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Friday, March 19, 2021

Naughty St. Pat's

In this Covid year, St, Patrick's Day came and went without much fuss here on Wednesday, but that will change tomorrow. Rosa and my SIL have been fully vaccinated, and my son, his girlfriend, and I have had round one. We also had Covid itself, so while not 100% safe, I'd say we are reasonably safe, especially with some added precaution here and there. We are certainly not militant anti-mask people, or politically motivated to use Covid behavior as a declaration of our affiliations.

So....we are going to have a small get-together. And our traditional table and Irish meal are on the agenda. Risk should be minor but enjoyment........way overdue. (For more on our traditional dinner, please see the Featured Post in the margin,)

To have some belated fun with the Irish Theme, here are some new images I found that appealed to me more than the more fuck-oriented variety:

Makes me want to sidle up to the bar.

Some fun CGI.

Irish feet? How about some Redbreast 12 and a toe chaser?



  1. Hope you had a great party KD .
    The vaccines are a not even on the radar for us up here in Canada as Trudeau completely dropped the ball trying to make a deal with his buddies in China instead of Phizer and the other reliable manufacturers, so we are back of the line and covid cases rising every day.

    1. It's tomorrow, Glen, but I think it should be fun.

      Too bad about Canada. I was wondering what the issue was. Hopefully with more vaccines available, things will improve there too.

  2. Have a great get together and Happy St Paddy's Weekend to all of you!

  3. Thank you for the visual stimulation, and enjoy your weekend.