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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Still running.

 When I last posted I warned that I was going to have a busy Monday, but totally forgot how booked today is as well. I have already gone for a morning appointment for my Covid vaccination and am now heading out for a routine check-up. 

Me waiting to be cleared to leave after my shot. It didn't hurt at all and no reaction so far.

In-between I ate a sushi lunch and hung that Cezanne we ordered. It came yesterday while I was out babysitting. And speaking of paintings, I finished the one I was working on:

I'm pretty happy with it. It's 22" X 28" and is based on some photos I took at a historic site in NJ.

Paintings are not about faithful copies but choices. There are elements here I altered for my painting.

This old pump is not where I placed it, and I emphasized the rust color a bit for contrast. Otherwise I think the compositional palette would have been too monotonous. 


  1. That's a really interesting pump. I haven't seen one like it. Are you sure it isn't one of your homemade sex toys? :-)

    1. I never saw one before this one either, but as you can see from the reference photo, it's the real deal. I studied it as I was working on the drawing to transfer it at a slightly different angle than what the photo presented, and I think there must have been more to it at one time. I can't see any mechanism to work the piston and think it may have actually been automated in some way?

      You also HAVE to love that clever device which I believe was used to automatically close the door. The place was once a lumber mill in the 1700's but over-harvesting resulted in large sunken areas forming. Rather than abandon the site completely, some clever person realized that if they could regulate the nearby stream with dams and sluices, they could fill the sinkholes and drain them at will: hence it became a cranberry farm for a long time after.

    2. I didn't notice that before. Very clever!

  2. Now that painting I like!! I love old buildings! have done my share of travelling around looking for and exploring abandoned buildings with my camera

    You did an amazing job on the painting. Question - the position of the window almost flush to the other wall makes me think that the bit on the left is an addition .... am I right??

    1. Thank you. This was a kind of late-in-life homage to my father who frequently painted subjects like this. When I was little, he would take me along for a drive to the country areas in NJ (which were more plentiful back then) and he'd politely ask the owners if he could take some pictures for later painting. It was a different time and maybe because I was with him, they had no reason to suspect ulterior motives. My painting style is different from his though, but you'd need a trained eye to notice what I think are significant differences. ;-)

      I doubt I will do more of these though. Maybe a couple, but not many. This was 'his' thing. I'm going to do something for my grandson next, and then a couple of very different landscapes.

      As to the construction? It is quite possible. This was not a domestic dwelling as far as I can tell but something more like an office, so a later addition would make sense, especially to the awkward juxtaposition to the existing window. You can see there is no foundation except for brick pillars.

  3. Congrats on getting the "shot"!
    As of today I am eligible age wise, now just need to wait till the supply catches up to the demand.
    Nice job on the painting! Yep, my father's style too!
    I was curious about that weight hanging there, interesting to hear it's function. Neat old pump, never seen anything like it.

    1. Thanks, Bill. Happy Birthday I'm guessing as well?

      That pump is unique.