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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Little Domestications

 ......but not of the disciplinary variety. After a good long run of pretty constant posting, I have to admit, I am running out of ideas. I am sure something will refresh me eventually, but with the weather warming and St. Patrick's Day having finished and Easter about to hit, my mind is fully on 'little domestications'. Table settings, food, drink recipes, gardening projects......etc.

Here are a few recent ones:

Nothing really new this year, but this was our table back  on Saturday  the 20th. The Irish salmon mini-torts were the big hit that day......along with the Redbreast 12!

This past Saturday, we celebrated Wally's birthday with a miniature repeat of last year's "Asian Night". Rosa got a shot of the table but it looked just like last year's....just smaller. But I did try this new twist on the classic gin & tonic: Shochu & tonic! It was very unique and tasty.
1 or 1 1/2  oz Shochu
1/2 oz Suze
splash of Grapefruit liqueur
fill with tonic and ice and stir. 
My mint isn't up yet so I garnished with a lemon slice

I am heading out soon for my second vaccination. And then my thoughts will be on this upcoming weekend. My family will have been vaccinated and we are going to have that Easter we missed last year.  I got my grandson a kiddie fishing pole....even though he isn't even walking yet LOL. And can't wait to see him at our Easter Egg hunt!

I am also thinking of a new flower arrangement for our table and plan to hit Hobby Lobby on my way back. Then it's a mad rush to get everything done.

Friday, March 26, 2021

Hair trigger


Ooops, it looks like she didn't have the safety on.

'Hair trigger'.....that's what I was yesterday. You may recall I made a remark in passing about not having had an o in a while and that was certainly true. What was also true was that said o-lessness was beginning to have a distracting effect on me. I was doing projects all day and actually struggling to focus on them. Chastity lifestyles are a balancing act of pleasure and sweet  frustration, and when the frustration becomes an impediment to productivity and basic functioning, it's time to seek release.

Rosa has been working a lot of overtime lately, granted it's overtime from home, but work is still work. She is tired often but even this past weekend she managed to get an O for herself. I thought my turn would come later, but that was not to be. Add a few more days of this week on top of what I was already feeling and get the idea. So yesterday at dinner, I explained my situation and just flat-out (albeit politely, LOL) asked for one. Rosa understood my reasoning and agreed.

Later that evening she honored her decision and reclined, armed with our trusty massager while I stripped to get into position.

Obviously not my Rosa, but imagine her in this lazy position, and this is pretty much the view I was presented with.

Once in place, we each did our respective parts: I kissed soles and sucked toes, while she skillfully applied the massager to the part so in need of attention. For whatever reason, luck, need, expertise, Rosa hit a spot that made me insane, and reading my obvious reaction, kept the humming device exactly in that location as my kissing became frantic and dappled with moans. I find vibrators to be curious devices when used for erotic stimulation. Objectively, given the overall VIBRATION, one would think one spot would be just as good as another, but with me it's just not so. A slight change in position, pressure, angle, etc. can mean the difference between "that feels OK", to "that feels nice", to "oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, I'm gonna explode!" Rosa had landed on a spot quite in line with my last sentiment.

Soon I was informing her that I was already "getting close" and VERY soon after that, asking for final permission to "go". It was granted, and I relaxed into a pressure-dissolving mist of bliss. Now, you'll notice I used the word "soon" twice. Well 'soon' is pretty open to interpretation, so let me blushingly tell you that last night "soon" must have been about a minute!

Very close to how we were positioned, just tilt the guy back a bit so that he's kissing from under her feet, place a massager in her left hand, and add a bit of paper towel tucked strategically to catch the mess.

After all of my waiting, and hoping, and then finally asking, our entire adventure lasted less than a commercial break! At the time I joked with Rosa and said "well.....that took all of thirty seconds."  To which she teasingly replied, "I think it was twenty-nine."

Thursday, March 25, 2021


No weird kink or profound thought for today, just a few images that tread the line between art and erotica. Make of them what you will. (although my own tastes were indulged, I do think there should be something for everyone.)

This reminds me of something Prefectdt would post....and who knows? Maybe he already did?

A little M/f action.

I LOVE this shot!

Just hangin' around, looking artsy.

I've been O-less a while and this shot isn't helping. LOL

This really flaunts the line between graphic and well-composed subjects.

As does this one.

To most, these are merely dancers' feet, but to me this is a ballerina buffet.


There are a lot of shots like this out there, but this one has a particular appeal.

A butt need not be pert and lean to be sexy. The End.

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

10 Reasons

 ......why I often feel more like Klaatu than KDPierre:

Klaatu comes for a visit.

1: In a doctor's office, I can't recognize most of the "people" in "People" magazine. Celebrity worship eludes my understanding. (You would think the title of the magazine would be a clue to readers that those in it are not gods. Talk about irony! )

2: When the Grammy's are announced in the media I have to scroll to the link and then to the bottom of the link to see what won in the categories of interest to me. I can never walk into a store and not become actually and genuinely stressed by their music.

