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Tuesday, November 10, 2020


Thankfully, amid all of the controversy over the national election results, one state result is being embraced with bipartisan unity: NJ legalized recreational marijuana. See? We can all get along. 


My history with cannabis is far less radical than my readers may think. I was too much of a goody two-shoes in high school to have smoked......though I did have a bond with some cliques that did. I started in my freshman year in college after my grandfather passed away and the guy who was my "fraternity big brother" was giving me rides to school in the morning encouraged a trial. It was hardly the effect that sensational propaganda would have you believe. It was subtle. It was regulated by intake. It was ........a lot like drinking.

I was no Jeff Spicoli in high school......but I was friends with a few!

After starting, I will admit to having been a fairly regular user for a while. But as I got older I felt that the very real side effect of losing a bit of one's short term memory was rendering me a little less sharp than I preferred to be, and so I quit.................for a LONG time. Still, even as I myself avoided indulging, I never held any position against pot, nor did I ever try to prevent anyone else from enjoying it. In fact, my political position on ALL drugs is legalization. Decriminalize drugs, regulate their production rather than leave that to unscrupulous criminals who produce products that get people killed, tax it, use the money you save from the resulting decline in incarceration and from tax to treat addiction as a disorder/disease rather than a crime, and otherwise let responsible users use.......just like we do with smoking, drinking, and (yeah, I can't resist saying it >snicker<) religion......the single largest sanctioned opiate in the world.

This doctored stained glass window cracked me up. There's even a "Jesus strain" of pot oil!

Time passed, periodically marked with a lot of information about medical uses, political controversy, and public opinion. And after my divorce, my now adult son....the one I make the dioramas for........knowing of my past usage from college 'war stories' suggested that I resume this simple pleasure, especially once I was retired. I resisted for a bit, just not feeling ready, but thinking in time I could be. And that day did in fact come. I resumed use, now enhanced with modern kickass strains and a plethora of gadgets that made my past reliance on alligator clips, vinyl album covers, and bongs made from stolen erlenmeyer flasks from chem lab seem like Stone Age tools (or Stoner Age tools?)

Eventually I was introduced to vaping pot oil. I liked it so much I told my son he now knew what he could get his old man for Father's Day that year. But as much as I like my "Magic Wand" (my personal name for my vaping device) I still use it very infrequently. I like it.....but I have to be in the mood for it, and often find I'm just not. But it's there when I want it, and I DO use it and love it when I do. 

Me last St, Patrick's Day, pretending to be Billy Connolly in "Boondock Saints" substituting my "Magic Wand" for his cigar.

I believe my current rate of usage is a nice counterargument to those who still insist that pot is a gateway drug. If it is, then that fucking gate has been left open for decades, and I still haven't gone through it. Similarly, given how easy it was for me to get marijuana when it was ILLEGAL, counters the belief held by those in a panic, that once legal I and others will now go on a binge-orgy of usage. In 2012 Washington and Colorado became the first states to legalize recreational marijuana use. (It should be noted that such action did not result in either state turning red, thereby proving that legalization will not result in the rampant degeneration of intellect.) Now my NJ has followed suit.......passing the referendum by 60%! And I am curious to see what happens.

I doubt it will be the catastrophe warned about in this classic.

Still, while voted to be legal, NJ still has to finalize the legislation to make everything gel. But for now, I still have my small circle of indulgers to share some high times with. I already mentioned my son and his circle, but there's also Jean (of Jean & Nickki fame). It's funny. Jean is willing to both spank me or smoke with me, but probably more inclined to the latter, whereas I would probably prefer the former. Like I said, pot's effect on me tends to be subtle......whereas a hard ass-roasting is anything but! I wonder though how the two might combine? I've never been spanked during a buzz. Who knows? Maybe it's something to try and for THAT adventure, Jean just might be my go-to gal? I will have to suggest it.

Cute. Except in my case it would be more accurate to say "Smoke doobies, bare your booty". Still it's nice to see updated pot slogans. Remember: "Gas, grass, or ass....nobody rides for free."?

And speaking of kinky combinations, here are two different pleasures I'm happy to inhale.......each with a distinctive aroma that brain-triggers delight. I've always liked the smell of weed......and feet. ( provided eqch are somewhat fresh. LOL )

I know my Rosa has no interest in it whether legal or illegal. Legalization is not going to force or encourage her (or other reluctants) to start any more than illegalization prevented those who wanted to smoke to stop. And I have zero interest in edibles.......something that has become popular in states where cannabis is legal. Being able to walk into a shop and buy some Alice B. Toklas Brownies will afford no allure. But, I DO look forward to just being able to walk into a place, as a legal, responsible adult, see what they have, and perhaps drop some coin for some nice fresh herb, go home, pop on DARK SIDE of the MOON, and indulge. (I just worry that if I'm indulging with a high-tech vape, and Pink Floyd is on Pandora, that it just might not feel the same.)

Another one of those pot-related things from the past that didn't age well. I remember when I found Cheech & Chong funny, and now the only routine that can still get me to chuckle or grin is their classic "dog shit" skit. I now find "Up in Smoke" unwatchably dated.


  1. It is interesting, and maybe heartening, that in the midst of the culture wars the one thing large portions of the electorate can agree to is ending the war on drugs.

    Based on what I see from the Trump base, I have to disagree with you on religion being an opiate. At least on them, it seems to have more of a meth or PCP-like effect than would an opium derivative.

    My history with pot is somewhat similar to yours. I started a little earlier than you did, but by college it would be generous to say I was "experimenting" with it. But, by grad school I had stopped entirely. While I did it a lot, it was more because of the social aspect -- it was what others around me were doing, so I joined in. Further, there were times it was just a much easier intoxicant for an under-aged guy to get his hands on than was alcohol. Alcohol was regulated and in most establishments required an ID to get. For pot, I could wander down the hall of my dorm room and score a bag at will. Says a lot about how misguided criminalization is, doesn't it?

    When I stopped, it had nothing to do with legality or social acceptance. I think some people are beer people and some are dope people. I've just never liked pot as much as I like alcohol. The former makes me happy and carefree and acts something like a stimulant, while the latter often made me tired and slightly anti-social.

    Like your Rosa, my Anne has no interest in it. Our post-college age kids keep trying to persuade her to try it, but she's not having it.

    1. Well Marx considered it an opiate. Let's just agree it is a drug equivalent......and if people need protection from them, they should be protected from religion as well.

      I don't think one necessarily is a "one or the other" indulger. I know plenty who are quite varied in their mind-altering ingestions. Even I like a blend at times.

      Your comment on its effect on you made me realize that I never actually described its effect on me. I have referred to it often as a kind of mental/emotional sandpaper. It doesn't really change me......just smooths things out and softens the hard edges. I've never gotten anti-social from it.

      Nowadays I just like knowing it's another prospective tool in my personal toolbox.

  2. As a grower, I am awash in the beautiful medicine.

    1. A grower? Dude, you are just full of surprises! (I actually looked into the prospect of adding a couple plants to my garden this spring, but the more I read the more I felt it was way too much trouble. Better to just pop into a shop when they finally open.)

  3. Several months after my accident in 2016, I used edibles in order to stop using the opiates prescribed, which never really worked on my pain. 3 months after that, I was no longer using anything for pain.

    1. I'm glad it worked so well for you. I've never thought about upping my usage to deal with my back pain, but maybe it's something to consider.