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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Mr. Glass

About a week ago we had a friend over who has been here several times and whose company we enjoy despite some differences here and there. For the sake of this piece I will simply refer to him as “Mr. Glass” due not to having brittle bones a la “Unbreakable”, but because he is an avid collector of Depression Glass and other collectible antiques. 

Not this Mr. Glass.

Mr. Glass is my age and is similar in height and build. He works with Rosa, and it was there that they became friends and then progressed into an invited regular here.  At one point in the evening Mr. Glass informed us in a serious tone that he had something personal to share that he felt was long overdue. He then proceeded to inform us that he was Gay. 

Besides good company, a major highlight of any visit from Mr. Glass is his tradition of bringing "Show and Tell". This last time it was a set of various "watermelon" Depression Glass pieces. They were so beautiful a tear formed in my eye!

Now, to be honest, this was not shocking news to either of us, but we also didn’t want to appear too nonchalant, so we acted just slightly more surprised than we actually were. Naturally we encouraged Mr. Glass to say everything on his mind, and the conversation was slow, determined, and candid. As the conversation went on, Mr. Glass revealed some personal tribulations he had long ago coming out to his mother. He was really baring his soul to us and so I decided that I would not let him feel too far afield and mentioned that mothers can really surprise you in BOTH directions, and said something about the time I had ‘come out’ to my mother and how she surprised me in the opposite way.

No sooner than I said it Mr. Glass looked at me quizzically and asked what I meant about ‘coming out’. With a look of "isn't it obvious?", I told him that I of course meant my kinky lifestyle..... which I just assumed he was by now well aware of by seeing some of the things we have out in the open in our house and based on how open Rosa is.  I just figured she had probably said something at some point to him, since she has to others. But Mr. Glass assured me he was quite unaware of this fact.

A framed print of this image, albeit small, is very clearly and openly hanging in our living room where we do most of our entertaining. It is right above the main "guest chair" and is in no way difficult to find or figure out. ANY visitor can see it and make their own assumptions......or ask.

Well, I then realized I had just ‘come out’ as well! I turned to Rosa and since I was about to make another round of drinks, let her explain to the degree she wished. Rosa did just that, since as I said, she is not shy about talking about our lifestyle to select people, and Mr. Glass was certainly not someone she was going to embarrassed to tell. I could hear her filling him in on the essentials as I mixed our concoctions and upon returning filled in some gaps and explained what I saw as the biggest difference between just being kinky and into roleplay or BDSM and taking that to the point of DD where real behavior is the focus. Mr. Glass was certainly intrigued and asked questions to fully understand our situation.

This too is right out in the open. As you can see here it can't be missed by anyone coming from our kitchen into our dining or living areas. The plaque above is pretty clear about this spoon's intent. I find it amazing how many people have walked right by this thing a hundred times and never seemed to notice what it was really about. 

Rosa naturally had little reason to be hesitant in explaining her role, motivations, goals, and her overall belief in the benefits of our lifestyle. She explained how doling out a good spanking helped her release her frustrations with me and also how she used spanking as a management tool for domestic harmony across the board. 

She even got into her background explaining how her culture's attitudes towards male and female interaction never fit her own personality, but with me she found the missing elements that had either been kept from her before or explained away as an aberration.  All her life people were telling her what to do and how to behave while she had her own ideas of things and now she finally had someone willing to listen to her and the fit felt natural. Having just admitted to being homosexual, Mr. Glass quickly seized on that topic of not fitting in and said he thought that what Rosa was saying....and now doing as a result.... made perfect sense.

And it was in that regard, one where domestic harmony was her main goal rather than just being bossy or cruel, that freed up her darker side to employ methods like spanking without guilt. She explained that spanking lets her deal with things personally and emphatically without any real risk of serious injury. It lets her blow off steam while teaching me a lesson therefore being mutually beneficial, direct, and even versatile. To illustrate this versatility, she brought up how she even used ‘preventive spankings’ to ensure the behavior she expected from me in social situations and even mentioned two specific instances where she spanked me before going out with others so that I had a tangible tingling reminder to behave burned right into my butt as I sat.  Since Mr. Glass initially speculated that all of this was quirky sexplay, he found those examples quite illuminating...obviously bespeaking of something quite other than playing “teacher and the student who forgot their homework”.

