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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

A new month

Today is the first of December and it's significant for a couple of reasons. For me, as someone who does not like to decorate for Christmas until Thanksgiving is good and done, knowing it's now December gives me the impetus to change decor and start thinking Christmassy thoughts. Christmas is not my favorite holiday though, so it can be a little challenging to go from my two favorite holidays to one that is hugely popular with others but not so appealing to me or Rosa.

The Christmas that never quite was.

One really positive thing Rosa did recently was challenge me with another new twist in our holiday presentation, by saying she would like to change our table setting from the one we've used for a couple of years to something different. This is very good for me, because it gives me something I enjoy to focus on without the worry over cost.......since we love to take what we already have and add just a few inexpensive things to it, to come up with a fresh look.

Say "farewell" to our old's time for something different.

The other thing about December 1st, is that ........well...... it's my birthday. BUT, I am not giddy with excitement. Rather, I feel...........old.

They say, "you're as young as you feel".......well if that's true, I feel like I have a few decades on this guy!

I've mentioned before that between Covid & Trump I am flat-out weary! It's ironic that these two modern plagues have so much in common: both are looked at by half the population either as something to be dreaded and eliminated or as something not taken to be as dangerous as the other folks make them out to be. Both infect a significant number of people, and both have serious negative impact even on those who themselves are not personally infected. Both are draining. Neither seem to want to go away on their own. Unfortunately one area where they do differ is that we do have hope that a vaccine can get Covid under control. There sadly is no vaccine for Trump.....or apparently for "Trumpism".

As bad as Covid is, at least it's quiet. This bastard won't shut up! I am so fucking tired of this shitbag's yapping mouth and the diarrhetic crap that flies out of it in a limitless, stinking stream.

It's enough to drive one to drink.............

"Please just make it stop!"

.............which brings us to a more pleasant conclusion to today's post: The Virtual Holiday Cocktail Party: 2020 Edition- (subheading) 'We need it more than ever'

A good cocktail is more than just the right combination of ingredients. It's about presentation as well.

The guidelines are simple: just send me your recommendation(s) for a nice holiday libation along with the recipe and I will post it here along with a link to your blog...if you have one. 

Cocktails can be: alcoholic, non-alcoholic, classic, new, original, or whatever! And while a cocktail is technically a mixed drink, this year......due to things I discovered about my readers last year, and due to the desire to share discoveries more broadly, you are also welcome to recommend a straight-up booze you feel is perfect for the occasion, or even an ideal wine or beer. (So instead of being limited to something like a White Negroni, you can offer up a gem of a top shelf tequila or a lush single malt scotch, a malty stout or decadent Cabernet). 

I do suggest that offerings be flavor-consistent with the upcoming season rather than just a favorite drink that might be more appropriate on a sunny backyard deck in July though....but I'm not going to exclude any recommendations anyone is kind enough to send in. It's just a suggestion for the overall theme. (Personally I have some new ones I am eager to share!)

If you recall from last year, we even had some daring selfies of the cocktails being provocatively served. While not necessary for the party, enticing exhibitionism will not be discouraged. ;-)

I will also repost about this so readers are aware. So stay tuned.


  1. Happy Birthday! Even if you are not in the mood for it. I too had one recently and felt the same way -- old and tired.

    I do love your Trump-virus analogy. Very apt

    1. Thank you, Dan, and Happy Belated to you!

      On the Trump thing, the comparison just started as a potential joke and then as I fleshed it out, the similarities kept piling up.

  2. Perhaps not your classic cocktail but certainly one that was only drunk on special occasions during my student days, as it was a bit expensive for financially struggling students.


    A half pint of pils (larger) combined with a half pint of cider and a shot of Bols Blue Curacao.

    The whole pint would turn green. I honestly can't remember what it tasted like, as I have not drunk it since the 1980's but I remember the good times that it helped to lubricate.

    And I hope that you had a very Happy Birthday.


    1. Thanks, Prefectdt! You are the first contributor.

  3. My mind went blank when I read this virtual cocktail party - until I remembered a year ago July - in the country - we had Christmas in July and invited guests enjoyed "Moose Milk"

    I'll have to go see if I can find the recipe - as far as I know it's a Canadian Military drink (though I may be wrong) - let me go play with google (cheeky grin)

    AND I don't think your birthday could be nearly as traumatic as mine was in October......... GAH ... I am now officially as old as dirt!

    1. As long as you don't feel as old as dirt, you're OK. LOL

      No rush on the drink. Send it in whenever................and thanks for the birthday wishes!

  4. Your Birthday???!!! Well! I hope it went well, and was pleasant! December is a difficult month for me too, so please know you are not alone on that.

    1. How soon she forgot, MY birthday was three weeks ago.
      I got serenaded with a certain Beatles' song that mentions a specific age, for mine.
      Happy Birthday to you.

    2. Thanks, Merry and Shilo! And Happy Belated to you, Shilo. (I think I can guess the song.....and therefore your age as well. You're just slightly older than me but not by much. LOL)

  5. Happy birthday, KDPierre. The vaccines are on the way. If only there was a vaccine for the other pestilence.


    1. Thanks, Hermione! Yeah a hopeful person would just like to think the dark days are over, but MAN! this fucker is like the "Energizer Bunny of Evil".