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Friday, July 30, 2021

No alteration needed


Don't ask me how this came up in a recent image search, but it did. Priceless. The only thing that would make it more timely would be if the guy on the left was a Catholic Cardinal whose name once adorned the High School in my previous home town. (true! The high school used to be "St. Mary's" but Mary got unceremoniously bumped so they could make it "Cardinal McCarrick". Mary must be fuming!)

I've railed in the past about people changing wording and photoshopping vintage ads and images to make them kinkier, funnier, or whatever was in the twisted mind of the perpetrator, but tell me......isn't it so much better when you find something like this and need to change nothing?


On another note, while I have striven to be less concerned over participation here ever since my Covid encounter, I have to say that while I still feel less bothered than I used to by the paucity of comments inherent in blogging nowadays, the recent trickle of any sort of interaction from readers has been discouraging.

It tends to get slow in Summer. It always has. But this week alone has seen just 5 comments distributed over posts on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, with Tuesday's post receiving none at all. But on the bright side, the comments I do get are pretty good, on-topic and thoughtful ones. I definitely prefer fewer good comments to a stack of fluff. Like I've always maintained: I am far more interested in a pertinent observation, valid criticism, alternate viewpoint, clever bit of wit, or any kind of intelligent response than in praise. So to those who comment here: THANKS!

I am also curious about some things: for those of you who do comment here and elsewhere, does it bother you when your comment on a post gets no reply from the host? 

This one drives me a bit crazy. I think it's because I try to reply to every comment.....unless I miss it by oversight. My thought is that since I cherish interaction, if I actually get some, why would I ignore it? I can't fathom a host not caring that someone took the time to not only read what they wrote but write something back......and I don't just mean in reply to a two-word "good post" comment.

And for those of you with blogs who visit other blogs, does it bother you if you regularly comment on a blog whose host rarely if ever comments on yours?

It's one thing to be a blogger and lament how few reader/visitors ever participate, but when it's a fellow blogger? Aren't we all after the same thing? I realize I am sometimes guilty of this, the best example being Q's blog and I have confessed this to him, but while I can get into some of the topics there, I can honestly say that the cuckold fetish is one of the few quirks I don't have in me. Still, when I can, I try to say something on occasion, mainly because he comments here and his efforts should be recognized. So, while not perfect, I am mindful of what I see as polite "tit-for-tat", even as I realize that online friends don't always share the same interests.'s not as big of a deal as it used to be for me. I will go on doing what I'm doing and see what the future brings. One irony is that in a recent "stat check" in Blogger, I found that while comments have dwindled, viewership has gone up! Meaning more people are visiting and fewer participating. Who says there's no such thing as a free lunch?

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Telling Others (a 'how-to' )

Recently I wrote about our day with Mr. Glass and how his personal revelation about his sexual orientation led to us explaining our DD lifestyle. A couple of people were curious about just how one goes about doing something like this. Since we have told nearly everyone we know or are related to, I think we have some experience and today I will share some tips.

1. Know thyself! First off, and most importantly, ask yourself if you yourself are good at judging people. If you aren't, then a lot of this advice will be moot since nearly all of it is based on reading people's reactions to subtleties. Granted, some people are hard to read, but some folks are pretty darned obvious 'open books'. If this is your first time, start with someone you know well. Also, what is your risk-to-reward level? If you are dying to tell someone about your lifestyle but doing so unsuccessfully can destroy your life or career, then perhaps wait for another time. Or are you fairly 'risk free'? Perhaps retired, or in a part of the country where such leaked information would result in a yawn rather than repercussion?

Also, keep in mind, if you are in a relationship that is kinky, coming out will affect not just you. What is your partner's risk factor? What is their interest level in coming out? 

2. Know your audience. It's the First Rule of Comedy, and really so much more. If you've decided to come out to someone, have you determined satisfactorily that they are a receptive audience? Are they open-minded? Might they be be into things themselves, or if not, are they curious about what other people do? Also, assuming a change in your having some future disagreement or falling-out......what is their potential "threat level"? Can this person hurt you with this knowledge? 

Looks can be is evidenced by this older cartoon of mine back when 'Goth" was huge.

3. Test the Waters. Once you feel pretty confident about a person, don't assume it's still OK to just dive in headfirst. The trouble with diving is that you are fully committed and folks who've literally done so have sometimes been left as paraplegics or dead because the water was not what it appeared to be. Give yourself the chance to dip a toe, then perhaps just wade in the shallows for a bit. Maybe even wait for another time to go deeper. 

We live in a much more open society now than we used to. Kinky stuff is everywhere. Use it. Maybe mention a game you saw in Spencer's Gifts....but don't say you own it. Ask about that recent spanking reference in some TV show. Make a joke with some "50 Shades" innuendo. 

Stuff like this is everywhere now. While I find them bland, they CAN serve a purpose: opening a door.

4. Read the Reaction. So? How is it going? Do they look repulsed, uncomfortable, straining to be tolerant, okay but not overly interested, curious but with reservation, actually interested, amused and into it, fascinated, or perhaps even a kindred spirit? These distinctions are important! Adjust your conversation to the reaction.

