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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Another busy day

Two in a row! 

I will be heading out to Nickki's in a bit to help her with some house stuff. I honestly don't know if she intends to do more than just seek my help and advice, but she didn't mention anything so I am assuming not. But it has been a while since she last given me a good whacking and she has hinted that such a thing is kind of overdue. (you'll recall that  for a while there, a few months ago, she was spanking me on a pretty regular basis.) But if such a thing is on the "menu" Rosa will need to be told, and so far I don't think anything was said.

Afterwards I need to run some errands and hopefully resume painting my latest subject......a rustic exterior very reminiscent of my father's work.... but naturally done in a more "me" way. And speaking of 'painting,' here is the Cezanne Rosa and I finally decided upon and ordered as a 2' x 4' print on canvas for over our headboard in our newly-repainted bedroom. 

"Overturned Basket of Fruit" Paul Cezanne - 1877

This weekend we will be visiting Ana in Pittsburgh. She intends to have some dental school friends over to meet us too. (all vaccinated). I'm going to act as bartender as well as play some trivia games. 

So that's the plan so far. I am chomping at the "waiting for Spring" bit. The snow here has melted from most areas except deeply shaded places and the really huge piles in the streets and lots....but there isn't much.  March is the month of a couple of significant birthdays and St, Patrick's Day, which is a big deal in our non-Irish house. 

I posted a lot in February and found the interaction pretty satisfying, so I thank you all for that. But I am wondering if March might be a little less packed with topics. We'll see. Right now I'm drawing a blank. LOL But you never know. Even today could provide more to write about depending on what happens. 


  1. I too am chomping at the bit on waiting for Spring. Winter has always been my least favorite season, and I'm always very happy to see it leave. Unfortunately, we get lots of "false starts" here, so I try not to get too enthused when I start getting teasers that Spring is coming.

    1. Fortunately for me it's a mixed bag. I want Spring but I feel I'm behind on my "Winter projects".....but then I always feel behind. I've actually done pretty well .....Covid considered. LOL

  2. Ah Spring! My most FAVORITE season! I'm counting the days.

  3. i have no seasons. just hot, and not so hot. we're coming into the HOT zone. and i'm NOT looking forward to it. wearing a cardi to work in the mornings has been lovely!

    you know what... write and tell us about your day. or what you saw, or something you read.

    light topics can be fun and interactive too! (Have you seen what rubbish *I* write?? sometimes it's just my clothes shopping list, for goodness' sake!)

    1. I might go that route occasionally, I just don't want to make a habit of it here. Not that it's a bad thing.....I just think too much emphasis on the personal day-to-day is inconsistent with my goals for this blog. But we'll see,