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Monday, April 19, 2021


 My weekend was pretty good and included a much-needed O. ( my last one was March 26th, so this was just over three weeks...........not a record by any means, but a bit longer than what we've been currently doing. In the past, a month was routine, now we try to do them every week or two.) Rosa managed to wrangle a couple for herself as well. LOL But the route to O-land for me a was a little more challenging than usual. Of course it involved our electric massager and Rosa's feet.....BUT it also involved me wearing a combination of our KTB-like "spiked tube" and leather "cock strap". (Think "cock ring" but leather.)

The idea started out as a teasing session with the spikes as a bit of added torment, but that teasing.....(me kissing one of Rosa's feet while she used to other to toy with my spike-encircled member....HER idea BTW. LOL) soon led to her getting very horny and getting an O out of the deal. This put her in a good mood so when we switched from foot stimulation to the massager, and I got close to orgasm, she consented to let me have one.......BUT with the spiked tube remaining on for it!

And that's what happened. In the past, an O with the tube on could be excruciating, but I think my body has learned to adapt a bit and while it hurts, it's really just not that bad. Yesterday, I loved the release and barely felt the spikes. Go figure.

Anyway, that little adventure started our day off right for us both and the rest of the day was just as fun. We decided to walk the Brooklyn Bridge and have some lunch in the city. It was a nice break from the past Covid-conscious abstinence of the recent past. 

View looking toward Manhattan.


Rosa in the distance on the walkway.

Today though I don't have much time before heading out to babysit, but the recent foot-o has left me in a mood.  So here are some foot pictures that I feel represent a certain array of attitudes regarding the presentation of one's own feet for attentive consideration or actual attention. I noticed in my search that a lot of foot models and even amateurs on cell phones are young. It seems like the youth of today are quite into feet for some reason. Which is a good thing I suppose. I know so many folks who are very self-conscious about them. But not these ladies:

Unpainted and natural feet.....that are beautiful!

Fresh as the outdoors.

Proudly showing off her tootsies.

Distracted......she with her laptop....the viewer with those lovely soles.

Nonchalant......with some attitude. This shot is like a magnet for me. Probably my favorite in the batch!

Cheerfully in your face.

Straight from her sneakers to you. Love her expression too.

Some ladies like to dress them up.....

......with others, it's a very 'as is' sort of thing.

I just like this shot.

She knows you like them.

She knows what you want to do with them.....and she seems happy to oblige.

But this confident gal EXPECTS it. LOL


  1. I love the idea of allowing the orgasm but with the spiked tube kept on.
    In my mind, suffering for an orgasm like that is very appealing.
    This post reminds me that after the ball slapping last night my wife said her feet were cold. I placed them on my red, hot balls to warm up. Much to my delight, she mashed my balls with her feet. Eventually she had me put socks on them, but I just had to lovingly kiss her soles and toes first.

    1. Very nice overlap of experiences here, Bill. Sounds like fun all around.

  2. This reminds me that I need to cut my toenails :)


  3. I have ONE foot picture on my FL page, and I might have more from the distant past (think 10 years or more) but heaven-knows-where they are!

    1. Well even if you don't have the old pictures, you still have your feet! ;-)

  4. ah... well I shall have pics of my toesies in my beaded slippers up this weekend, if you wanna have a look at more.

    1. How could I refuse an offer like THAT?! ;-)