If you mentioned that game from Spencer's, and the person says, "I see that shit all the time. What the fuck is wrong with people?" THIS IS NOT YOUR PERSON! But, if they say, "I don't think I'd be very good at that game, but I have to give those people credit. They certainly take things to another level, even if it is a bit weird." perhaps they ARE. And if the person says, "eh, those games are lame. Better to come up with your own." Well, talk about a green light!

These steps give a pretty clear idea of what to be aware of, but how would such a conversation play out?  Well, that can be as different as the people, the situation, the mood, and a host of other factors. Ideally, you toss out your 'test reference'....."hey, did you see that spanking scene in Big Bang Theory?" and they say, "Yeah that was hysterical. That stuff seems to be everywhere now, ever since "50 Shades". It's not our thing, but it sure does seem more popular than ever."

If I knew this person and trusted them, and knew their threat level was miniscule, I might say something like, "you are right about 'everywhere'. You could even say in this very room." Then WATCH! This is the biggie. Does the person wince, smile, or light up with curiosity? If you don't get the reaction you want, drop it. What you said could be dismissed as a joke, or lead to a detailed conversation....or anything in-between. 

It's really that simple (or complicated if this is difficult for you) and nearly all of it is based on the other person's reaction. All you can do is present it all in the best possible way to entice that particular person. But even the finest lure, presented in the most skillful way, doesn't always land a fish. 

Another technique is what I'll call "kinky erosion". Say it's a relative and someone who won't necessarily do you harm, but could be awkward since you are stuck with them for life. Again, if they satisfy the main criteria, you can let little things slip here and there over a long period of time. Maybe a spank joke one day, perhaps a 'better behave' warning to a spouse on another? You just acclimate the person to the notion that you and your partner might be one of those people. If they care about you and are supportive, after a while of dropping hints, one day, some perfect opportunity might arise, and when you DO 'come out' more directly, their reaction might not be shock, but "I kind of figured". 

All I can say in conclusion is that for Rosa and me there are those who know and those who don't. The line that separates them is based on what I've written here. Rosa is as open as I am and yet besides one major hinting incident, that was pretty direct, she has not come out to her mother even though she loved that I came out to mine. It's not that I did it better. It's the difference between the two mothers. I wouldn't come out to her mother either. It's not that she's a bad person, she's a real sweetheart, but so much of a sweetheart that she'd NEVER understand DD. 

(One day while visiting in Peru, we bought this novelty whip unique to the country. They are sold in lots of places as souvenirs. Her mother saw our purchases that day and saw the whip. She didn't think anything of it because as I said, these are routinely purchased by tourists, but Rosa decided to take it a step further and said, "I got that to use on KD when he misbehaves." Rather than wink or smile or encourage her daughter, my MIL said, "oh no, when you have a disagreement, you should settle it with kisses not hitting." Now who in their right mind would pursue a kinky confession after that?!)

However, at this point, more people know than don' differing degrees. Nothing bad has ever happened to either of us. I'm retired and Rosa is still employed. But we are in NJ where such a revelation would be a non-issue for just about anyone anywhere, even if they hated us. For us the risk-to-reward has been in favor of coming out and because of that, our openness has certainly and emphatically enhanced our lives more than ever being a detriment. 

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer

And what would Summer least for me......without warm, Summer morning toes? Here are a few shots from this weekend:

It's no secret I love feet. Any reader here has seen ample proof of that. In fact while Rosa's "o's" can come from all sorts of attentions and directions, my o's nearly always occur with either her toes in my mouth or as grateful kisses are repeatedly layered upon her soles. But what of Rosa? Does she just grudgingly indulge my kink like a good, loving spouse, or does she love the sensations of both pedicures and worship sessions?

These shots came about when I woke to find Rosa's feet thrust up onto my face. (what a way to start one's day!) She didn't speak, but her intent was pretty clear as she pressed her soles against my lips as she read through the morning messages on her phone.

Other times she just flat-out asks for "diggin' in" on her "mushrooms" (two very personal terms of hers that few would understand, but are clear to me). Essentially this just means she wants me to groom her nails and buff out any rough spots on her soles or heels.....of which she only ever has a scant amount. 

So I think the evidence points to a strong desire for "foot-stuff" in Rosa as well. She is also quite proud of her feet, since they not only have a natural cuteness of their own, but which have also benefitted tremendously from the near-constant attention they receive. While Rosa is in her mid-40's, she has the feet of a healthy 20-year-old!

One reason, besides the obvious care and grooming, is something I intend to take full credit for: despite my submissive role, I adamantly imposed my own rule on her adorable little toes: NO NAIL POLISH!  ( other than a temporary coat for something like a wedding or other formal affair, which even then I try to dissuade, and which is promptly removed soon after the event has passed) As a result her nails, as you can see, look like a French Pedicure naturally! Her nails breathe, and remain healthy. My "diggin' in" removes any buildup in her cuticles or under her nails so that she has never had even a passing bout of that unfortunate fungus that turns supple, pink nails into thick, little plates resembling seashells on a shoreline. 

Simply put, Rosa's feet are not merely attractive appendages, but a kind of living symbol of her power......a power to be indulged, to be obeyed, to punish, and to be alluringly elevated.

