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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

And the 'Game' continues!

Due to being very busy yesterday, my morning tease while Rosa dressed was the only one for that day, BUT, today we are right back to the hourlies! One of the things I forgot to mention in my haste yesterday was that at one point last week, I took my massager outside to the shed in my yard so that I could do my teases on time in mid-project, while not trudging dirt into the bedroom every hour. 

The shed that has electric to power the massager is also more like a hybrid greenhouse with a lot of windows and big French doors. So 'doing it' in there added a little possibility of exposure (though VERY unlikely) to overly curious neighbors. The glare on the glass looking from outside is quite obscuring however and we do have privacy fencing too. Still teasing with bright sunshine all around, and a breeze blowing, did add a layer to my situation.

Teasing in the bright light of day.

Yes we have a sink in that shed, so no, this is not our bathroom! LOL

Today I will be doing some painting/staining outside on a kind of 'boardwalk' I constructed. So, 8:00 will likely be my last indoor edge for a while and I'll be back in that shed for the greater part of the day. I HAVE definitely noticed the time it takes to get to that precipitous "edge" has grown significantly shorter......though no less frustrating!

And as I said yesterday, there is quite a lot more going on as well! 


  1. keep up the 'hard' work... groan

  2. And now that i have read your last two posts together, i MUST apologise for the pics! Gosh... hopefully you don't hold it against me!

    I salute your commitment to such a game. I am NOT a fan of edging.

    1. No, I don't hold it against you, I kind of can't deny the humor in it though. I will say that there is a weird psychological effect that is hard to explain. I have known you long enough to know your inclinations and while predominantly submissive, I do recall you had a bit of a female-to-female thing going at one time where you were the Top. Still, your vibe has always been "subby" in my view and even when I've innocently teased you in the past it was with that dynamic in mind. BUT, in my current state and with pictures such as you mention, my mind is seeing you from a different angle. I guess intellectually it makes no sense, but on a gut-level it's difficult to not imagine you in a different role. Funny huh?

      Now, if instead of an apology you grinned at my plight and enjoyed the suffering those innocent shots can cause, THEN I'd really start to wonder! LOL ;-)

    2. Haha the mind IS a funny thing. And yes, in my girl on girl relationships i was more a top than a bottom. I think of it as a moveable scale... i do prefer to be on the subby end of things, but only with the right top.

      It does seem as if the universe is toying with you tho. :D Hopefully when the NEXT foot-pic post comes up you'll be done with your game (Wednesday was it?) That one is scheduled for Friday.

    3. Yes the universe tends to enjoy that.

      Wednesday was a sort of target date, but by no means a guarantee. (I'm not really in a 'guarantee type of situation', though being frustrated in a playful way is a solid bet most of the time. LOL)

    4. Well I've given you fair warning so if you DO find your timeline being extended, then read me at your own risk haha. (They're covered feet - in shoes - tho.. so maybe not as distressing as a bare foot shot.)

    5. Oh, covered? No problem! ;-)