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Friday, January 29, 2021

Sexy models

Not living models, but resin and metal ones. A friend of mine from college fencing used to give me collectible models gleaned from specialty companies catering to the adult market. Most of these were pretty sexy to begin with, and each had a theme that somehow related to my interests.....which is why he chose them as gifts, but in each case, additional tweaks from me made them into unique customized pieces. Now it's been a few years and while he and I didn't really have a falling out, ( more of a drifting apart), the models remain. In fact, two were laying around half-finished for years. My recent Covid nightmare prompted a surge in "cleaning up" unfinished business, and some of that meant finally finishing these two dormant projects. 

Today's post is going to include the models I made from these special gifts. (One interesting tidbit, is that I never asked for any of these. The selection of the model was all on my friend.) As stated, two will be models I just finished, but the others go back a long time, decades in some cases. But here they all are:

To get a sense of my "tweaks" I thought it might help to see how the model was originally intended to look after assembly and painting. This is the box the following piece came in.

But rather than have some female axe-warrior, I decided to make some changes and turn her into something a bit more "Femdommy". Note the axe has been replaced with a rather intimidating paddle and her crotch is sporting a sizable strap-on. 

And here's a rear view. This resin piece is about 4" tall.

The next piece is extra-special. "A Clockwork Orange" is firmly established in my lifelong "Top 5 Movies of All Time"...........and my friend knew that. Over the years he's gotten me several collectibles related to this movie. But the most extravagant was a large resin model featuring a female 'Alex'. 

Malcolm McDowell as "Alex" 

A menacing Alex with his 'droogs'......having a little 'moloko plus'.

And here's my female "Alex". To be precise, I tried to find a picture of what this resin model originally looked like, but no luck. So....I will tell you what I changed. The original did not have exposed breasts or chaps, so besides the overall assembly, I did some carving and sculpting and made the outfit a bit more provocative. One glaring omission in the original was the absence of Alex's classic 'eyeball cufflinks. So I added one. (The other would not be seen given the position of the arm.) It also did not come with the little table or any of the extra goodies. I made all of those. Included are the vulgar mask Alex wore when he committed his rape and murder, a glass of  'moloko plus', and naturally a vintage vinyl Beethoven LP.

A rear look at the cut-out 'chaps'. Anyone who reads here regularly understands my affinity for chaps. No way was this young lady going to stand around with her delectable bottom covered! LOL And for the record, this piece stands nearly 12" tall! 

The rest of these are past projects that go back from a few years ( like the knight below) to decades.

Besides painting and assembly, I did very little to this metal model. All I added were her nipple rings and connecting chain. 

A rear view of this 4.5" metal piece.

This was a bizarre piece to begin with. The original depicted a semi-clad female fencer wearing no mask or uniform, just a corset. As a fencer that has had my share of injuries (including two that drew blood, and one even cutting through my uniform, I knew her attire was not entirely without risk. ) What I chose to do was alter the corset with some additional sculpting to look as if she once HAD a uniform that over time and serious dueling was now reduced to shreds. I also painted her to look like she took some hits. ( I even toyed with an eyepatch, but decided against it for a number of reasons.)

Here she is from behind. I tried to not overdo the cuts. I wanted her injuries to be minor but realistic and a bit gritty for how she was dressed. She's a little thing, standing no more than 3" tall and cast in metal.

This last piece was ironically the first ever given to me.....literally decades ago. My friend was aware of my kinkiness even then and selected her because she came as a sort of nearly-naked dominatrix. However, I decided from the start to break some stereotypes and after putting her together, added quite a few tweaks. I pierced her nipples, added chains to her boots, and even made that entire collar/metal bra combination, along with an arm coil. Then I took away the odd implement she came with and made a custom crop for her and an additional dangling flogger. But my favorite decision was to eschew the recommended paintjob of raven hair and pale skin and instead make this menacing beauty a freckled redhead. (check out the dusting of freckles on her shoulders, face, and decolletage.)

A rear view of this 5" resin piece.

I know Tomy will like these, but I hope their unmistakably sexy and frequently kinky tweaking will make them appeal to more of you! 


  1. Your creativity and craftiness continue to make me very jealous. It's too bad you and your friend drifted -- seems like he knew you very well.

    1. Thank you, but 'the grass is always greener'. I envy your financial situation.

      As for this friend? Well, yeah, we were close for years, but things got complicated and not just a little weird after a while. There are times I miss what we had but the honest truth is that even if we got back together, something he would probably not object to....we are simply not the same people we were. His indoctrination over time to a rather extreme right-winger would be a real obstacle now. I have no desire to overlook some of the other things that factored into our drift, just to end up arguing over some Qanon shit.

    2. I have a friend kind of like that. We were reasonably close years ago, then at some point he became very politically conservative. We had lunch together a couple of years ago, and the drift was just too much to bridge.

    3. As the famous T-shirt stated, A la Forrest Gump: "Shit Happens."

  2. I just love to see your adapted models, whether for Christmas/Halloween or these lovely ladies.

    1. Thanks, Merry. Customizing something into something unique is a lot of fun.

  3. Very cool! I recently painted a dragon for our son ( who has just started playing D n D) for Christmas. Fortunately ( as I am severely out of practice ) it was neither too small or too detailed. Lol


    1. They still play D&D? Wow!

      And yeah, if you're getting back into something like this, size and complexity are definite factors.

    2. I know! I was shocked to hear that too. And he's not even a pot smoker. Lol

    3. Lol. Well we do have 3 sons 😉 and it's legal here. Not that it mattered much initially with our oldest.

      I just meant back in 'my day's the D and D'ers tended to also be hash smokers. Lol