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Tuesday, July 13, 2021


In looking over the past posts for this blog…...something I do periodically…..I realized that due to the timing of when Rosa and I got Covid, there was never any initiation of the year-end tradition* of inviting Ana, Nickki, and Marta to either directly deal with any open behavior issues of mine, or issue a number to Rosa to act on the behalf of the person making the request. ( could I forget something so important?)

This is the condition of my rear after the very first "Year-end Punishment" spanking in 2017, part of several from the three "committee members". This one, coincidentally was also from Marta, delivered by Rosa. The tradition has continued ever since!

So I mentioned this to Ana one day as an observation and also to say that ‘well, it’s so late in the year, I guess we just give 2020 a pass’. But Ana disagreed and thought that a belated punishment is just as good as if we did it back in January. ( Ana would just let a year's worth of (mis)behavior slide?)

I asked her if she would want to participate then, annnnnd of course she wanted to weigh in. ( Ana would pass up an opportunity to have my buns toasted?)

But I will go into more detail on Ana and her input in another post.

The next person I contacted was Nickki via text…...though this has not yet been fully resolved due to some personal issues Nickki is dealing with involving houseguests and stress. So, no “duh” on this one… least not yet. Although if there's any question that once things are resolved that Nickki would be reluctant to address my behavior with her paddle.....well duh to THAT!

And then there is Marta. I never know where Marta is going to be on stuff like this but I actually had the opportunity to discuss this with her on a phone call a while back that initially was about getting together on that particular evening. Did Marta want “in” as well? (duh)....of course she did! In fact, she was the first to respond (minutes later) with a number that Rosa and her subsequently teased me about that evening! She also wants a picture of the end result. (duh)

Despite the frequent 'duhs', only in retrospect have I been able to clearly perceive the “duh”-factor that was definitely there all along. I sometimes feel like my interest is an imposition to others who don't personally LIVE the lifestyle. Neither Ana nor Marta, nor even Nickki actually do discipline spanking in their personal lives. However, I think Marta and Nickki would if their circumstances were a little different and I believe Nickki even tried it a bit experimentally. Ana loves control and authority and she would likely be able to do this if she chose to, but it's just not her thing on that level.....although she seems very comfortable having such authority over me. And yet, despite my occasional concerns, it seems that my worries are unfounded. Each lady seems more than happy to participate in this tradition. That willingness always surprises me.

That same day I not only sent Marta a texted red “love” heart to show I appreciated her involvement, but I let her know that due to her lightning quick acceptance of the punishment tradition and minutes later issuance of a number, I was going to symbolically acknowledge her authority by making a pitcher of whatever cocktail she chose for that evening. (She and I joked about the red heart potentially matching the end result of her numerous spanks and she formally chose her namesake drink: “Marta’s Melons”..... a cocktail of rum, melon liqueur, sour mix, and pineapple juice )

Unfortunately, timing and circumstance postponed the execution of Marta's punishment for quite a while. Marta herself, without any prompting, asked at least twice if we had done it yet and we had to explain that we hadn't. Well, all that changed Sunday, and Rosa gave me the FULL AMOUNT** in one ...........well I am loathe to say 'sitting' since sitting was the last thing on my mind afterwards, so let's just go with...........session. As per Marta's instructions, the spanking was crisp and lengthy, but not severe. Certainly not as severe as the recent requested spanking for my overindulgence (see this month's "Self Discipline" post for more details on that one). 

Here are a couple more post-spanking shots:

Ouch! Color, soreness, swelling, and even those telltale 'dryspots' one gets after a lengthy whacking. I wore these panties for the spanking. Ain't I just adorable? LOLOL

Another shot sans frillies, just prior to a shower. Not a great image unfortunately.

And one last one......................many hours later...... after a long, cooling dip in our pool. The colors faded only ever-so-much and lasted for a while. (Those lines are from the chair I was sitting on prior to changing out of my swimsuit and not marks from any implement.)

We have as yet not informed Marta that her punishment has been carried out, but I'm sure we will have an opportunity soon.

* The year-end punishment tradition goes back to January of 2017 and I will link that post as the "Featured Post" visible in the right margin of this blog page when viewed in "web view" or on a laptop.

** I will withhold the actual number for just a day or so longer so anyone still wishing to guess can enter their bid. 


  1. The year ends in July. These truly are strange times


  2. I agree we don't want to impose our interests on others, yet it does seem like most people are quite happy to know a intimate secret about their friends. And given time to get comfortable with the idea, to participate - at least vicariously.
    Congrats on the discipline - I like your standing nude photo - it does remind me of me, sometimes!

    1. Thank you, it doesn't surprise me that we might have more than a few things in common. ;-)

    2. We are both fans of the arts, the sciences, tasty libations, and harsh domestic punishment!

    3. All true. We even share some quirks within the quirk like having an affinity for seemingly "unfair" spankings. ;-)

    4. Hi kd,
      To clarify, you have two different posters - I'm CK - there's a Crimson Kid who signs as C.K. (not me, don't know him) To make things more cofusing, I usually sign as CrimsonKing over on disciplinedhubbies. All good as long as you know - you can delete this when you read it.

    5. Thanks for clarifying. I did indeed think this time I was talking to Crimson Kid, whom I've known for years. But I do know you too and I do see how you sign in as "anonymous" and he has a nick. I will try to remember that going forward.

      Now as long as Louis CK doesn't show up we should be fine. ;-)