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Thursday, March 25, 2021


No weird kink or profound thought for today, just a few images that tread the line between art and erotica. Make of them what you will. (although my own tastes were indulged, I do think there should be something for everyone.)

This reminds me of something Prefectdt would post....and who knows? Maybe he already did?

A little M/f action.

I LOVE this shot!

Just hangin' around, looking artsy.

I've been O-less a while and this shot isn't helping. LOL

This really flaunts the line between graphic and well-composed subjects.

As does this one.

To most, these are merely dancers' feet, but to me this is a ballerina buffet.


There are a lot of shots like this out there, but this one has a particular appeal.

A butt need not be pert and lean to be sexy. The End.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks. I was in a particular mood when I curated this batch.

  2. No I don't think that I have posted that one but you are right, it is the type of image that I like to put on the blog


  3. These are great KD like all of them and when I saw B&W thought you were talking about the bakery. LOL

  4. I love them And I'm envious of those feet because I myself am sitting with a bad ankle right now and there is limited mobility in my right foot.

    Post coming up tonight.

    That pegging shot with the mirror is perfect! And I do like "a little M/f action" cos as you know that's right up my alley.

    1. THanks, and ...oh, you poor thing! Hope you heal quickly.

      as for: "And I do like "a little M/f action" cos as you know that's right up my alley." Hmmmmm, In that picture, it looks like he's about to go right up HER alley too!