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Thursday, February 11, 2021

Random thoughts

I don't have a single theme for today. Winter has made me a little scattered. I flit from thing to thing. My attention span is as short as the days themselves.....though they are getting longer. (Still a far cry from fishing in daylight at 9:00 PM. LOL)

I am listening (not watching) to the impeachment proceedings, more out of some personal sense of "watching something historic" than any hope it will lead to anything. Those hopes are as dormant as my garden, with the only difference being that I know my garden will eventually bloom again. I'm not so confident over any such thing with our political landscape. My political eye is watching things like the prosecutions in NY and Georgia. Prosecutions where judges and juries will decide things based on evidence rather than evidence being distorted on one side and ignored by the other. 

Yesterday my new friend, Morningstar, left a teasing comment that reminded me of an old cartoon of mine that I have shown before but that I recently 'updated' with some half-tones. I love to expose hypocrisy....especially when it's close to home.....maybe not with the same venom reserved for more egregious offenses, but with a little wink and elbow poke instead. 

"Spanking Purists" was my term for that conservative, mostly M/f, sometimes CDD group whose conservatism and religious fanaticism would condemn homosexuality while rationalizing their butt-whacking kink as something different and better.

In looking for this I also remembered that I had wanted to post two cartoons for Dan based on a weeks old exchange dealing with "Top's Disease".  Here they are, a little late:

Two similar cartoons, with slight variations.

And on a personal note, I recently saw a very innocent post on a linked blog that showed a volume of spanking art that is commercially available. And.....I just slumped. My work is not secret, it's not hidden and I don't ink it's the best, but certainly not the worst, and yet? Very little of my work is 'out there'. It's like being invisible. Are these THAT unworthy?

But I don't want to end on a downer. Besides, I've given up on ever being recognized a long time ago. (still stings now and then though). But ...... who here doesn't like a good non-studio candid? And this shot lets me end with an END.....and a cute one at that!

The End.


  1. kd
    I'm just gonna make sure we are in the same book - if not on the same page...... You do know right that I do NOT condemn or look down on.. or any other negative action - on folks who have different kinks.....

    I've been in the lifestyle long enough to know which kinks turn my crank - which ones still tickle my curiosity and which ones make me run and hide.

    It's the one thing I like about the lifestyle - the acceptance (mostly) of each other's kinks.

    1. I'm glad you felt comfortable enough to ask, but I certainly understood your position. All I meant by mentioning you is that your comment reminded me of the cartoon.....which as you see deals with much more flagrant intolerance than just having a different preference or gut reaction. I get gut reactions too.....remember my foot adventure? Technically I should have been able to do what I agreed to since intellectually I was completely OK with it....and yet? My visceral reaction was real and inescapable. Saying "ewwww" over something is just an honest reaction. Saying "Ewwww, that's sick, those people are fucked up" is a crucial step further and not something you are guilty of.

      As for your last sentence? That has not been my experience and hence the inspiration back then for my cartoon.

  2. I've been watching/listening to the impeachment hearing, mostly as background. I will say, I think the House managers have done a good job of expanding the timeline in order to make incitement about more than one speech. The other thing I think they are doing quite effectively is this: They know there is no way the Republican senators will vote to convict, so they are laying out just what a total and complete asshole Trump was throughout his term, in excruciating detail, and showing the complete asshole behavior of an awful lot of Trump supporters, setting it up so these guys and their party are going to pay a price for those "no" votes on impeachment. And, it seems to be working, if the articles discussing people leaving the GOP are to be believed. One of my parents has always hated Trump but remained in the GOP, but is now switching parties after finally just having enough.

    I think you misunderstand the CDD hypocrisy. Remember, it isn't hypocrisy because their kind of spanking is totally non-sexual and, hence, totally different than *your* kind of spanking. Though, seriously, while I was raised a Christian, I gave up on most professed evangelicals a long time ago.

    Sorry, I didn't quite follow the point about the spanking art volume you saw? Was this some compilation of spanking art by other artists?

    1. Background noise here too. It's too repetitive to be of much more interest. Competent, but they are overdoing certain things and not delving more deeply into other things I would have liked to have heard.

      Don't get me started on CDD. Not today. LOL

      All I meant was that I have been around in terms of published articles, cartoons, online illustrations, stories, whatever, since the '90's and with others aware of it all. And yet, here comes a compilation on the history of spanking art and what? I'm not a part of that history? Or my stuff is not of sufficient quality? I'm just sick of being relegated to the back rooms. As for the compilation, I don't know who curated the stuff in it, but they certainly didn't ask me. But who am I kidding? That's just life. Like I said, 90% of the time I don't let it bother me.

  3. I'm barely watching highlights (or should I say "low-lights")of the impeachment trial. It's far too disturbing to witness some things for the umpteenth time, and then hear and see other things for the FIRST time, it just crushes my soul and frightens me to the core. How can they NOT convict him? Then I get angry.

    Other thoughts: Thank you for posting the strips

    1. Knowing the outcome in advance is frustrating but like I said, he may not be so lucky in real courts going forward. This is NOT an impartial jury.....on either side. With him, it may well be impossible to have such a thing.

  4. The sun'll come out tomorrow
    Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow
    There'll be sun
    Just thinkin' about tomorrow
    Clears away the cobwebs and the sorrow
    'Til there's none

    1. LOL..........well that sun better hurry the hell up and melt all this fucking snow! LOL

      This has been more of a hard knock life! ;-)