When I spoke I explained that our lifestyle did not mean we were like a Mistress and slave (since that was a question he specifically asked) although Rosa certainly enjoyed added perks as a result of being the dominant partner. With behavior I explained that in a relationship fault can lie with either partner and that Rosa was not automatically the winner in every argument or that I had to defer to every whim she came up with, but that the biggest difference was that she could address her own faults with an apology whereas I could expect that any apology of mine could well be followed by a serious spanking.  I said that a Mistress/slave relationship took its appeal from making the submissive party truly powerless.  Though I did confess to the impact of being an adult substantially older than his spouse and  being confronted when admittedly guilty of something and then having Rosa confidently lead me to our room for a trip over her lap. And since it's how this revelation came about, I told him now more specifically of my mother’s full awareness of this fact and her subsequent endorsement of Rosa’s role......pretty much telling me that this sounded fine to her and that I should trust Rosa and if my behavior meant getting a spanking then so be it. 

When someone says "kink" or "spank" to a vanilla person, this is the default image that pops up. Oddly enough, as kinky as we are, we probably look more like the birdwatchers we are, rather than extreme costumed BDSMers. (Not that we don't have a few items that fit that bill as well. LOL)

And that was another point I made clear: while we did enjoy kink and play and even discussed the very rare instances of roleplay we did engage in for sexy fun, this aspect...the DD part, which is also not common even among BDSM/spank-folks...... was not truly sexual and he admitted he was gathering that. As such it was rare for me to feel sexy after a punishment and Rosa assured him this was absolutely true and that afterwards I always acted in a very deferential and obedient manner rather than some randy horndog now ready for sizzling hoompty. By the time we moved onto other topics, Mr. Glass knew just the extent of how we lived.

The DD reality is much more like this: regular clothes (or lack thereof) and a simple implement resulting is seriously sore bottom upon which to contemplate one's transgressions.

At the time I was glad we were sharing things and felt it might make Mr. Glass feel less solitary or strange in his own confession and in that vein I believe that happened. But after a few days I began to realize what I admitted to. I’m sure Rosa will interact with her friend with either a similar air or perhaps with a touch of pride at having been revealed to be a dominant force and woman with authority and the confidence to act on it. But I am wondering what our next get together will be like for me? My social self is very out there and dynamic. I also come across as being quite on top of things and also a kind of force to be reckoned with in my own right…...only now Mr. Glass will always know just HOW I am sometimes reckoned with! Given how things went, the logical part of me thinks this will not be any big deal. I think I would have gotten that vibe that night if Mr. Glass seemed disdainful rather than intrigued, but one never knows. 

One thing is certainly true: after that night I can’t imagine Mr. Glass having any illusions over how things are handled in our home and more specifically, how his work buddy and good friend handles ME.

Perhaps the image Mr. Glass now carries with him about Rosa?


  1. wow. this blog post certainly trumps all the annoying covid news I seem to never be able to get away from.

    how interesting that you accidentally came out on the same day he did. I guess that might have made him feel a bit better about outing himself.

    i'm sure i would be slightly relieved to know that i wasn't the only one with a "secret".

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for this particular response. I kind of needed to hear something like this today. Comments lately have been getting to me. Not yours, per se, but others I've read in other places. It was truly refreshing to read something that related to the specific intent of a post and had some substance.

  2. Sounds like you have more success at coming out than me. When I told my family, they just dismissed what I said. Apparently, I am not the type. Makes me wonder what their idea of "The type" is?


    1. That sounds very discouraging. I don't know how you went about it, but I do think that having such a admission 'dismissed' must be disheartening. Still, people do tend to tell us who THEY are when they staunchly tell us who WE are, regardless of whether they are accurate in their assessment.

  3. I often wonder how beneficial and relieving it would be to tell some collective good friends about our 'link but would just never have the courage to do it like you did KD , slough your friend did give you the perfect opportunity to do so after his own admission.
    We have one good friend who I believe has an idea about our arrangement due to some vague but leading comments my wife made to her.
    If the right opportunity came up I might take the plunge.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. You're welcome, Glen. Having some fear and reluctance is natural. I only overcame the initial reluctance with experience. And as I have written before, there are cautious ways I'd recommend doing it. Perhaps that would be a good post one day?

    2. Hi KD,
      Maybe you have shared about your initial experiences with sharing, as well as cautious ways you would recommend to do it, but if so somehow I have missed reading it or forgotten. I envy you for your level of openness you have achieved, and would love to hear your tips, even though I am pretty sure that we would never take it as far if for no other reason than the ultra-traditional country in which we live.


    3. ZM: I will do a short post on it since it's really not overly complicated. It's as simple as knowing your audience in terms of receptivity and potential threat, and then sending out feelers no different than if you wanted to talk about politics or religion and tested the waters before diving right in.

      In fact, that would be the essence of my post in a couple of sentences. ;-)