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Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Cocktail deadline tomorrow! If you want in, send your recipe or offering soon!

A boozy scene from our Dickens Village set-up.

It's pretty much "anything goes" this year, so don't hold back if you have something special you want to share.

So don't be an old might regret it! 


  1. Rather than a cocktail, I have a delicious recipe for candied peel that not only makes a syrup that can be a base for a cocktail, it also makes infused sugar. Would that work?

  2. That reminds me that I haven't watched the Muppet's Christmas Carol yet, a Christmas tradition in my family for many years now.


    1. Rosa asked to watch it last week. A tradition here too. My adult daughter is going to watch it on Christmas Eve with her husband. She was riffing quotes from it while I was helping her with her own Dickens Village.

      Personally, my favorite version is the one with George C. Scott. I have a few objections to some liberties they took, but overall it's solid.

  3. Nothing Rhymes With Oranges!

    Naked bottom ahead!

    1. Thank you for the contribution and cute pics!

      (Oh and while it's a bit vulgar, the porn-staple "cum shot" rhymes with oranges: 'whore and jizz' )