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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

10 Reasons

 ......why I often feel more like Klaatu than KDPierre:

Klaatu comes for a visit.

1: In a doctor's office, I can't recognize most of the "people" in "People" magazine. Celebrity worship eludes my understanding. (You would think the title of the magazine would be a clue to readers that those in it are not gods. Talk about irony! )

2: When the Grammy's are announced in the media I have to scroll to the link and then to the bottom of the link to see what won in the categories of interest to me. I can never walk into a store and not become actually and genuinely stressed by their music.

3: I don't give a damn about what "the Royals" are up to and have even less regard for whiners who choose to marry into their families. (Am I the only one wants to tell Meghan Markle to JUST SHUT UP?)

Someone please disconnect those microphones!

4: As I've said before, politically, I have no Earthbound "Tribe" to fit in with. The illogic of party politics sickens me.

5: I've spent a lifetime fascinated with language, vocabulary, and writing.  I take my time to choose my words carefully......and yet? I feel like I am misunderstood so often that I may as well be an alien speaking in an inscrutable tongue.

6: My house and yard, even though not in outer space, look like few others I've been in.

7: While I do wish I had more money to make some things easier, it is not a driving force in my least not as a motivator or goal.

8: I drive a car, not a flying saucer, and yet feel like those around me drive their cars as if they were in a flying saucer.

9: Earth's natural beauty strikes me as novel and fresh even after 60+ years of seeing it and yet I am amazed about others who pass beauty and natural curiosities routinely without stopping to notice it. It's like I'm a visitor here intrigued by the surroundings others take for granted.

10: If the majority likes it, odds are I don't: I never eat fast food unless starving and there is nothing else, I don't laugh at sitcoms or movies others find funny, we already discussed pop music....of EVERY generation, I don't watch sports, I don't shop in malls, I don't use Facebook or Twitter, I don't dance, I don't enjoy boardwalks, casinos, carnivals, parades, cruises, NASCAR, or almost any other thing that draws a huge crowd of cheering people.

Is watching a bunch of ad-adorned cars going around and around supposed to be enjoyable? There's a lot of folks in those stands who think so. (If you look closely, you'll see I'm not among them.}

Now I know I'm not the only "Klaatu" out there and many others feel the same about at least some of what's on my list, but if you are a fellow alien on this "Pop Culture Planet", I have to ask: HOW DO YOU KEEP FROM GOING CRAZY?!

(Opening day for fishing in NJ is April 10th........I hope I can hold out a bit longer! LOL)


  1. OH good luck with the fishing.

    and yes, i don't enjoy half the things people around me do.

    how i keep from going crazy? I have similarly alien-esque friends and we sit around in each others' homes lamenting the stupidity of the other pop culture vultures. :)

    1. Good strategy. I do the same. It is frustrating though.

  2. I don't.

    I am actively crazy much of my waking hours.

    1. I don't feel as crazy as I do angry through a typical day. Or at least annoyed.

  3. 1. I have the same experience, and there is a simple explanation for it. We're old! Thirty years ago, I *would have* recognized many of the people in People, and I bet you would have too.
    2. See explanation for 1, above.
    3. Totally agree, though I think the level of attention paid to the royals "story" and things going on on shows like the Bachelor is actually pretty comforting, because it seems to show both the news and the population at large have moved on from stories about Donald Trump.
    4. I'm never going to identify with all the platform of any party, though it's pretty easy for me to line up issues on which I am closer to the Democrats than the Republicans, at least the Republicans as represented by real members of the House and Senate.
    5. I don't have much to offer on this one. Written communications on blogs and other distant non-live forms of communication are inherently prone to misinterpretation, since so much of what we "mean" is conveyed by tone of voices, body language, etc.
    6. I have a pretty typical suburban yard, which is unfortunate. I used to be pretty obsessive about landscaping and plants, but I lost some of the interest over time, probably because my body stopped cooperating with a lot of the physical labor.
    7. Money does motivate me, though people at work seem awfully perplexed by my plans to wrap up my current (lucrative) career at a pretty early age. So, while I think I am pretty motivated by money, it seems I am less so than many of those around me.
    8. I really have problems with only one class of drivers -- those going slower than me in the left-hand lane.
    9. Not sure about this one. I live in a very pretty area, and I think most of the people around me appreciate it.
    10. Probably too much in here to unpack, but: I don't eat fast food that often, but because it makes me fat, not because I don't like it; I don't like all movies or sitcoms that others like, but I certainly don't dislike them all by a longshot. I have liked many Netflix and cable series my friends have recommended lately. There is so much more good stuff out there than existed just a few years ago that the biggest challenge is not finding good stuff but, rather, figuring out the best and not drowning in content; I don't keep up with much of today's POP, but I definitely did like a lot of the 80s, some of the 90s, and a lot of the 60s and 70s; I watch some sports, but definitely less than most men I know; I do shop in malls because one is close and it's easier to shop there than waste time driving to somewhere else; I do use Facebook but not Twitter; and, I pretty much hate anything involving large crowds.

