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Thursday, November 19, 2020

Lovin' Spoonful


No, no, no! Not these guys. THIS "Lovin' Spoonful":

The Wooden Spoon Award. ( the 'Spooner' )

Tomorrow is "Love Our Lurkers" Day for many worthy blogs who participate. I used to add this blog to the list early on, but more recently, I have adopted the same timeframe as "LOL-Day" to deal with the silent lurker situation a bit differently. Rather than try to coax reluctant readers to participate.....which is something I feel I do all year very little success.........I take this time to reward those loyal folks who do. 

Tomorrow I will make the presentations, but I will be handling the awards a bit differently this year. In the past I spent a long time researching participants through the year so as to not leave anyone out....even if they only made a single comment at the beginning of the year. It is a tedious process. This year I am just going to rely on my memory to name those folks who stand out as regular participants and will extend honorary "Spooners" to anyone who knows that they did leave a comment or two, but who escape my memory.

So, if " believe in magic...." tune in tomorrow and see who makes the list!

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