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Mr. Glass

About a week ago we had a friend over who has been here several times and whose company we enjoy despite some differences here and there. For the sake of this piece I will simply refer to him as “Mr. Glass” due not to having brittle bones a la “Unbreakable”, but because he is an avid collector of Depression Glass and other collectible antiques. 

Not this Mr. Glass.

Mr. Glass is my age and is similar in height and build. He works with Rosa, and it was there that they became friends and then progressed into an invited regular here.  At one point in the evening Mr. Glass informed us in a serious tone that he had something personal to share that he felt was long overdue. He then proceeded to inform us that he was Gay. 

Besides good company, a major highlight of any visit from Mr. Glass is his tradition of bringing "Show and Tell". This last time it was a set of various "watermelon" Depression Glass pieces. They were so beautiful a tear formed in my eye!

Now, to be honest, this was not shocking news to either of us, but we also didn’t want to appear too nonchalant, so we acted just slightly more surprised than we actually were. Naturally we encouraged Mr. Glass to say everything on his mind, and the conversation was slow, determined, and candid. As the conversation went on, Mr. Glass revealed some personal tribulations he had long ago coming out to his mother. He was really baring his soul to us and so I decided that I would not let him feel too far afield and mentioned that mothers can really surprise you in BOTH directions, and said something about the time I had ‘come out’ to my mother and how she surprised me in the opposite way.

No sooner than I said it Mr. Glass looked at me quizzically and asked what I meant about ‘coming out’. With a look of "isn't it obvious?", I told him that I of course meant my kinky lifestyle..... which I just assumed he was by now well aware of by seeing some of the things we have out in the open in our house and based on how open Rosa is.  I just figured she had probably said something at some point to him, since she has to others. But Mr. Glass assured me he was quite unaware of this fact.

A framed print of this image, albeit small, is very clearly and openly hanging in our living room where we do most of our entertaining. It is right above the main "guest chair" and is in no way difficult to find or figure out. ANY visitor can see it and make their own assumptions......or ask.

Well, I then realized I had just ‘come out’ as well! I turned to Rosa and since I was about to make another round of drinks, let her explain to the degree she wished. Rosa did just that, since as I said, she is not shy about talking about our lifestyle to select people, and Mr. Glass was certainly not someone she was going to embarrassed to tell. I could hear her filling him in on the essentials as I mixed our concoctions and upon returning filled in some gaps and explained what I saw as the biggest difference between just being kinky and into roleplay or BDSM and taking that to the point of DD where real behavior is the focus. Mr. Glass was certainly intrigued and asked questions to fully understand our situation.

This too is right out in the open. As you can see here it can't be missed by anyone coming from our kitchen into our dining or living areas. The plaque above is pretty clear about this spoon's intent. I find it amazing how many people have walked right by this thing a hundred times and never seemed to notice what it was really about. 

Rosa naturally had little reason to be hesitant in explaining her role, motivations, goals, and her overall belief in the benefits of our lifestyle. She explained how doling out a good spanking helped her release her frustrations with me and also how she used spanking as a management tool for domestic harmony across the board. 

She even got into her background explaining how her culture's attitudes towards male and female interaction never fit her own personality, but with me she found the missing elements that had either been kept from her before or explained away as an aberration.  All her life people were telling her what to do and how to behave while she had her own ideas of things and now she finally had someone willing to listen to her and the fit felt natural. Having just admitted to being homosexual, Mr. Glass quickly seized on that topic of not fitting in and said he thought that what Rosa was saying....and now doing as a result.... made perfect sense.

And it was in that regard, one where domestic harmony was her main goal rather than just being bossy or cruel, that freed up her darker side to employ methods like spanking without guilt. She explained that spanking lets her deal with things personally and emphatically without any real risk of serious injury. It lets her blow off steam while teaching me a lesson therefore being mutually beneficial, direct, and even versatile. To illustrate this versatility, she brought up how she even used ‘preventive spankings’ to ensure the behavior she expected from me in social situations and even mentioned two specific instances where she spanked me before going out with others so that I had a tangible tingling reminder to behave burned right into my butt as I sat.  Since Mr. Glass initially speculated that all of this was quirky sexplay, he found those examples quite illuminating...obviously bespeaking of something quite other than playing “teacher and the student who forgot their homework”.

When I spoke I explained that our lifestyle did not mean we were like a Mistress and slave (since that was a question he specifically asked) although Rosa certainly enjoyed added perks as a result of being the dominant partner. With behavior I explained that in a relationship fault can lie with either partner and that Rosa was not automatically the winner in every argument or that I had to defer to every whim she came up with, but that the biggest difference was that she could address her own faults with an apology whereas I could expect that any apology of mine could well be followed by a serious spanking.  I said that a Mistress/slave relationship took its appeal from making the submissive party truly powerless.  Though I did confess to the impact of being an adult substantially older than his spouse and  being confronted when admittedly guilty of something and then having Rosa confidently lead me to our room for a trip over her lap. And since it's how this revelation came about, I told him now more specifically of my mother’s full awareness of this fact and her subsequent endorsement of Rosa’s role......pretty much telling me that this sounded fine to her and that I should trust Rosa and if my behavior meant getting a spanking then so be it. 

