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Thursday, February 4, 2021

Pit stop


Today we will again keep things light, apolitical, a bit kinky, novel, and hopefully a tad bit fun.......even for those disinclined to see the appeal. And in that vein.....let's start with a song!

[to the tune of  "Let's Do It (Let's  Fall in Love )" ]

Boys do it.....

Girls do it.....

Even those with curls do it......

Let's do it, let's lick a 'pit.

Gays do it...........

Straights do it....

...even mixed race mates do it.

Let's do it. Let's lick a 'pit!

Now that our hearts are filled with music, and you all can thank your good fortunes for not having to hear me sing, let's get down to today's topic. A fetish for armpits is known as maschalagnia. And since this is an adult blog where I have always tried to bring my readers the full range of 'what's out there''s another

Having an armpit fetish can encompass many aspects. One can like their aroma. (In fact, the pheromones emanating from them may have contributed more to linking you up with your mate than you would like to admit.) Tickle fetish folks often target them...........

..........while others see them as an alternate vagina (axillism) and kind of have intercourse with them. Some like hairy, others...... a bit smelly. It has its variations like anything else.
The ol' "arm-tuck fuck". (I'll pass on licking this particular armpit.) LOL

Me? I can't say I have a true armpit fetish......certainly not in the way I gravitate to feet, but I DO like them! I've never had sex with one.....though I have gotten my share of "foot-jobs" over the years. No, while I have licked a few in my day and still do occasionally with Rosa, it just doesn't happen often. It's a mood thing. LOL. And I am definitely NOT into hairy/smelly. Rosa's armpits are amazingly smooth and non-odorous ....even without deodorant. She just doesn't sweat much. She can work in the garden in summer for hours and still smell just fine. (Even her feet which I have spent a LOT of time with are never smelly even when it's the end of a long day in sneakers or shoes. It's just the way she is.)

Given the choice between a somewhat fragrant 'pit and one slathered in deodorant? I'll brave the smell! I once licked a recently-deodorized armpit and I couldn't get the astringent taste out of my mouth for hours. My tongue felt like it was tightening. In this overly-deodorized society, maybe that's why I engage in this only at certain times? Perhaps I am just looking for that right combination of inclination and a clean, but not chemically-drenched, experience? Still, to be honest, appearance motivates me the most.

For me these naturally-sculpted trenches of smoothness and scent are as riveting as those breasts with their adorable mini-nipples.

I believe that is why an unshaven nest holds no allure. I want to see them! And I always have. The contours of an attractive underarm mesmerize me. And since they are everywhere in the warmer months, like feet, I can ogle from a distance and feel as happy as a guy who just happened to have caught an "oops moment" with a more private body part. 

So shapely, and not just where people's eyes automatically go. Look everywhere! Yes, at those underarms too. (And don't get me started on belly-buttons! That will be a topic for another day!)

I never expect everyone out there to like what I do. Hell, experience has taught me that! But I hope this at least puts ideas into heads. Life's too short to not try everything, especially something as simple as this. Like I said, I am not into this 24/7. But sometimes, in the throes of passion I'll raise Rosa's arm and start licking. She doesn't ask, but rarely objects. And her face says it all. It feels good. So give it a try! You might be surprised. 


  1. I Don't find the armpit to be an attractive part of the human body....
    Male or female !

    1. Well, it's not like there aren't some gross ones out there. LOL But that's true for anything. Most of us like butts, and yet, there sure are some that could put you off your dinner. LOL

      But it sounds like that isn't the issue for you. Oh well.

  2. Interestingly different line of kink!

    1. Hey stranger! Glad you liked this one. And 'yeah' different.....but isn't ALL kink kind of 'different' in some way? ;-)

  3. I do enjoy looking at every part of a woman's body including the pits although there are parts I spent more time on. The lady in the last picture is fantastic and nice pits. Not into licking but have kissed at times.

    1. Kissed.....licked....potAYto/poTAHto LOL. Anyway, I agree, there are more endearing spots. But it's like me and booze. I like tequila, but the ratio of my consumption of it versus gin is very imbalanced. (like bottles:glass imbalanced LOL)

      As the collector of those images, it's hard for me to pick a favorite. I think the very first has some strong appeal, but it could also be very airbrushed.

  4. Unlike some, I'm not turned off by unshaven armpits, though I definitely have no desire to taste or smell them.

    1. That seems consistent with your views on pubic hair. Maybe you have a hair fetish? ;-)

  5. Great topic, not the first body part that I would consider erotic, but it certainly can be with the right perspective.
    I have definitely licked, but as you say, it is a little tricky to time it so you don't get antiperspirant tongue (yuck!) or tickle when that was not the intention.
    Along with the smooth curves of a lovely armpit, the raised arms present an appearance of exposure, submission and perhaps even helplessness. (particularly when bound like that)

    Hair has some appeal since it indicates an attitude of rebellion or independence from cultural norms that are typical in our country.
    Although I do prefer the visual and tongue tactical of smooth shaven.

    Somewhat related is that during the winter months (long pants season) I keep my legs shaved. My wife has teased about shaving my armpits and I actually would love if she did so.

    1. I don't shave my legs, but because of how hairy I can get, I do trim my underarms.....more out of practicality. Left untrimmed I would be a jungle and in the summer a smelly one at that. LOL

      However, since I have been trimming there, there have been times where I shaved them too. Mostly in Summer and only when I felt like it. It certainly looked better that way and was definitely easier for personal hygiene. My legs are very hairy too but I am not inclined to shave them or my arms.

  6. I would say that I'm indifferent to armpits. I rarely shave and I only apply deodorant maybe once a week.

    Shilo used to shave under his arms, but it's been a very long time, and since his cancer treatments, he does not grow hair there anymore. I would not say I have a fetish about it, but I don't mind sticking my face and nose up there on occasion.

    1. Well even my venturings there are infrequent and mood/situation-based. I wouldn't call what I have a true fetish, but I DO like them.

    2. Shilo smelled strongly of coffee and chocolate. So much so, that I thought of the song "Sex and Candy" by Marcy Playground when we first got together.

      He still smells good, but not the same.

    3. Interesting. I've never heard that from anyone else.

    4. suddenly elvis costello blood and chocolate is about something else / that i never thought before

  7. nail on the head with this post!

    BIKSS says I've turned him into an armpit person. for some reason he fell in love with my 'pits and how they smell.

    I do wear deodorant most days as the weather here is mad hot and stupid humid.

    but I also wash everything off the minute i step in the door because, mad hot and stupid humid. SO a shower upon reaching home is a ritual for me.

    At the risk of sounding a bit gross, he likes sniffing there, once in a while when the mood hits, and has licked a couple of times, kissed, multiple times. Often as an adhoc event, not part of the sexing we do.

    He says it's cos I started it with my nuzzling into his arm-mounds. His words. He says when he was heavier there weren't any pits cos he had lots more flesh there. He's lying. There were always pits. But I did / do like nuzzling into that spot, to be precise, a little lower down than the pit, in line with the nipple.

    And he wanted to know what all the fuss was about one day so he went on a little tour of MY pits.

    And now, he looks at them on other women and on the screen. I find it hilarious.

    1. Arm mounds. That's what one has when pits are not immediately evident. And armpits can be extremely erotic although I do not appreciate hair flossing my teeth.

    2. Very cool, Fondles. It's nice to hear something from someone else that resonates so well with me.