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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Busy few days ahead

Thanksgiving is just around the bend. I have the happy situation that I do two small Thanksgivings every this year is no big change for me. Everyone in our limited and cautious small circle who comes here anyway, are the only people who will be here for either of these two days, making the events safe-ER if not 100% safe. We may also open a couple of windows for extra caution.

I have a lot to do though. I slimmed down the menu this year based not on Covid, but on past leftover data. We are also slightly tweaking our traditional table set-up, substituting silk sunflowers for the little pumpkins we used in the past.  I will post pictures. 

As for the menu? The usual from years past. I am not trying any new recipes this year. But the historic favorites will all be center stage. ( the two biggest hits are a corn and clam chowder and another Colonial recipe: mussels in a spiced cream sauce ) There are other specialties all gleaned from a Colonial cookbook, an old Frugal Gourmet book on American cooking, and another book on Thanksgiving recipes through the years. But a menu can be much less time-consuming than everything I put myself through. Just look at the serendipitous simplicity of this presentation:

Yummy. And so low on calories.


  1. Not my idea of a nice Thanksgiving meal, but it is funny. Poor woman, she doesn't appear pleased.

    1. I think that's just a lack of skill on the artist's part.

  2. Best wishes from Canada for a great Thanksgiving KD.
    It sounds like you have everything well organized as usual!