When someone says "kink" or "spank" to a vanilla person, this is the default image that pops up. Oddly enough, as kinky as we are, we probably look more like the birdwatchers we are, rather than extreme costumed BDSMers. (Not that we don't have a few items that fit that bill as well. LOL)

And that was another point I made clear: while we did enjoy kink and play and even discussed the very rare instances of roleplay we did engage in for sexy fun, this aspect...the DD part, which is also not common even among BDSM/spank-folks...... was not truly sexual and he admitted he was gathering that. As such it was rare for me to feel sexy after a punishment and Rosa assured him this was absolutely true and that afterwards I always acted in a very deferential and obedient manner rather than some randy horndog now ready for sizzling hoompty. By the time we moved onto other topics, Mr. Glass knew just the extent of how we lived.

The DD reality is much more like this: regular clothes (or lack thereof) and a simple implement resulting is seriously sore bottom upon which to contemplate one's transgressions.

At the time I was glad we were sharing things and felt it might make Mr. Glass feel less solitary or strange in his own confession and in that vein I believe that happened. But after a few days I began to realize what I admitted to. I’m sure Rosa will interact with her friend with either a similar air or perhaps with a touch of pride at having been revealed to be a dominant force and woman with authority and the confidence to act on it. But I am wondering what our next get together will be like for me? My social self is very out there and dynamic. I also come across as being quite on top of things and also a kind of force to be reckoned with in my own right…...only now Mr. Glass will always know just HOW I am sometimes reckoned with! Given how things went, the logical part of me thinks this will not be any big deal. I think I would have gotten that vibe that night if Mr. Glass seemed disdainful rather than intrigued, but one never knows. 

One thing is certainly true: after that night I can’t imagine Mr. Glass having any illusions over how things are handled in our home and more specifically, how his work buddy and good friend handles ME.

Perhaps the image Mr. Glass now carries with him about Rosa?

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Kinky psychology

Is this my Rosa working from home? Not quite.

Mechanized anal pummeling is not the only new twist introduced here recently. You may recall that Rosa works from home now most days. You may also recall a little teasing adventure I described back in May........with hourly teases. Well we have a new rule. Actually it's more of an understanding. But first some background.

When Rosa is home, she will occasionally utilize our disparate roles and put my submission to ergonomic use. In other words, when she's home working, she will have me bring her coffee, water, tea, etc. I will also provide lunch on most days, although we aren't rigid in anything we do, and so she is not above preparing her own stuff if she is so inclined, or if she knows I am buried deep in a project.

While we are neither fully into feminization nor completely opposed to some frillies or aprons on occasion, this image does conjure up a sense of things can sometimes get around here......although I am no 'looker' when similarly attired. LOL

Another thing she does to make good use of me is not terribly kinky at all, but very practical. Several times a day she will use my writing, spelling, and proofreading talents to check her notes and emails. Rosa is very smart, but she never took a formal English course and her knowledge of our language came from picking it up as she went along. As such she never wants her messages to appear unprofessional and while she has no need of me for content, she is realistic enough to use me for things like grammar or clarity. It makes sense and I want her to do well (and she has!) but....................sometimes............maybe MORE than sometimes....................she picks the absolute worst time to text me for help!

"Did you need me, or did you just want to poke my penis?"

Now kinky dynamics aside, readers here know that though retired, I am usually very busy here doing all sorts of projects and maintenance. We have an elaborate garden, two ponds, and all sorts of things that need to be done. I also do most of the cooking and shopping. AND on Mondays I drive an hour and a half each way to babysit my grandson. So, I'm not exactly lounging around all day sipping martinis while listening to Chopin. There have been just too many times where her genuine need for assistance results in annoyance.  And for the sub half of a D/s relationship, that is not exactly a recipe for harmony. 

And so..............with a simple decree...........all that has changed!

A symbolic representation of everyone content in their role.

NOW, the understanding is that whenever Rosa requires my actual presence for assistance, after helping and before returning to whatever I was doing, I am to self-tease with our vibrating massager for a couple of minutes! And let me tell you, that simple twist has changed everything! I find myself now feeling like a tease would be nice and HOPING she'll need me. What a change, and how effortlessly achieved! 

I don't do the teasing in front of her since that would be too distracting and defeat the purpose of her trying to be a productive as possible......but the sentiment is depicted nicely. 

This is much more accurate.....and should be, since that's me doing exactly what this post describes!

I post this as an example to the real couples out there of how a little imagination can drastically change a situation. And I do believe we kinky people are the easiest to manipulate positively through little games and twists. 

Attacked by a "Trojan"?  Fight fire with fire! 
I don't know what the back story is here, but I thought it humorously illustrated my point of using whatever works for you to turn the mundane into something special.

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Button hole

A sci-fi version of my Sunday.

On Sunday morning, Rosa seemed determined to have an early morning O, but was having difficulty finding the right "delivery mechanism". This happens occasionally especially when her desire is intense. It's as if she puts too much pressure on herself. I have noticed that when this occurs it's not something to worry about and more of an opportunity to have extended fun rather than a quickie, and told her so. That seemed to help and after some rather innovative and varied attempts she was ready for our 'tried-and-true' method and sure enough, my Honey was eventually able to enjoy a rather intense release. 

