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Thursday, May 27, 2021

"New" car

Well, after much hesitation, fate intervened and kicked my overly-cautious ass into action, resulting in a long-overdue car purchase. It's a long, sad story. You know I occasionally like to ramble and rant, and other times just fire off some bullets, well today it's bullets:

-Though happy with my Santa Fe, it had seen better days. The most upsetting thing was a hit-and-run that bashed in the front left fender WHILE I WAS OUT IN NYC WITH MY FAMILY. I WASN'T EVEN HOME! I tried to fix it myself but decided to just get a new car and save the deductible.

- A couple of years later when I had saved up the money for a new car, Osito, my stepson, promptly totaled his mother's relatively new car. My money went to getting her a replacement for a car that would likely not have needed replacing in several more years. 

-Financial situations did not develop as I would have liked: hence I decided to live with my old one for a bit longer.

-Then the air conditioner went.

-Then the hydraulics on the rear hatch went and I had to use a pole to hold it open.

-The tires eventually wore down.

-All throughout I just waited for finances to improve, and they did. Not precisely to my liking, but to a more "breathing room" degree.

-Still hesitating for things to get even better, Ana, on her recent visit home noticed a hairline crack in the windshield even as I realized the car was about a week overdue for inspection. It would never pass with a cracked windshield, and I was loathe to replace it.

-Rosa intervenes and just says, "the windshield is a sign, KD. It's time! You've been miserable driving the other around for YEARS now. Get yourself a car. You may not be rich, but you're not poor, but you treat yourself like a poor person!"

-One more financial fell into place with the refi, and off I went! I scored a "certified pre-owned" with every feature I wanted and none that I didn't, AND it was "pre-owned" with 7000 miles on it! (More like a new car if you ask me, but with all of the pre-owned perks and price tag!)

- This is not it, but it looks just like it:

So.......I have a "new" car!

I still have a lot to do before it rains tomorrow, so some of the more 'fun' and adult posts will have to wait. But I feel bad leaving the more prurient among you without anything, so here's some gratuitous car-related nudity!

Do those come 'standard'?

And THAT'S how she learned to drive a stick.

And is it me or does it look like that guy is all turned around and his dick is on backwards? I think he draped his shirt over his lap, but boy does it create a weird illusion!

Plenty of cargo room. (I meant the car, not her hoo-hoo.)

Life is funny, so just lay back and enjoy the ride. (The guy in the next car is certainly enjoying it.)


  1. love the people un the other car in the first flasher pic. the man looks like he knows but she is facing away from him. his lady is about to be very mad

  2. Good for you! My car just had more warranty work done (exhaust this time, transmission a few months ago) so now I'm happy.

  3. Good luck with the new motor and thanks for the pervy car related pictures :)


  4. Life gets in the way sometimes. We will be needing to replace a vehicle soon, but with the way COVID has killed my income and with all the other things that keep popping up -- plumbing repairs, anyone? -- it's just gonna be one of those "we'll get there when we get there" things.

    (And I didn't think the guy was backwards -- though the shirt-draped-over-lap explanation makes sense -- instead I sawxtge plaid and thought, "Why is he wearing pajamas?")

    1. Good luck on getting the car at some point. I can certainly relate to a long journey to get there.

      I didn't think PJs. That might make more sense.

  5. I just thot he had lousy taste in pants. But yes, I think the shirt may have been a way to "catch" the fallout. :) That might save the jeans...

    Anyway, gratz on that new car. 7000 is a good number!

    1. I'm beginning to think those might be PJ bottoms.

      I am a bit jealous of his "stick shift" though. ;-(

      Thanks on the car. And 7000 is like crazy for used!

  6. Congrats on the new ride. My latest replacement vehicle had only 150,000 miles when I bought it.
    I appreciate Rosa's comment about treating yourself like a poor person.
    I have enough money to buy a "new" car with 7000 miles on it but settle for a good deal on Ebay for $6,000 and 18 years old.
    Thanks for the pix, love the cargo room one, always had a thing for women who suck their own nipples.

    1. Thanks. (I was wondering where you've been lately ;-) ? )
      As for 150.000? I guess it depends on the car. Some brands are already leaking rust-buckets by that time.

      As for nipple-sucking: hey, it's a tough job but somebody's got to do it.

  7. "so here's some gratuitous car-related nudity!" LOVE THE LINE HAHA MY FAV, I LAUGHED HARD. The car sounds like it has been with you through thick and thin! Love the purchase for you sir!

    1. You have had plenty of adventures in that old car! Good memories, but it was time. And glad you like it. We'll take it for a spin when you're home again.