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Thursday, April 22, 2021


Recently my dear buddy, Merry used the phrase "batshit crazy" and it coincided quite unexpectedly with an E-Bay score this very morning. (no it wasn't a box full of expired Xanax NOR a crate of roosting bats.)  What it was was a set of black-stemmed glasses. 

Very similar to this style, except a less rounded bowl and it's a set of 4 rather than six.

OK, so now you must be scratching your head thinking, "KDP has either lost it, or HE is the link to "batshit"." Not so fast. There IS a connection....which also ties in to a recent comment on Fondles' about shopping at thrift stores.....and possibly even ANOTHER older comment dealing specifically with my fondness for bats. So here is the thread of events that tie this all in:

1: A while back I am shopping at my favorite thrift store and manage to get a set of six of these same glasses for like $1 each, maybe $1.50. 

2: To me they are crying out to be made into classy/creepy table glassware to go with our Halloween dinner setting......but they need help.

Our Halloween table from this year. I never loved the plain glasses. And you can see the bat theme already starting. 

3: I order a set of inexpensive silver bat charms from Amazon.

4: When they arrive I modify them with some grinding so they can be securely glued to the glasses with strong, durable, two-part epoxy.

5: They are coming along nicely when..........I drop one. (damned arthritis)

6: I now have 5 cool glasses, and am not liking that I could very likely not have enough for a typical 6-person dinner party. However, these are not current and very specific. The odds of me finding these again at a good price are not in my favor. A happy project has turned a little sour.

7: Enter E-Bay and a cooperative vendor who was willing to accept a lower offer for his used glasses. (Still way more than what I got the originals for, but also less than what I have seen them go for.)

And so, with one confirmation and payment, my glasses should be on their way.....and if I don't drop any THIS time, I'll have a set of 9.....which should be adequate for our needs. 

And what does the finished product look like? this:

I have some plastic Halloween glasses but I kind of prefer glass. Nice Halloween glasses are out there, but they are VERY expensive. Some of the better ones I've seen go for as much as $12 a glass, sometimes more. This very economical project was the the perfect solution. Not too over-the-top, a little classy, definitely bat-encrusted, and quite frugal. Now I just need to wait until October to use them!


  1. Looks like a lot of fun. I eat standing up over the kitchen sink.

    1. We take our Halloween seriously as you, and any other regular reader here, know.

  2. Beautiful! I once had some similar glasses with black stems. I loved them because they were made in Poland (my mother's birthplace).


    1. Thank you. These are Mikasa, but Rosa loves the Polish and Czech plates you see around. (I am 100% Polish BTW. My 23 & me verifies it too! LOL) The thing that appealed to me on these is that lip at the top. Some black stemware just meets at the bowl evenly, but that lip gives me a nice spot for the top bat accent.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you......but a lot easier than than beadwork of yours.

    2. but a lot more creative. apples and oranges, imo.