After she had recovered we discussed potential ideas for how MY day might go, and decided it was perhaps time to try the pegging machine that I made over a year ago. 

Here it is yet again.

The equipment included the machine pictured, our "queening chair", our vibrating massager, and one electrical cord equipped with a switch, plus another with multiple outlets. Naturally the machine resided beneath the opening in the chair so that I could eventually sit and be impaled by it while the vibrator nestled in my crotch. Both were plugged into the switch so that Rosa, reclining on our bed, could simultaneously turn both devices on and off at her whim. 

The saw used has a variable speed trigger, so its speed is regulated by pressure. To achieve this, nothing more sophisticated than a zip tie is needed.......though it does require some trial and error to get the speed right. The tie encircles the handle and trigger and is tightened to just where it produces enough motion to be just a tad challenging without going full bore. 

it seems from this edited image, that I am not the only person to employ a jigsaw as sex toy.

Preparation for me required a bit of a cleaning out down below so that no messes ensued from the incessant pegging. Usually I will do a deep cleansing, but I took a chance this time and just did a lower bowel purge.....and thankfully that not only saved time, but proved to be sufficient. 

Soon it was showtime, and Rosa reclined regally on our bed as I lowered myself onto the mounted dildo/plug. She brought her sexy feet within reach of my adoring lips and with a cute little wince of expectation, hit the button. Our goal was extended teasing and foot worship eventually culminating in an O for me.

I had naturally experimented with the machine before bringing the idea to Rosa. I am a bit of a safety nut and power tools are not to be treated carelessly. So I did have a good idea of what to expect from the pegging, AND we have used that massager for teasing A LOT! But, this was the first time we used both together and I have to say the sensation was both unique and intense. 

It did not take long before I felt close. Rosa then stopped and used short teasing bursts to keep me on the edge before hitting her switch and letting the two devices bring me to a crazy orgasm. When I say 'crazy', it's not hyperbole but a fairly accurate description of the weird result: the orgasm kept building higher and higher and hit an incredible crescendo......BUT the competing sensations that drove that intensity also thwarted full enjoyment of it. It was like having a very intense, but partially ruined orgasm. Afterwards we cleaned up and went about our day.

Naturally we also discussed the session and here are the key takeaways:

-the loud sound of the saw initially freaked Rosa out a bit, but she said my repeated assurance that the sensation was nearly entirely pleasant calmed her down. (Rosa can be a little funny about 'anal stuff'. On one hand she LOVES LOVES LOVES being anally tongued. In fact, that very same morning saw quite a bit of that activity with her writhing and undulating in ecstasy.  And she is also quite willing to have me plugged and even pegged on occasion.......BUT she is always initially twitchy about seeing my rear impaled. It's some personal trigger she has, but she eventually gets past it and even knows I love the sensations.)

-I have decided to invest in another extension cord switch. I think I would prefer to have the two devices controlled independently so that Rosa could do one at a time or both together, BUT, in the throes of an O, she could keep the vibrator going while turning off the pegging machine. 

-It would also be interesting to make the session not about teasing or an O, but perhaps just be a kind of extended pegging 'torture'.....perhaps even letting the pegging machine run until the pleasant penetration became more punitive? Kind of like.....okay that felt good for a while but now I'm feeling 'fucked raw'.

-While if I had time and advance notice, I might still prefer to do a full colon clean-out, it was nice to know that for a quick session a simpler and faster half-measure was quite sufficient. 

I found this image in my search and had mixed feelings about it. While I know my mother approved of the punitive aspects of my lifestyle with Rosa, I doubt she would be as downright giddy as this 'mom' if given the chance to see me mechanically butt-fucked. (I also keep wondering about that elevated sofa. Who has a sofa that high?) And of course the seemingly stocking-encased feet seem both out-of-date and a missed opportunity for some toe imagery. 

And that pretty much covers it. The adventure was intense but didn't even take up all that much time. Of course, I will welcome any questions about either the technical aspects or the emotional/sensation-based ones. And, if the mood strikes me just right and I feel like doing something a bit exhibitionistic.....I might do a short video of the machine in action to give you all more than just a verbal description of what this is like.

Monday, July 19, 2021

Coming soon....

Here we are again at "busy Monday". I can't really do justice to anything that has been going on in the time I have today, but later this week.......perhaps as early as tomorrow...... I will get into some interesting topics.

One, which has been hinted at before, is the "pegging machine" adventure which had been on hold for the right time and finally took place on Sunday.

My homemade pegging machine. This finally got used, and it felt more like it used me!

There are some other things as well, probably at least enough for four posts, so stay tuned, gang. 

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Marta's Actual 'Recipe'


Hopefully everyone who wanted a turn got their guess in by now.

So what what went into the making of this poor boy's bottom? ( I've mentioned before that when I see H-Bum's art, I find it difficult to not see myself as the boy depicted, despite ages and even physical differences and I am using this image to represent my sorry self after Marta's punishment.)


