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Sunday, February 28, 2021

A day (or 2) in the life...

 "You're a what? You live how? What do all these initialisms mean, these 'DD's' and 'FLR's' and 'D/s's'? And what's with this 'chastity-thing'?" These are the likely thoughts of anyone hearing of the various aspects and manifestations of the entire realm of TTWD. And to a vanilla, or even a fellow kinkster with a different set of quirks, those questions are valid. 

So, as a combination update and example of a somewhat typical lowkey weekend, here's how Rosa and I spent the last couple of days and how FLR and DD played into it all. 

Friday evening: Dinner with Wally & Marta, brought a pitcher of cocktails and we watched the last episodes of "The Flight Attendant". Marta had specifically requested a particular bourbon, ginger, and pear drink and I made a conscious effort to bring it. She smiled when I showed it to her with a kind of teasing "good boy, you listened and remembered" kind of comment. Nothing major, just a kind of subtle understanding that her words are not just suggestions for me but something to be taken somewhat seriously. In essence she knew she was kind of being "obeyed" and felt smug and happy.

Rosa took this shot on Friday evening.

Saturday: Rosa and I lazed a bit and Rosa made breakfast. Later she did some repeated tease and stops while I passionately kissed her feet .....and then had me locked up. I later gave her a requested pedicure. 

Perfect post-pedicure feet. (a past photo though)

No sex or o's for either of us but a lot of playful banter and interaction through the day.....especially enhanced by my locked condition. We discussed the remote-controlled machine pegging "game" and Rosa said she was definitely up for it, bit wanted to be a particular mood....which she wasn't feeling at the time.  Later I made her a couple of special cocktails in the evening.

Sunday: Rosa snuggled up to me early and wanted an O. She got one. I was still locked. Then she asked for coffee and read her phone while I snuggled at her feet and kissed them for quite a while......still locked. We discussed our day. I asked if she wanted me dressed or encumbered in any special way and she demurred but said she WAS going to spank me after breakfast for something I said the night before in a Skype call with a friend. Nothing horrible just something that bugged her. I made breakfast and we chatted, and then after her shower she spanked me. Nothing too bad, just a quick hard one. She said she really wasn't all that mad or upset. (I think she just wanted an excuse. LOL) I have been told she will tease me again later and maybe give me an O too......but it's not guaranteed.  And here I am now around noon typing this for you all......and yes, I am still locked and feeling quite horny. We will just go about our day for a bit and then....the fun starts again.

Not from this morning, but a very accurate depiction of it.

And that's what DD/FLR is for us during unexceptional times when there is really nothing major pressing or planned. Just a day...or the life of a kinky couple into cocktails.


  1. Those 'unexpected spankings where you did something to upset her but didn't really notice are the most thrilling.
    Then when she reminds you and announces a spanking , you are caught off guard. Even if the spanking is not too severe , it is still quite memorable.....and you are right , the real reason ows not the offence but just giving her an excuse to spank.

    1. Yeah, I couldn't really object to this one, and it wasn't a huge deal either.

    2. I agree. Being caught off guard with such a pronouncement really gets one's heart racing.

    3. Dan: Oddly enough I initially didn't like it. I had to do some mental gymnastics for this to work out as well as it did.

  2. Sounds like a lovely weekend! I'm glad you enjoyed the cocktails!