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Thursday, April 29, 2021

Julie & Omar

In keeping with the ongoing theme of warm weather cocktails and also of my recent experimentation with less typical juice choices, here are two variations of my own on tamarind juice:

The Tamarummy

2 oz clear or brown rum

1 oz Amaretto

3 oz. tamarind juice (again, I just went with Goya)

dash of bitters

Shake ingredients with enough ice to fill a 7 oz glass and pour without straining. I garnished this with a skewered mint leaf and orange peel.

While the Tamarummy isn't bad, and while I don't usually use brown liquors for warm weather drinks, Rosa and I found this bourbon variant to be more interesting, with the whiskey tones working well with the tamarind:

Julie & Omar

1 oz Drambuie

2 oz bourbon

3 oz tamarind juice

dash of bitters

Make it and garnish it the same as with the Tamarummy.

Tamarind doesn't foam as much as passion fruit, but it's still a decent-looking concoction. This is a Tamarummy, but a Julie & Omar looks very much the same......just tastes a bit more interesting.

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