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Friday, April 16, 2021


A short while back, I wrote something about "ball-slapping" on Fondles' blog and we both mused over the possibility of me devoting an entire post to the practice here. Well? This IS that post.

Oddly enough, if you look for ball slapping in a search, you'll find a split between the actual hand slapping of testicles (which is what this post is about) and images of balls rocking and rhythmically slapping against a bent over person getting fucked from behind! I'm no prude, (obviously, given what we cover here) but something about the latter seems like one of the most vulgar things out there. Rest assured, dear readers, we will NOT be venturing into sweaty-gross, frenetic, doggy-style penetration. We will leave that unseemly activity for those vanillas who get so hung up over kink, but regularly engage in things way more icky. Instead we will discuss  the much more sanitary (if one's scrotum is properly showered) act of swatting balls.

Not quite how WE do it, but you get the idea.

Despite coming into this relationship with more kinky experience than Rosa, there certainly have been things she has introduced me to that I simply had not done before, and ball-slapping is definitely one of them. One day, she just got a mischievous look on her cute face, and began to get pretty rough with my 'package'. At one point, after some biting and twisting, she actually struck me with her hand.......not too hard, but hard enough to qualify as a slap rather than a pat. I jerked back from the pain, but she just waited a bit for me to recover and then did it a few more times.

This was definitely something new to me and not anything I ever considered suggesting. But.....given her reaction to it, I became quite accepting of this playful mistreatment. Over time it evolved into an occasional, mood-driven little extra. We didn't do it often, but if the atmosphere was right, I'd find myself kneeling alongside her on our bed within her arm's easy range. 

The routine seems to focus more on control and expectation rather than the actual pain. The pain acts as more of the source of conflict between reluctance and obedience and submission. As such, I have NEVER been slapped there just once. Instead, Rosa apparently gets off on the expectation that after I've already been hit, and have just recoiled accordingly, that once somewhat recovered, one look (no words) will summon me back into position. 

A lot of the online imagery for this kink incorporates bondage. I totally see the connection, but for us that element totally defeats the main appeal of the 'game'. For Rosa especially, this is about me willingly submitting myself to her rough treatment......repeatedly..........usually between three and five times on average. This GIF also is more about penis-whipping than smacks to that tied-up scrotum.

Rosa's smile betrays her kick, because it is proportional to the wincing hesitation on my face as I offer myself again while knowing what's coming. She will even cock her hand and wait and watch me for a few solid seconds before striking. Sometimes she will target my entire 'package' and other times she will lift my penis away and strike only my scrotum.

Why women find this so funny, I can't say. But they do. Watch the guy's pre-strike reactions. That is SO what happens with me! 

As is Rosa's style with everything, she is neither brutal nor gentle. For me this is crucial. A hard blow to the testicles will double a guy over and render him incapacitated. The pain is extreme and makes you feel nauseous. But a milder slap will be unpleasant and even more psychological. We instinctively cringe and cower to protect that sensitive area, so exposing it to harm.....even moderate counterintuitive. Still, a too gentle slap  provides no real fear factor, so some pain is kind of essential for this "game" to work. (not unlike submitting to a spanking).

I think doing this in a tub is dangerous. The reaction could easily cause a hazardous slip. But the shot at least shows another take on the practice.

Despite never having sought out this activity prior to Rosa, now that it is a possibility, I have found that even I will "suggest" it. Again, this game is never played with words. For some reason it is part of the whole theme for the situation to be communicated entirely through expression and body language. So, sometimes, especially if I'm feeling very subby, and have likely spent some lengthy quality time with Rosa's adorable tootsies, I will sometimes move away from her feet and kneel up next to her, and just give her 'the look'.  Invariably she will grin and oblige........but once the game has begun, SHE decides how many slaps I'm going to get. 

