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Monday, July 19, 2021

Coming soon....

Here we are again at "busy Monday". I can't really do justice to anything that has been going on in the time I have today, but later this week.......perhaps as early as tomorrow...... I will get into some interesting topics.

One, which has been hinted at before, is the "pegging machine" adventure which had been on hold for the right time and finally took place on Sunday.

My homemade pegging machine. This finally got used, and it felt more like it used me!

There are some other things as well, probably at least enough for four posts, so stay tuned, gang. 


  1. A power saw! Er, didn't it go a little fast? Or did you find a way to slow it down a bit?


    1. I'll go into more detail soon, but yes, it is an adjustable speed saw and I found a way to set the speed to one that suited the situation. Good question.

  2. OUCH. that looks like some serious fun!

  3. I had a friend -- 'had' instead of 'have' because he is no longer among the living -- who did interesting things with dremmel tools.

    Nothing _quite_ that large though, I don't think.


    1. Autocorrect is an asshole.


    2. I own a Dremel for my hobby work, but that just spins. I needed something with an "in/out" motion, hence the jigsaw.

      Autocorrect can be ducking annoying at times. ;-)