    1. Much of your response is your own position on the issues I put forth, so I can just take them as your honest points of view. But I do think I can disagree a bit on #2 and the POP part of #10. I completely stopped listening to pop music while in college and realized even as I felt nostalgia for things I grew up with and still do..... nothing pop.....even "my" pop is objectively 'good'. All pop is crap. But we sort of relate to our own crap more than we can to others'. I used to say 'pop music is a lot like shit. You can kind of handle the smell of your own better than that of others, but in the end, it's still all shit.'

    2. I guess what I meant to say is that for me the POP issue is not age-related as it may be for many or even most.

  4. This may sound strange...but what isn't anymore...but I build and run model trains It's MY world, my rules and helps to insulate me from the day-to-day stupidity of the real one. A cigar and a glass of alcoholic beverage help as well.

    1. Very cool and not something I am disinterested in. What gauge do you work in and what time period? (You can look back and see some custom work I did for Victorian Era passengers in O gauge a while back.)

      Oh and kindly leave a name....even a fake one at the end of your comments in the future...... so we all get to know who you are. Thanks.

  5. I agree with many of the things you bring up, social media I call social disease, politics are disturbing. I have always been a loner and proud of it. I enjoy nature's beauty and as to keeping from going crazy too late did that a long time ago. You are not alone my friend, this is a Loco world we live in.

    1. It's refreshing to hear how many more are out there who see things similar to the way I do. It's not a majority.....that's for sure.

  6. I'm somewhere on your side of a range of the matters you discussed. I am not as consciously evolved, or refined as you are. TV sometimes provides me with an escape mechanism and I will watch college football - especially early in the season before I get burned out on it.

    Pretty much all of my friends are more like you, (I don't think any of them watch TV) and in that regard I am the odd man out. But contra-wise, I love to indulge in deep-thinking conversations, I love to listen to them talk about their interests (which range from art to music, fashion, motorcycles, cars, growing pot, etc. I love being around smart people and their particular expression is less important to me than their enthusiasm and their expertise.

    Hope you can make sense out of that.

    1. Well I don't know how evolved I really am. I have plenty of faults and gaps in my knowledge, but I'll take it as a compliment.

      I find your position interesting though, and a bit rare. I can make sense out of it, but I don't think it's a common approach. All the better, right?

    2. Maybe the word I should have used was "sophisticated" rather than "evolved".

      "I find your position interesting though, and a bit rare." I have a position? Great news. What is it again?

    3. You have a position: your choice of who you like to be around despite them not being like you. I'd consider that a position of sorts? Or maybe it's just an "approach"? But if you prefer a "position", how about 'bent over, pants down'?

  7. Dear Klaatu

    you are not alone. most everyone has that genre of pop music they view as far superior to any other. For example Shop Lifters of the World movie just came out. im beside myself with excitement.

    Nascar is ok. lots if left turns. Formula 1 is better.

    Bachelor / bachelorette is a guilty pleasure. we prefer ette however. there is an appeal where the lady has the power.

    my philosophy books are admired more than read. am i lazy in my old age? i dont think book cases are common place any more let alone philosophy books on them.

    enjoy your time here klaatu

    we really are Mostly Harmless

    (mixing sci fi genres sorry)

    1. I realize I'm not alone, but as I said to Dan, my "pop-aversion" is not as generational as it is for most others. I see the "pop" I grew up with in my teens as worthy merely of nostalgia, not a view that it's better than what came before or after. All pop is crap, even the pop I liked when I was like what? 13? 15?

      I hd to look uo "Mostly Harmless" to get the reference. See? Not perfect.

      (I wish I had my own personal Gort though.)