Not Rosa this time, but this lass is presenting a very familiar view for me. I can't explain it, but I am sometimes amazed at how many different ordeals I've endured because of cute feet! It's like blaming risky behavior on drinking. I suppose you could say that the right feet intoxicate me as effectively as any well-constructed cocktail served in abundance. LOL

In conclusion, we once again find ourselves confronting one of these seemingly undesirable activities presented AS desirable. The specifics of this contradiction phenomenon vary from one submissive person to another, but taken in general, how many things do we find ourselves now enjoying that objectively speaking should not be enjoyable? I never would have suggested being ball-slapped, and now? I kind of like it in a way. The smacks themselves are not pleasant, but that moment of submission......when I am willingly kneeling there looking into Rosa's grinning face as she holds my member to one side so she can have a clear shot at my tender testicles, is oddly wonderful. At least it's way better than having them rocked like a church censer in some animalistic humping extravaganza! 


  1. And now you've done it. You wrote the ball slap post. *CLAPS* Thanks! I like that you wrote mainly about the mental / psych aspect of it rather than a "how-to" guide to ball slapping. I imagine it IS a very subby thing to do, to kneel up and present yourself in that manner.

    1. I figured that the "why" of it might be more pertinent to a reader thinking "you do WHAT?!" Besides, I'm not sure how much how-to instruction one needs for this? LOL
      1: locate balls
      2: cock wrist with palm flat
      3: strike balls in slapping motion
      optional # 4: repeat.


      Yes it is very subby and kind of trusting. I can't say it feels good though. ;-)

  2. on the how to / what we do side

    lying next to each other smooching my wife likes to painfully pinch my nipples and as she lets go, the pain of that release coursing to my chest, knee me in the balls. she laughs at the reactions i have. gasping from the nipple pain to inhalation from the ball pain.

    its a fun thing to have on the to do list. its not all about spanking and whipping.

    1. It pays to have options. Rosa and I are both bored with routine after a while.

  3. I don't enjoy having my balls abused in any way at all.
    Having the shaft of my cock whipped with the tip of a belt on the other hand... ;)

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    1. Previous comment deleted due to error.

      Some of my favorite moments with Shilo included "punishing" the taint or mons pubis, so I get it. Yes, it's a bit cringey, but it's fun too!

    2. Don't hate me for being a stickler, my Dear, but the taint is the perineum. The mons pubis is the fleshy area above the genitals where the fuzz patch grows. Opposite direction.

      I never thought about torture to the perineum. Hmmm. Something to ponder.

    3. Ah, fair enough. Baseball fan? LOL

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  6. T will occasionally slap my cock and balls after some touching and fondling and getting excited and erect. Usually just does it when she is in the mood, no warning and not hard but attention getting and to me very arousing. Smiling the whole time enjoying my moaning until she is done and says take me now

    1. Ah! Another slight variation on the theme. Interesting. Thanks for sharing, Joe.

  7. I love ballbusting from woman. (But not very hard, only gently.) It's so sexy...

    1. This has turned out to be more popular than I would have thought.

      (Please leave a name next time at the end of your comment. Thanks. It's one of the two 'rules' for commenting here.;-) )

  8. Very timely topic as just last night I had a serious ball slapping.
    My wife enjoys doing things that get a good reaction. She really has fun jumping out at me when I enter a room and seeing me be startled.
    So last night she teased me by poking and pinching me all over my body just to see me squirm and squeal. Then she gave my balls a few little slaps. I made happy sounds and she gave me some more.
    I have learned that despite the common perception that balls are to be protected at all costs, you can get accustomed to certain rough treatment and enjoy it. Well, maybe you just have to be a masochist like me.
    Anyway, she gave them a good spanking, I liked it a lot. I finally implored her to "please, hit me harder" and she finished with some seriously hard hits. She said that my balls were very red, but my cock was rock hard. She then used her feet to mash my balls and fondle my cock. I was ecstatic. With that she said that she was tired and was going to sleep. "Good night".

    1. Great story. I'm even a bit jealous. ;-) Sorry it took me a while to respond to it. I think it just slipped by because it was an older post.

      I agree that some getting accustomed can be helpful in overcoming the disinclination.