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Thursday, July 8, 2021

Bells of St. Mary's

This post will explore the question of just how many directions one thing can lead my brain to. In the case of "The Bells of St. Mary's", the freshest connection right now is the sore-for-days spanking I just described in my last post. 

An older illustration of mine that seemed very reminiscent of last Thursday when I asked Rosa to feel the heat and swelling in my bottom since it felt so "unfleshlike".

But how can one ignore the classic Leo McCarey movie, the sequel to "Going My Way"?

Now, if you're into corporal punishment and a fan of M/f (or M/m) dynamics, AND of Bing Crosby, you could be titillated to know that Crosby was a stern disciplinarian. However, getting my ass whacked by 'Der Bingle' is not anything that I would seek out. But...............................Ingrid Bergman???????? Hmmmmmmm, now there's an intriguing thought.

Speculation #1: (pure fantasy based not only on the current inability to engage in time travel but the implausibility that, even if I was around during Ms. Bergman's prime, she would have anything to do with me) In her day, and her day lasted a long fucking time, Ingrid Bergman was simply..........perfect. In my opinion, she was and still is, if not the most beautiful woman to have ever lived, close to the very top of the list.

If that face, with that expression, summoned me across her lap? Oi!

I've never read anything to suggest she was in any way kinky, but....well, hey.....this is MY improbable (impossible) fantasy!

This is the only nude shot I could find of her and I do believe it is authentic. If someone knows otherwise please let me know. 

And you all know my inclinations by now. Even a greedy sub like me can't be spanked ALL of the time. Some recovery time is to be expected between wallopings. What better way to spend it than sucking those toes?

So, improbable fantasy #1 would a me-in-my-prime simply being Ms. Bergman's-in-her-prime submissive plaything. 

Speculation #2: Ms. Bergman's and my actual existences did overlap, and I was a very kinky child, already very into spanking fantasies in my youth with very specific ones as early as when I was 10 or 11.  At that time Ms. Bergman would have been 55 and looking a lot like this:

So, it's just about 1970, spanking is still a common punishment, and I am 10.....and kinky as any crazed spanko-youth can be. How delicious to have had some sort of interaction where I ended up over her lap kicking and yelping? 

But, now let's tie in the movie again.............

Speculation #3: In the movie, Ingrid Bergman plays Sister Mary, at a time when corporal punishment in a Catholic School was commonplace. I also went to Catholic School and while my then-angelic behavior spared me the fate many others suffered, I was quite aware of the daily possibility.  In the movie there is a scene where Sister Mary tries to teach a bullied boy in how to fight. 

At her own encouragement he reluctantly hits her, and the impact is more than she expects. Still, because she is a decent person, she holds no grudge for what she herself encouraged, although the boy, aware as I would be of what the consequences could be, is visibly apprehensive and relieved when sent away unscathed. 

Well, if I could rewrite that scene, and include myself in it, the outcome would be far more exciting.....even if less flattering of Sister Mary's benevolence. Perhaps it would be retribution for the punch, or perhaps I would alter the scene so that despite her insistence, I would decline fighting, and my insistent refusal would exasperate her into encouraging me with punishment? Either way, let's take the following scene from "Silent Night, Deadly Night" and make some changes:

Let a youthful me trade places with this poor boy (he'd probably welcome my offer), stick Ingrid into the habit, allow me the non-PC option of voluntarily baring my butt for that strap, and baby, just keep that loop running! LOL

At this point, we are on another divergent road: nun spankings and we can bid a temporary and heartfelt adieu to Ms. Bergman and move into some stranger territory. These nun fantasies seem to be big with some folks and not all that strong with me, BUT my disinclinations are based on the actual nuns I had growing up. I can only think of one who I would have wanted to spank me and I know she never would have. She didn't fit the mold and even left the sisterhood at one point. However, if I can insert fictional nuns into the mix, then I am a bit more receptive. Here are a few "Nun Images" that have a certain appeal:

Cute GIF, and I don't normally like GIFs, but the captioning is absurd. Nuns don't hear confession, priests do. I didn't want to be guilty of changing someone else's work though and so rather than edit out the dialog, I left it. But BOY did I want to just white-out over it. 

I can relate to this......though never with a nun.

I believe I have some pouch undies similar to these. Hmmmm, could that be me having my atheism challenged?

I apologize for the watermark, but it's the only version of this image I could find. One of the things I noticed in my search for appealing, kinky nun images was that my choices all were inclined to some element of humor. This one is the most obvious.

Unfortunately, this was probably closer to what reality would have provided.

I am sure this meander emanating from "The Bells of St, Mary's" seems dizzying, and yet, there's one more stop on the way down our rabbit hole: the drink itself!

The Bells of St. Mary's  (KDP's version)

1 oz. Apricot Brandy
1 oz. Triple Sec
3 oz. Gin
a healthy jolt of lemon juice

Serve in a martini glass and garnish with a lemon slice. 

Warning! Do not use a larger than 5 oz. glass/serving, and don't drink beyond your limit. If you're like me the consequences could affect more than just your liver!

Say a prayer for me, Sister Mary!
The (roasted) End


  1. Although not a turn on, my favourite vengeful nun scene is still the nun with a ruler in The Blues Brothers. Don't mess with a penguin :)


    1. I'll have to look that one up. I saw the movie once a long time ago and don't remember the scene.

    2. It's not long from the start of the movie and it only targets knuckles, but it is still fun


    3. I'll give it a look. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for the Ingrid Bergman nude - she really was perfect! Of course, from there, my thoughts go to her daughter, Isabella Rosselini. Even more frequently nude, and definitely kinky!

    1. You're welcome, and I agree on Isabella. Oh my! you have me thinking all sorts of thoughts! LOL

  3. That was a lovely meandering for a friday night. Just popping in to say hi!

    1. It's appreciated. I was wondering where you were hiding. LOL

      When you have more time scroll back. There's been a lot you seemed to have missed out on.