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Monday, May 17, 2021

Like a leaky faucet


I have been reduced to a leaky faucet. I don't mean my age has finally rendered me incontinent (I'm hoping I have a few more years before THAT happens, at least). No, I mean that a little "game" Rosa and I have been playing recently has made me more like this:

Not me, but other than this guy's age and body hair color, that does look a like like mine......especially when it worked a bit better. LOL And the oozing is extremely accurate!

Last week on Thursday, after our mortgage signing on Wednesday, Rosa and I felt playful and initiated a game we've played before on days where she was working: hourly edges with no release. We started the day off before she began working with me kissing her feet while self-teasing, and ended the day with her teasing me as I revisited those sweet tootsies of hers. In-between, as I worked in the yard, on each new hour, I'd apply our massager just long enough to bring me to near ejaculation and then stop.  (That's a lot of teasing!)

OK, LOL, THIS time it IS me, not because I'm showing off, since I have nothing to brag about, but because the practice of using a single vibrator to edge (without all sorts of bondage and gear) simply can't be found in an image search! 

The effect on me was profound. I felt open and devoted and way more submissive. Rosa liked the effect so much that continuing this practice on Friday seemed a no-brainer. By midday Friday, I was going about my chores and activities literally with damp boxers! I would start a tease off just fine and get to that special point and stop. But a minute or so after stopping, I'd find "pre-cum" oozing from me in varying quantities. Multiply that by the hours in a day and you start to get the picture!

Rosa was amused by it all but also seemed willing enough to grant final "O" permission if I wanted it. The funny thing is, I wasn't getting cranky or irritable from the frustration, but more and more subby and compliant! We discussed it and speculated that maybe the attention made the difference? It seems if I'm O-less for a long time because we're busy or stressed or for some un-fun reason, I DO get cranky after a while. BUT if that same denial is intentional and sexy, and accentuates the frustration as something of a goal, then it seems that the longing becomes more sweet torture than real torture.

In the midst of all this other things were going on too, and I will write about them another time, but soon. However, I did have a few exchanges via text with my Monster, Ana over other things, but when she asked me about my day, I couldn't help but confess my situation, especially since she is well aware of my O-dependency on others and approves. She did indeed find my situation amusing and I mentioned something about wondering how long I should keep this going, and, given the context of what we HAD been discussing, Ana suggested Wednesday. Well, that seemed like a good a day as any and so Wednesday became the target date. (Thanks, Monster)

Saturday ended up a third day of teasing. And Sunday we were out, so the hourly teases weren't possible, but I did have one this morning while watching Rosa dress. ( a lot of leaking after THAT one!) LOL.   

So three days of hourly edges have left me in a profound state of subbiness and it managed to influence quite a few things going on around me. But like I said, another time for THAT. 


  1. This all sounds like a lot of fun, I would not mind having the opportunity to try this myself one day. You must be going through an awful lot of boxer shorts in a day though


    1. Hey my friend, it's easy enough to make a reality! Go for it! As for the boxers? LOL No comment. ;-)

  2. Wonderful games! And yes, the woman's attention and appreciation makes all the difference!

    1. Thanks. And they're so easy to do.....just not as easy to endure. LOL

  3. Sounds like an exciting way to add interest to the day! You and Rosa seem to have lots of creative ways to be kinky!


    1. We try. Although she would be the first to admit, that I tend to come up with the ideas and she enjoys having the power to decide on whether they happen, don't happen, or have potential but need tweaking. Although...................she HAS been known to come up with some goodies on her own too!

  4. I had a sub back in the day that would do that while I "tortured" him.