, I can't help but appreciate how she can spank me into a state of utter compliance and remorse. She truly is one of the best spankers I have ever known in my life.......and I've known a few.

She also again employed her newfound technique of lifting a buttock with one hand thereby exposing the tender crease between cheek and thigh to clear attack from her paddle. ( if you want to see an obvious change in Nickki's spanking technique, check out the earliest shots and compare them to the most recent ones and observe just how much further down the redness extends!) The spanks to this area hurt a lot and result in a profound soreness.......right at the spot where one feels it when sitting or walking. As a result, I find this technique to be extremely indicative of the punitive intention behind Nickki's efforts......and consequently very powerful and humbling. When I feel her hand on me lifting, I know what is soon to follow.

Eventually the punishment came to an end, we cuddled a bit, and Nickki then headed out back to work. And as part of our routine, Nickki took a couple shots of her handiwork prior to leaving:

Me in the more recent "spanking frock" I now wear for my spankings with Nickki.

Hot, sore, and BLISTERED!

Before concluding this post, I would like to elaborate a bit on what was for me a very powerful moment in this particular exchange ........which led to an extended period of nervous anticipation......and that was the moment I hit the send icon on the text posted above. Confessing a desire to BE punished, and punished severely, is always a difficult admission to share. In this case the proof is that I had a rather productive verbal phone exchange with Nickki prior to the text, but still awkwardly and nervously danced around the full admission of my feelings. I felt I couldn't quite bring myself to say ALL of the words. Only after concluding the conversation did I feel compelled to correct my evasive discourse with a direct and thorough text.

The easiest part was to clearly type out my feelings. Actually sending it was a different story. It was not because I thought my words would be unwelcome. The "Nickki of 2020" is not the novice who first took a paddle to my behind in 2018, but the confident-to-a-point-of-brazen friend-turned-disciplinarian you can see in the recent interview. Further proof are the recent stories and pictures. So I knew my text was not some bit of encouragement to a reluctant spanker who never goes quite hard enough, but an admission of complicity to someone who already made her desire to roast me for the interview abundantly clear. I wouldn't be poking a sleeping bear but one already evidenced by her comment left here the day prior to our meeting:

>>>>>>>>Tomorrow I’m spending my lunch time spanking a little butt. It is my desire to make this session memorable due to the depth of my pain at having to subject myself to writing a thesis again at 54. My grade was an A. But I’m not satisfied. So I hope warming (oh I’m sorry wrong word my mistake HEATING) the buns of my friend KDP during lunch will Suffice. I will let you all know. Nickki<<<<<<<<<<<

So .....with a fluttering stomach.....I sent the text with full knowledge of what it would mean, namely guaranteeing a harder-than-I-would-probably-want spanking that, now with my admission, would be very hard to back out of. And after seeing her reply, for the next few days, felt not like someone who bought a ticket to a scary rollercoaster, but someone who was now secured in the seat and heading to the crest of the first drop. On the day of the spanking, I sat in my car outside Nickki's home waiting for her arrival feeling as nervous as any kid sent up to his room to wait for his mother and her hairbrush......especially a kid who knows from past experience just how thoroughly his "mom" spanks. ( I think it's fair to say though that I don't think a kid subject to spanking feels much more than the fear and nervousness I mentioned. I don't recall ever feeling admiration.... yet that IS a feeling I do hold now for the spankers in my life. I know I have a long history with spanking and as such it is not always easy to make an impression on me unless one is determined to do so. Nickki is certainly a determined disciplinarian.....and as a result I know any spanking she decides to give me now will end up being a true and genuine, leg-kicking, ouch-inducing scorcher. And rather than resent that, I find myself absolutely awed by it. I guess each of us really are where we belong to feel this way.)

I left feeling just as juvenile.......sorry, sore, and acutely aware that my actions had consequences unlike those for a vast majority of people of my age. Consequences that I have learned need very little provocation. It occurred to me that while I am blessed with a loving but strict wife, I am now also privileged to have a sort of loving replacement for my mother in the form of a dear friend who has little hesitation and even less guilt in taking an energetic paddle to my butt when needed!  And as for that complicity we talked about? Yeah. It's been a couple of weeks now since that spanking and I blush to admit that I find myself already wondering when I might be summoned again and for what reason. 

Revenge of the Poked Bear. Take THAT, Goldilocks!