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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer

And what would Summer least for me......without warm, Summer morning toes? Here are a few shots from this weekend:

It's no secret I love feet. Any reader here has seen ample proof of that. In fact while Rosa's "o's" can come from all sorts of attentions and directions, my o's nearly always occur with either her toes in my mouth or as grateful kisses are repeatedly layered upon her soles. But what of Rosa? Does she just grudgingly indulge my kink like a good, loving spouse, or does she love the sensations of both pedicures and worship sessions?

These shots came about when I woke to find Rosa's feet thrust up onto my face. (what a way to start one's day!) She didn't speak, but her intent was pretty clear as she pressed her soles against my lips as she read through the morning messages on her phone.

Other times she just flat-out asks for "diggin' in" on her "mushrooms" (two very personal terms of hers that few would understand, but are clear to me). Essentially this just means she wants me to groom her nails and buff out any rough spots on her soles or heels.....of which she only ever has a scant amount. 

So I think the evidence points to a strong desire for "foot-stuff" in Rosa as well. She is also quite proud of her feet, since they not only have a natural cuteness of their own, but which have also benefitted tremendously from the near-constant attention they receive. While Rosa is in her mid-40's, she has the feet of a healthy 20-year-old!

One reason, besides the obvious care and grooming, is something I intend to take full credit for: despite my submissive role, I adamantly imposed my own rule on her adorable little toes: NO NAIL POLISH!  ( other than a temporary coat for something like a wedding or other formal affair, which even then I try to dissuade, and which is promptly removed soon after the event has passed) As a result her nails, as you can see, look like a French Pedicure naturally! Her nails breathe, and remain healthy. My "diggin' in" removes any buildup in her cuticles or under her nails so that she has never had even a passing bout of that unfortunate fungus that turns supple, pink nails into thick, little plates resembling seashells on a shoreline. 

Simply put, Rosa's feet are not merely attractive appendages, but a kind of living symbol of her power......a power to be indulged, to be obeyed, to punish, and to be alluringly elevated.

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