3: I don't give a damn about what "the Royals" are up to and have even less regard for whiners who choose to marry into their families. (Am I the only one wants to tell Meghan Markle to JUST SHUT UP?)

Someone please disconnect those microphones!

4: As I've said before, politically, I have no Earthbound "Tribe" to fit in with. The illogic of party politics sickens me.

5: I've spent a lifetime fascinated with language, vocabulary, and writing.  I take my time to choose my words carefully......and yet? I feel like I am misunderstood so often that I may as well be an alien speaking in an inscrutable tongue.

6: My house and yard, even though not in outer space, look like few others I've been in.

7: While I do wish I had more money to make some things easier, it is not a driving force in my least not as a motivator or goal.

8: I drive a car, not a flying saucer, and yet feel like those around me drive their cars as if they were in a flying saucer.

9: Earth's natural beauty strikes me as novel and fresh even after 60+ years of seeing it and yet I am amazed about others who pass beauty and natural curiosities routinely without stopping to notice it. It's like I'm a visitor here intrigued by the surroundings others take for granted.

10: If the majority likes it, odds are I don't: I never eat fast food unless starving and there is nothing else, I don't laugh at sitcoms or movies others find funny, we already discussed pop music....of EVERY generation, I don't watch sports, I don't shop in malls, I don't use Facebook or Twitter, I don't dance, I don't enjoy boardwalks, casinos, carnivals, parades, cruises, NASCAR, or almost any other thing that draws a huge crowd of cheering people.

Is watching a bunch of ad-adorned cars going around and around supposed to be enjoyable? There's a lot of folks in those stands who think so. (If you look closely, you'll see I'm not among them.}

Now I know I'm not the only "Klaatu" out there and many others feel the same about at least some of what's on my list, but if you are a fellow alien on this "Pop Culture Planet", I have to ask: HOW DO YOU KEEP FROM GOING CRAZY?!

(Opening day for fishing in NJ is April 10th........I hope I can hold out a bit longer! LOL)

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Kinky militancy & kissing

As usual, an interesting conversation had been brewing over at Dan’s place a short while back. And it prompted some ‘gut reaction’ in  me. Not so much with precisely what was being discussed, but the issue in general of what it seems to be like for so many people who harbor unusual desires. 

I get it.  I came out early and it was the late 70’s. Things were different and TTWD was only beginning to be discussed as anything other than the sick thing it had been considered for so long prior. So when you grow up reading books on this thing you know you have in you, and you keep seeing the word “aberration”, it isn’t surprising to feel wary. But pretty quickly I came to a new view. This was who I was. And rather than being overly shamed by it, I grew a little more militant. 

An oldie of mine that illustrates just how far back my kinky militancy goes.

The old way of looking at it was this kind of bowing, scraping,  ‘hat in hand’ “oh I’m sorry I’m this awful way, but do you think you could see it in your heart to go along with at least some of it? Just as a favor for lil’ aberrant me?” And now I was like: “you like X. I like Y. I don’t expect you to switch, but my “Y” is as EQUALLY valid as your “X”. So you stick with your X-folks and I’ll keep looking for my Y-folks…..who do exist, although admittedly in lesser number.”

In the past I used to say that a kinkster who encountered someone who demeaned their interests as yucky and unnatural should say, “fine, but that’s how I feel about kissing, so no more kissing then either.” I did this still think that kissing WAS indeed an instinctive mating practice, but did you know that kissing is not some natural thing but that it’s societal and LEARNED? It goes way back in some cultures and is nonexistent in others….even current ones.  Yet vanillas don’t think their kissing is anything weird at all, despite how objectively disgusting it is. LOL Yeah it’s fun if you do it well, but so are lots of things.  So a very straight person from a non-kissing culture would regard an American vanilla as kind of disgusting. That’s pretty ironic. Yet a vanilla will expect kissing and call a masochist “sick”.  (Link to kissing article) My reaction to this is kind of a “well, then fuck you, your inclinations are merely more popular….NOT more healthy or natural”.

It’s kind of time now, at least, what like 4 decades later, to take this idea to the frontlines.  The professional view of things like homosexuality and sado-masochistic inclinations have softened over the years…...which makes you wonder just how valid those negative characterizations ever were.  So no more self-deprecation, ok? Top, bottom, cutter, little, all of you, just be you. And if a vanilla thinks less of you? Well, how important is such an opinion anyway? It would be like a Black person feeling inferior because some hooded racist, told them they were. Bullshit. 

Friday, March 19, 2021

Naughty St. Pat's

In this Covid year, St, Patrick's Day came and went without much fuss here on Wednesday, but that will change tomorrow. Rosa and my SIL have been fully vaccinated, and my son, his girlfriend, and I have had round one. We also had Covid itself, so while not 100% safe, I'd say we are reasonably safe, especially with some added precaution here and there. We are certainly not militant anti-mask people, or politically motivated to use Covid behavior as a declaration of our affiliations.

