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Tuesday, November 3, 2020


Halloween went pretty much as planned this year with single couple, or just a single person, dinner guests strewn across the weekends from the beginning of October to the end. I only dressed in costume once though, on Halloween itself. This year I continued my exploration of the "ghoul family" I have been doing for years....with the next-to-last male member: "Lemuel Grimdower" 1859-1918. 

Our Halloween table.

This year I went a bit further with this fictional genealogy by laying out brief but specific details of the various patriarchs. In the case of Lemuel, I envisioned him as the abandoned son of Alistair Grimdower (the gray, top hat, ghoul I have portrayed most often) who was a butcher by trade.......with a penchant for 'long pig'. He had a son, Edwin, who died in 1918 in an actual, historic munitions explosion in the town I live in before he could have an heir of his own.....making Edwin the last of the Grimdower line. ( I hope to do Edwin next year )

After his son's violent death, Lemuel committed suicide not long after so that both father and son die in 1918. In creepy contrast, Alistair outlived both though his demise is only surmised since he 'disappears' during his long travels to Eastern and Central Europe.....with no body ever found.

Lemuel Grimdower "the butcher" (circa 1910) The butcher's saw I am holding is the real deal..... I managed to get for a great price on eBay.

Lemuel's 'special cuts'.

A close-up of my makeup. 

And here is a brief ancestral tour of the other members of the Grimdower clan:

Alistair Grimdower ( Lemuel's father ) (1828-? went missing in 1883, declared 'legally dead' in 1903)

Eustace Grimdower (1806-1865)  Wounded at the Battle of Cold Harbor in 1864, then stationed as a guard at Andersonville where he was found dead on his watch under suspicious circumstances.

Mordecai Grimdower (1741-1803) hanged for grave robbery. 

Not yet depicted are Mordecai's son, Erasmus, or Lemuel's son, Edwin. (Hopefully soon)

( Coming soon, something of special interest to Tomy. )