But here is the actual image......
....and the "recipe"

(as provided by Marta, and executed by Rosa)
2 small, pale, doughy 'buns'
1 hard paddle for 'mixing'
Using the paddle, beat the 'bun dough' 500 times until a deep red color is achieved and the buns feel hot and no longer doughy.
Baking time:
No baking need. The beating process will generate its own heat!

Well there you have it, folks: 500! To my calculations the two closest guesses were sissysnow's estimate of 648 ( 148 over) and CK's guess of 350 (150 under). Since this is NOT "The Price is Right" and I made no stipulation about 'going over', the closest answer is sissysnow' just TWO whacks! 

As such, all high praise and adulation is bestowed unto you, Sissy! And a strong runner's up amount of same said praise to you, CK! When it comes to beaten bottoms you two are obviously ASS-tute. >groan< LOL. 

Soon I will be posting about Ana's contribution to the belated year-end tradition, and I assure you all that her number will make Marta's look like a soft, friendly kiss-on-the-cheek (or cheeks). As of today, Ana has not shared the number with Rosa......which she will do via text this this weekend according to a text I got from her this morning, since she is not home to hand deliver her usual written "Discipline Slip". She HAS informed me of the amount and the reasons behind it, and that indeed will be a juicy topic for another day. I don't want to get too deeply into this though, because while Rosa has never dismissed a request from her daughter, I don't like to presume that it could never happen. So I will likely not write about this until Rosa has seen Ana's text and approved it. 

Meanwhile, I have been talking with Nickki and she is soon to be back to having privacy in her home. A lot of time has gone by since I've last been wriggling under her paddle and stuff has definitely piled up into a daunting backlog, with the "proxy" punishment likely taking up a large percentage. I also get the feeling that the tension she has been experiencing is eager for an outlet and I do believe spanking my poor little bottom is going to be a good part of her restorative therapy! But again, I'm not going to count chickens....or bun-whacks.....until things are solidified. 

Tuesday, July 13, 2021


In looking over the past posts for this blog…...something I do periodically…..I realized that due to the timing of when Rosa and I got Covid, there was never any initiation of the year-end tradition* of inviting Ana, Nickki, and Marta to either directly deal with any open behavior issues of mine, or issue a number to Rosa to act on the behalf of the person making the request. ( could I forget something so important?)

This is the condition of my rear after the very first "Year-end Punishment" spanking in 2017, part of several from the three "committee members". This one, coincidentally was also from Marta, delivered by Rosa. The tradition has continued ever since!

So I mentioned this to Ana one day as an observation and also to say that ‘well, it’s so late in the year, I guess we just give 2020 a pass’. But Ana disagreed and thought that a belated punishment is just as good as if we did it back in January. ( Ana would just let a year's worth of (mis)behavior slide?)

I asked her if she would want to participate then, annnnnd of course she wanted to weigh in. ( Ana would pass up an opportunity to have my buns toasted?)

But I will go into more detail on Ana and her input in another post.

The next person I contacted was Nickki via text…...though this has not yet been fully resolved due to some personal issues Nickki is dealing with involving houseguests and stress. So, no “duh” on this one… least not yet. Although if there's any question that once things are resolved that Nickki would be reluctant to address my behavior with her paddle.....well duh to THAT!

And then there is Marta. I never know where Marta is going to be on stuff like this but I actually had the opportunity to discuss this with her on a phone call a while back that initially was about getting together on that particular evening. Did Marta want “in” as well? (duh)....of course she did! In fact, she was the first to respond (minutes later) with a number that Rosa and her subsequently teased me about that evening! She also wants a picture of the end result. (duh)

Despite the frequent 'duhs', only in retrospect have I been able to clearly perceive the “duh”-factor that was definitely there all along. I sometimes feel like my interest is an imposition to others who don't personally LIVE the lifestyle. Neither Ana nor Marta, nor even Nickki actually do discipline spanking in their personal lives. However, I think Marta and Nickki would if their circumstances were a little different and I believe Nickki even tried it a bit experimentally. Ana loves control and authority and she would likely be able to do this if she chose to, but it's just not her thing on that level.....although she seems very comfortable having such authority over me. And yet, despite my occasional concerns, it seems that my worries are unfounded. Each lady seems more than happy to participate in this tradition. That willingness always surprises me.

That same day I not only sent Marta a texted red “love” heart to show I appreciated her involvement, but I let her know that due to her lightning quick acceptance of the punishment tradition and minutes later issuance of a number, I was going to symbolically acknowledge her authority by making a pitcher of whatever cocktail she chose for that evening. (She and I joked about the red heart potentially matching the end result of her numerous spanks and she formally chose her namesake drink: “Marta’s Melons”..... a cocktail of rum, melon liqueur, sour mix, and pineapple juice )

Unfortunately, timing and circumstance postponed the execution of Marta's punishment for quite a while. Marta herself, without any prompting, asked at least twice if we had done it yet and we had to explain that we hadn't. Well, all that changed Sunday, and Rosa gave me the FULL AMOUNT** in one ...........well I am loathe to say 'sitting' since sitting was the last thing on my mind afterwards, so let's just go with...........session. As per Marta's instructions, the spanking was crisp and lengthy, but not severe. Certainly not as severe as the recent requested spanking for my overindulgence (see this month's "Self Discipline" post for more details on that one). 