So....we are going to have a small get-together. And our traditional table and Irish meal are on the agenda. Risk should be minor but enjoyment........way overdue. (For more on our traditional dinner, please see the Featured Post in the margin,)

To have some belated fun with the Irish Theme, here are some new images I found that appealed to me more than the more fuck-oriented variety:

Makes me want to sidle up to the bar.

Some fun CGI.

Irish feet? How about some Redbreast 12 and a toe chaser?


Thursday, March 18, 2021

Nowhere to go....

 ....except in that diaper. 

DISCLAIMER: The following is not a kink I can relate to in any way. I would freak being secured in a straight-jacket for any length of time, and the adult diaper part? That's something I don't like thinking about as it reminds me too much of things hitting too close to home.

In searching around I have seen things difficult to unsee. Some of you here probably are nodding along, yet......this is 'Collected Submissions' and exploring kink in all of its manifestations is what we do. I am always curious to see something unexpected with significant following.

I knew there was a diaper kink, AND I knew there was a straight-jacket bondage fetish. BUT I didn't know people combined them! But they obviously do:

Checking out that package.

Climbing stairs in a straight-jacket? Maybe 'C', but not very 'S' or 'S'.

Some even have some pretty nice jackets! A little strappy, but stylish nonetheless. The diaper seems less fashionable.

To further prove this is a dedicated group, I even found ART on the topic!

A diaper over fur? There's a mess I'd rather avoid.

If I try very hard, I can see what probably fuels this fetish: the inevitability of embarrassing loss of control. I imagine it's similar to enema play. It's just the mess I wince at.

You wanna clean that later? I sure don't. 

Admittedly cute on the OUTSIDE, but what does that diaper look like on the inside?

So, I am  one of those who might smirk at the predicament of a person thus imperiled, but I'd rather do so at a distance. 

The (likely messy) End

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Living cartoons?

 I have somewhat recently been informed that I share the planet with one "Meghan Thee Stallion". When I heard this, I naturally assumed it must be an equine cartoon character in the way one thinks of 'Felix THE Cat' as a cartoon cat........

.......or for you youngsters, 'Sonic the Hedgehog'.

In fact, I figured she might well be a new character destined to pair up with 'BoJack Horseman' since that show does little to keep species from crossing. Though the 'stallion' part made me think that in these gender-liberal times, Meghan might be a mare who wishes to be recognized as a male.

Daydreaming of Meghan The(e) a gender-confused sort of way.

But, 'no' I was told, Meghan Thee Stallion is a singer, not a cartoon character or fictional entity. I personally saw no inconsistency with Meghan being a singer AND still being a fictional character. After all, Kermit THE Frog had a successful singing career.

So I decided to trust my instincts and look her up. And good thing I did, because, lo and behold, she WAS in fact a cartoon character! Look:

Meghan Thee (not quite so stallion-looking) Stallion

Okay, I admit she's pretty realistically drawn, but still. Come on, there's no way this is a real human being! However, I was disappointed by her lack of clear, horsey features or even any connection to music. Sure, there are horselike aspects here and there, but I still think the artist could have done better. Look how easy it could have been:

'El Kabong' (translation: the(e) Kabong). Clearly horselike, AND carrying a guitar! 

And if I needed any further proof that this was not a real singer, I did get to hear a song of hers where she incessantly sings "yadda yadda" for about a half hour or so. (No neighing however). 

Despite all this I have heard they awarded her a Grammy! Now, THAT is a very nice gesture. It shows we have come a long way since Mr. Ed who never won any speech contests to my knowledge.

Ed was ahead of his time with those glasses, which Meghan obviously copied. But he probably went too far with the hat. 

So, whoever is the artist responsible for drawing 'Meghan Thee Stallion', please consider some alterations. They can be simple. I found this image in a very quick search and I think it's WAY better:

Meghan the Stallion (I also took the liberty of spelling 'the' correctly.)

Monday, March 15, 2021

Contest Results

Here are the answers:

#1: Shilo's 

#2: Fondles'

#3: Mr. Herring's

#4: Merry's

#5: Dan's

#6: Erica's

#7: Tomy's

#8: Morningstar's

#9: Mine

Out of our two entries Merry won with this card:
1=Shilo,  2=Erica, 3=Dan, 4=Herself,  5=Fondles,  6=Mr. Herring, 7=Tomy, 8=Morningstar, 9= KDP

And Dan came in second with this card:
1= Tomy, 2= KDP, 3= Shilo, 4= Fondles, 5= himself,  6= Erica Scott, 7= Merry, 8= Morningstar, 9= Mr. R. Herring

Congratulations to the two winners, and thanks to all who contributed.