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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Button hole

A sci-fi version of my Sunday.

On Sunday morning, Rosa seemed determined to have an early morning O, but was having difficulty finding the right "delivery mechanism". This happens occasionally especially when her desire is intense. It's as if she puts too much pressure on herself. I have noticed that when this occurs it's not something to worry about and more of an opportunity to have extended fun rather than a quickie, and told her so. That seemed to help and after some rather innovative and varied attempts she was ready for our 'tried-and-true' method and sure enough, my Honey was eventually able to enjoy a rather intense release. 

After she had recovered we discussed potential ideas for how MY day might go, and decided it was perhaps time to try the pegging machine that I made over a year ago. 

Here it is yet again.

The equipment included the machine pictured, our "queening chair", our vibrating massager, and one electrical cord equipped with a switch, plus another with multiple outlets. Naturally the machine resided beneath the opening in the chair so that I could eventually sit and be impaled by it while the vibrator nestled in my crotch. Both were plugged into the switch so that Rosa, reclining on our bed, could simultaneously turn both devices on and off at her whim. 

The saw used has a variable speed trigger, so its speed is regulated by pressure. To achieve this, nothing more sophisticated than a zip tie is needed.......though it does require some trial and error to get the speed right. The tie encircles the handle and trigger and is tightened to just where it produces enough motion to be just a tad challenging without going full bore. 

it seems from this edited image, that I am not the only person to employ a jigsaw as sex toy.

Preparation for me required a bit of a cleaning out down below so that no messes ensued from the incessant pegging. Usually I will do a deep cleansing, but I took a chance this time and just did a lower bowel purge.....and thankfully that not only saved time, but proved to be sufficient. 

Soon it was showtime, and Rosa reclined regally on our bed as I lowered myself onto the mounted dildo/plug. She brought her sexy feet within reach of my adoring lips and with a cute little wince of expectation, hit the button. Our goal was extended teasing and foot worship eventually culminating in an O for me.

I had naturally experimented with the machine before bringing the idea to Rosa. I am a bit of a safety nut and power tools are not to be treated carelessly. So I did have a good idea of what to expect from the pegging, AND we have used that massager for teasing A LOT! But, this was the first time we used both together and I have to say the sensation was both unique and intense. 

It did not take long before I felt close. Rosa then stopped and used short teasing bursts to keep me on the edge before hitting her switch and letting the two devices bring me to a crazy orgasm. When I say 'crazy', it's not hyperbole but a fairly accurate description of the weird result: the orgasm kept building higher and higher and hit an incredible crescendo......BUT the competing sensations that drove that intensity also thwarted full enjoyment of it. It was like having a very intense, but partially ruined orgasm. Afterwards we cleaned up and went about our day.

Naturally we also discussed the session and here are the key takeaways:

-the loud sound of the saw initially freaked Rosa out a bit, but she said my repeated assurance that the sensation was nearly entirely pleasant calmed her down. (Rosa can be a little funny about 'anal stuff'. On one hand she LOVES LOVES LOVES being anally tongued. In fact, that very same morning saw quite a bit of that activity with her writhing and undulating in ecstasy.  And she is also quite willing to have me plugged and even pegged on occasion.......BUT she is always initially twitchy about seeing my rear impaled. It's some personal trigger she has, but she eventually gets past it and even knows I love the sensations.)

-I have decided to invest in another extension cord switch. I think I would prefer to have the two devices controlled independently so that Rosa could do one at a time or both together, BUT, in the throes of an O, she could keep the vibrator going while turning off the pegging machine. 

-It would also be interesting to make the session not about teasing or an O, but perhaps just be a kind of extended pegging 'torture'.....perhaps even letting the pegging machine run until the pleasant penetration became more punitive? Kind of like.....okay that felt good for a while but now I'm feeling 'fucked raw'.

-While if I had time and advance notice, I might still prefer to do a full colon clean-out, it was nice to know that for a quick session a simpler and faster half-measure was quite sufficient. 

I found this image in my search and had mixed feelings about it. While I know my mother approved of the punitive aspects of my lifestyle with Rosa, I doubt she would be as downright giddy as this 'mom' if given the chance to see me mechanically butt-fucked. (I also keep wondering about that elevated sofa. Who has a sofa that high?) And of course the seemingly stocking-encased feet seem both out-of-date and a missed opportunity for some toe imagery. 

And that pretty much covers it. The adventure was intense but didn't even take up all that much time. Of course, I will welcome any questions about either the technical aspects or the emotional/sensation-based ones. And, if the mood strikes me just right and I feel like doing something a bit exhibitionistic.....I might do a short video of the machine in action to give you all more than just a verbal description of what this is like.


  1. fearsome looking. glad you enjoyed.

    think of texas chain saw movies the crazy chasing folks with the saw. revving its engine. the domme revs the saw to full blast the sub gulps in fear and tries to hide.

    with past posts about skin color is there any significance to the color of the dildo / vibrator? just the color it came in?

    1. Was never a big fan of the Texas Chainsaw movies, but I get your point. This is a bit different and I see the mechanical aspect as more of a means to an end rather than a fetish thing in and of itself. I know some people fetishize machines and I guess I could if we were talking an android or something, but to me this was just one more tool in the box, only this time it was a power tool.

      The color is the one it came in but I do like black toys for no other reason than I like black and for anal toys black can mask the occasional 'sin'.

  2. Glad you found a way to control the saw speed. Mine does not do that, but then I only use it for cutting wood, of the kind that came from trees of course


    1. I wish there was a better method because the zip tie is very hit-or-miss and being able to change the speed in mid-session on a whim would be nice......and there are machines like that, but given the frequency with which it would be used by us, it's not worth the investment. For our purposes this worked just fine.