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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Little Domestications

 ......but not of the disciplinary variety. After a good long run of pretty constant posting, I have to admit, I am running out of ideas. I am sure something will refresh me eventually, but with the weather warming and St. Patrick's Day having finished and Easter about to hit, my mind is fully on 'little domestications'. Table settings, food, drink recipes, gardening projects......etc.

Here are a few recent ones:

Nothing really new this year, but this was our table back  on Saturday  the 20th. The Irish salmon mini-torts were the big hit that day......along with the Redbreast 12!

This past Saturday, we celebrated Wally's birthday with a miniature repeat of last year's "Asian Night". Rosa got a shot of the table but it looked just like last year's....just smaller. But I did try this new twist on the classic gin & tonic: Shochu & tonic! It was very unique and tasty.
1 or 1 1/2  oz Shochu
1/2 oz Suze
splash of Grapefruit liqueur
fill with tonic and ice and stir. 
My mint isn't up yet so I garnished with a lemon slice

I am heading out soon for my second vaccination. And then my thoughts will be on this upcoming weekend. My family will have been vaccinated and we are going to have that Easter we missed last year.  I got my grandson a kiddie fishing pole....even though he isn't even walking yet LOL. And can't wait to see him at our Easter Egg hunt!

I am also thinking of a new flower arrangement for our table and plan to hit Hobby Lobby on my way back. Then it's a mad rush to get everything done.


  1. Enjoy the fishing! I'm sure your grandson will be fishing like a pro in no time - given who he has for a teacher!

    1. Thanks. I hope so.....and so does his mom!

  2. I have never tried Redbreast as I am a fiercely loyal Bushmills man , although I did partake of some Writer's Tears recently and it was excellent .
    Once you've had a Black Bush there is no going back ( and yes I am still referring to Irish Whiskey!)

    1. Both Writer's Tears and Black Bush sound interesting from the quick research I just did. I know from experience with other things that a medium blend aged in something interesting can smooth out a moderate whiskey without adding years of aging. As a result, their price is also comforting. I have some Bushmill's 16 and have been nursing it due to the price tag. Redbreast 12 is admirably close for half the price.

      Unlike you though, Glen, I have ZERO loyalty to food or drink. I save that loyalty for friends and people I care about. So as much as I might like something, even to buying it for years and recommending it to others, if something better crosses my path, all bets are off. ;-) I can't tell you how many brands I had as favorites until a new favorite bumped them out. I'm like a booze whore. LOL

    2. I apply loyalty to everything not just whiskey!

  3. Not much for me to contribute other than I'm really happy you're getting your second vaccination and can have a family Easter.

    I can't remember the last time I had a family Easter. Probably in the 90's when I was still married to "Deadbeat."

  4. Watch that second shot mine left me weak and tired for about 24 hours. Best of luck with the fishing.

    1. You were right. I was fine yesterday morning but by early afternoon I was a tired, achy disoriented mess. Much better today!