Here are a couple more post-spanking shots:

Ouch! Color, soreness, swelling, and even those telltale 'dryspots' one gets after a lengthy whacking. I wore these panties for the spanking. Ain't I just adorable? LOLOL

Another shot sans frillies, just prior to a shower. Not a great image unfortunately.

And one last one......................many hours later...... after a long, cooling dip in our pool. The colors faded only ever-so-much and lasted for a while. (Those lines are from the chair I was sitting on prior to changing out of my swimsuit and not marks from any implement.)

We have as yet not informed Marta that her punishment has been carried out, but I'm sure we will have an opportunity soon.

* The year-end punishment tradition goes back to January of 2017 and I will link that post as the "Featured Post" visible in the right margin of this blog page when viewed in "web view" or on a laptop.

** I will withhold the actual number for just a day or so longer so anyone still wishing to guess can enter their bid. 

Monday, July 12, 2021

Monday Morning Teaser

The entire weekend was very busy and I just caught up on my comments to my fellow bloggers. I need to head out soon to babysit, but before I go, let me add that while the weekend was chock full of activity of various types, THIS also happened:

There is much more to this beaten bottom than 'just another spanking' and I will give you the gritty details soon. In the meantime, if you're inclined to games, see if you can guess how many smacks went into producing this coloration? The commenter who comes closest will receive written praise befitting their acuity. Good luck!

Saturday, July 10, 2021 a way

There are all sorts of images of spankers out there. Any 'search' can yield a cornucopia of dominant ladies wielding implements, from Pro-Dommes to Pro-Disciplinarians, to Pro Models, to amateur disciplinarians, to regular people with a kinky streak. Blogs like Red's now defunct "Consensual Spanking" or Prefectd's "SpankedHortic II" offer, or did offer, regular samples of these ladies.....and men as well. 

The more slick options feature polished stereotypes, with attractive ladies squeezed into chic fetishwear. Even the non-leather "disciplinarians" tend to appear in sharp business attire, often contrasting some conservative skirt with a plunging neckline, though a few do take the "professional look" to more modest levels. Lacking any special immunity, I admit these curvy vixens have their appeal. So when I stumbled across the following image in the search for something else, I was surprised by the powerful appeal it had. And unlike those "innocent" pictures that get twisted with captions to look kinky, the subject is clearly holding a paddle.

I am assuming from the look of this shot that this a a real life amateur woman who likes to spank. But I suppose some sharp-eyed and well-versed reader here might counter: "Oh no, KD, that's Becky Bunburner, a professional model and disciplinarian out of  Scranton, who caters to a niche of spanko clients who like their Dominants to look like everyday people. She actually is very popular and consequently affluent and lives in a mansion and vacations in Europe decked out in Balenciaga." If this is the case...........I'm not sure I want to know. LOL

To be candid, I can't say this young lady adheres to any type I might find myself gravitating towards. Nothing suggests she and I would even hit it off. BUT........and this is a "but" at least as ample as the one she appears to be sitting upon.........she is holding a paddle!

Now you must be thinking: 'Geez! who would have thought a snobby fucker like KDP would have such minimal standards, that merely holding a paddle is enough to rev his engines?' Well let me explain.

I never said I would seek this person out as a partner. Maybe. It's possible. I don't know her and depending on what she's like, I might very well find myself intrigued or enthralled, but that is wild speculation. She could be married, single, hell, she could even be a Lesbian with or without a partner! And outside of wild speculation, taking place in some imaginary world where I am single and on the prowl, the fact remains that I am happily married and have no desire to trade Rosa in for ANYONE! No, I just see this woman and think of her as someone I could easily meet through friends, or whatever. AND she IS holding a paddle. 

So, here is a person who is not overly made up with severe lipstick and arched brows. She doesn't seem obsessed with fashion let alone fetish gear. Her feet are not strapped into stilettos or encased in boots. Her appearance is modest to a point of plainness, not even offering a glimpse of cleavage via a lower neckline. But....................she IS .....clearly........holding a paddle. 

To my way of thinking.......or at least  in my imagination......this woman is telling us what's important to her and what is not. Her paddle is important, the superfluous accoutrements are not. As such, should I ever encounter her, and  she seemed reasonable, friendly, trustworthy and all of the other key elements one seeks in a friend, and Rosa liked her and was willing to lend me out (as she often does to trustworthy friends) and, once given permission, she ambled over to a chair across the room, sat, summoned me over.................. I would head over thinking that I was in for one helluva spanking.....particularly with that paddle she's holding. 

You see, to me, it's not how pretty a spanker is, or how well attired, or seductive. In my experience the single most important attribute a spanker can possess is the sincere, driving, almost vehement desire to spank. I'm not interested in someone interested in a buck, whose skill has been honed by repeated practice on loyal clientele. I'm not intrigued by someone more interested in looking the part than being what she feels drives her. No, while anyone technically can spank......since it's pretty fucking easy to slam a paddle into a waiting rump....and even a posed, or paid for, or fashionable spanking can still be pretty satisfying, nothing can compare to going across the lap of a lady WHO JUST REALLY WANTS TO DO IT...... holding a paddle!

