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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Hall of Armor


Stark's Hall of Armor. How many suits can you recognize?

One of the guilty pleasures of being a collector of any kind is the ability to display one's collection. In the Marvel Universe, Tony Stark not only made many different specialized and upgraded suits over the years.......but he kept them all on display in his Hall of Armor.

Many years ago, I came upon a display case for a radio-controlled toy that I knew would one day make for a great Hall of Armor for Iron Man action figures. That display case has sat around in my basement for over ten years!!! But, in an effort to get rid of some excess junk, while also knowing such a diorama would greatly please my son, I finally converted it.

I didn't bother to take a lot of WIP shots but here's one when I first started laying things out:

And here is the finished product:

I called my son to pop over and claim his new diorama and he was thrilled with what he saw. As a result, he took no time in setting up a shot and here is what he ended up with:

Not bad, eh?


  1. I love your uniquely eclectic approach to art. In college my click of friends started a "secret" Marvel comic club which consisted of everyone, guys and dolls, taking on secret identities - someone from what later become known as the Marvel Universe. FYI, I was Captain America and my best friend to this day was Iron Man

    1. Thanks, Tomy, but I think I probably have undiagnosed I HAVE to keep changing around my projects.

      Cap is in my top 3, but if I had to choose a character for your club it would have to be my favorite: Daredevil. I have what my son calls my "Daredevil Shrine" down in my basement. (I really should take a shot of it and post it.) Rounding out my top 3 is the Vision. But after decades of being a Marvel fan, I like a lot of characters besides those 3.