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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Marta's Actual 'Recipe'


Hopefully everyone who wanted a turn got their guess in by now.

So what what went into the making of this poor boy's bottom? ( I've mentioned before that when I see H-Bum's art, I find it difficult to not see myself as the boy depicted, despite ages and even physical differences and I am using this image to represent my sorry self after Marta's punishment.)


But here is the actual image......
....and the "recipe"

(as provided by Marta, and executed by Rosa)
2 small, pale, doughy 'buns'
1 hard paddle for 'mixing'
Using the paddle, beat the 'bun dough' 500 times until a deep red color is achieved and the buns feel hot and no longer doughy.
Baking time:
No baking need. The beating process will generate its own heat!

Well there you have it, folks: 500! To my calculations the two closest guesses were sissysnow's estimate of 648 ( 148 over) and CK's guess of 350 (150 under). Since this is NOT "The Price is Right" and I made no stipulation about 'going over', the closest answer is sissysnow' just TWO whacks! 

As such, all high praise and adulation is bestowed unto you, Sissy! And a strong runner's up amount of same said praise to you, CK! When it comes to beaten bottoms you two are obviously ASS-tute. >groan< LOL. 

Soon I will be posting about Ana's contribution to the belated year-end tradition, and I assure you all that her number will make Marta's look like a soft, friendly kiss-on-the-cheek (or cheeks). As of today, Ana has not shared the number with Rosa......which she will do via text this this weekend according to a text I got from her this morning, since she is not home to hand deliver her usual written "Discipline Slip". She HAS informed me of the amount and the reasons behind it, and that indeed will be a juicy topic for another day. I don't want to get too deeply into this though, because while Rosa has never dismissed a request from her daughter, I don't like to presume that it could never happen. So I will likely not write about this until Rosa has seen Ana's text and approved it. 

Meanwhile, I have been talking with Nickki and she is soon to be back to having privacy in her home. A lot of time has gone by since I've last been wriggling under her paddle and stuff has definitely piled up into a daunting backlog, with the "proxy" punishment likely taking up a large percentage. I also get the feeling that the tension she has been experiencing is eager for an outlet and I do believe spanking my poor little bottom is going to be a good part of her restorative therapy! But again, I'm not going to count chickens....or bun-whacks.....until things are solidified. 


  1. Congrats to sissysnow, oh, and I thought I was going over the top with that 150!
    Also, ouch, and to think the next "recipe" will be much harder than this one!
    And, I'm sure you probably mentioned this before, so I hope it won't be a repetitive question, but does Ana know how those high-number spankings actually feel like, or look like, as in: Did she witness her mother delivering them so she can gauge how painful they can be? (I can't help but think that the abstraction can allow her to suggest something much more severe than she intend it to be, and that can mess with a fair assessment to a degree.)

    Thank you for the post, and the mini-NOT-the-price-is-right!

    1. Ana is an exceptional person whose relationship with me is also atypical at best. My recommendation would be to visit the post series "Inside a DD Family" for a bit of an insight into this amazing young lady. In fact, there are countless inclusions of Ana here. Consider visiting via a laptop one day (or week LOL) and scrolling back through our many adventures and interactions....and participations!

      And you're welcome, thanks for commenting and playing along.

  2. my wife promises me 148 with the riding crop as reward for winning. she says she will wear her riding boots. once i see those i will melt and all else is lost.

    i did guess to high tho.

    1. Sounds to me like you won twice! Congratulations on winning and on earning such a befitting prize! (I'm jealous!)

  3. i had a pair of knickers that look exactly like the one in your pic! I wonder if it's one more thing we have in common - taste in undies? LOL

    1. Possibly? I doubt your had a pouch in front, but I believe these pouch panties are modified from other pairs, so you could be spot on.

      >wink< as for commonality.....have you spanked in them? ;-)

  4. Well, I only got as close as I did (at 350 still off by 150 swats) because someone else had earlier taken my preferred guess of 300 even.

    It's somewhat like being an Olympic silver medalist, but what the heck, I'll take what I can get--possibly I can end up getting my bare behind spousally whipped with a riding crop too... --C.K.

    1. You can always try. Maybe since you feel you only came in second by luck, you can seek punishment rather than reward? ;-)

    2. LOL!!

      Or a playful bare-ass whipping as a reward for winning the 'silver medal,' followed by a strict one as the punishment for missing out on the first-place 'gold.'

      Who remembers Lutz Long anyway...?? --C.K.

    3. I had to look him up. Interesting story that I only vaguely remember and certainly not with the detail of the person's name. Now I know.