Thursday, July 8, 2021

Bells of St. Mary's

This post will explore the question of just how many directions one thing can lead my brain to. In the case of "The Bells of St. Mary's", the freshest connection right now is the sore-for-days spanking I just described in my last post. 

An older illustration of mine that seemed very reminiscent of last Thursday when I asked Rosa to feel the heat and swelling in my bottom since it felt so "unfleshlike".

But how can one ignore the classic Leo McCarey movie, the sequel to "Going My Way"?

Now, if you're into corporal punishment and a fan of M/f (or M/m) dynamics, AND of Bing Crosby, you could be titillated to know that Crosby was a stern disciplinarian. However, getting my ass whacked by 'Der Bingle' is not anything that I would seek out. But...............................Ingrid Bergman???????? Hmmmmmmm, now there's an intriguing thought.

Speculation #1: (pure fantasy based not only on the current inability to engage in time travel but the implausibility that, even if I was around during Ms. Bergman's prime, she would have anything to do with me) In her day, and her day lasted a long fucking time, Ingrid Bergman was simply..........perfect. In my opinion, she was and still is, if not the most beautiful woman to have ever lived, close to the very top of the list.

If that face, with that expression, summoned me across her lap? Oi!

I've never read anything to suggest she was in any way kinky, but....well, hey.....this is MY improbable (impossible) fantasy!

This is the only nude shot I could find of her and I do believe it is authentic. If someone knows otherwise please let me know. 

And you all know my inclinations by now. Even a greedy sub like me can't be spanked ALL of the time. Some recovery time is to be expected between wallopings. What better way to spend it than sucking those toes?

So, improbable fantasy #1 would a me-in-my-prime simply being Ms. Bergman's-in-her-prime submissive plaything. 

Speculation #2: Ms. Bergman's and my actual existences did overlap, and I was a very kinky child, already very into spanking fantasies in my youth with very specific ones as early as when I was 10 or 11.  At that time Ms. Bergman would have been 55 and looking a lot like this:

So, it's just about 1970, spanking is still a common punishment, and I am 10.....and kinky as any crazed spanko-youth can be. How delicious to have had some sort of interaction where I ended up over her lap kicking and yelping? 

But, now let's tie in the movie again.............

Speculation #3: In the movie, Ingrid Bergman plays Sister Mary, at a time when corporal punishment in a Catholic School was commonplace. I also went to Catholic School and while my then-angelic behavior spared me the fate many others suffered, I was quite aware of the daily possibility.  In the movie there is a scene where Sister Mary tries to teach a bullied boy in how to fight. 

At her own encouragement he reluctantly hits her, and the impact is more than she expects. Still, because she is a decent person, she holds no grudge for what she herself encouraged, although the boy, aware as I would be of what the consequences could be, is visibly apprehensive and relieved when sent away unscathed. 

Well, if I could rewrite that scene, and include myself in it, the outcome would be far more exciting.....even if less flattering of Sister Mary's benevolence. Perhaps it would be retribution for the punch, or perhaps I would alter the scene so that despite her insistence, I would decline fighting, and my insistent refusal would exasperate her into encouraging me with punishment? Either way, let's take the following scene from "Silent Night, Deadly Night" and make some changes:

Let a youthful me trade places with this poor boy (he'd probably welcome my offer), stick Ingrid into the habit, allow me the non-PC option of voluntarily baring my butt for that strap, and baby, just keep that loop running! LOL

At this point, we are on another divergent road: nun spankings and we can bid a temporary and heartfelt adieu to Ms. Bergman and move into some stranger territory. These nun fantasies seem to be big with some folks and not all that strong with me, BUT my disinclinations are based on the actual nuns I had growing up. I can only think of one who I would have wanted to spank me and I know she never would have. She didn't fit the mold and even left the sisterhood at one point. However, if I can insert fictional nuns into the mix, then I am a bit more receptive. Here are a few "Nun Images" that have a certain appeal:

Cute GIF, and I don't normally like GIFs, but the captioning is absurd. Nuns don't hear confession, priests do. I didn't want to be guilty of changing someone else's work though and so rather than edit out the dialog, I left it. But BOY did I want to just white-out over it. 

I can relate to this......though never with a nun.

I believe I have some pouch undies similar to these. Hmmmm, could that be me having my atheism challenged?

I apologize for the watermark, but it's the only version of this image I could find. One of the things I noticed in my search for appealing, kinky nun images was that my choices all were inclined to some element of humor. This one is the most obvious.

Unfortunately, this was probably closer to what reality would have provided.

I am sure this meander emanating from "The Bells of St, Mary's" seems dizzying, and yet, there's one more stop on the way down our rabbit hole: the drink itself!

The Bells of St. Mary's  (KDP's version)

1 oz. Apricot Brandy
1 oz. Triple Sec
3 oz. Gin
a healthy jolt of lemon juice

Serve in a martini glass and garnish with a lemon slice. 

Warning! Do not use a larger than 5 oz. glass/serving, and don't drink beyond your limit. If you're like me the consequences could affect more than just your liver!

Say a prayer for me, Sister Mary!
The (roasted) End