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Sunday, August 29, 2021

Illuminated Manuscript Parody

Recently Erica posted a clever song parody on her blog (go check it out), and it seemed bizarrely coincidental since I had just done a parody of my own merely a week before in preparation for the upcoming RenFaire. I was going to wait until after the Faire to post it and then realized there was no reason I had to do that. It's not like it gives away anything clue-oriented for the games that day. It's just an added "acquisition" for the Azurton-Ochershire Museum. 

This is an older shot of the museum. There have been a few acquisitions since this was taken with this year's 'discovery' merely the latest.

And here......for the first curator of the Azurton-Ochershire Museum, I am proud to present a significant historical discovery:

A Single, Unbound Page containing the lyrics to “Loopy in the Soup with Dumplings”, transcribed and illuminated by an unknown monk, circa 1483. (Ink, egg tempera, and gold leaf on linen paper)

While the original lyrics to ‘Loopy in the Soup with Dumplings’ were tragically lost to the rigors of digestion, it turns out that a monk with great recollection, who must have also been present for its premiere performance, or knew the song well from its later popularity, did what any good monk would do and went back to his monastery and secretly transcribed the lyrics onto an illuminated manuscript from memory. Naturally, given the bizarre, secular nature of the piece, he kept it well hidden. Only during a recent restoration to the monastery, was the page found, perfectly preserved, in a cavity behind a loose stone in what was likely that monk’s cell. It is also notable that the older, cheaper linen rag paper was used rather than vellum, further suggesting this particular project was done in secret and personally-motivated. 

We know from other accounts that the song contained other stanzas besides this one, and we do not know why only this single page was completed and no others. Perhaps the monk could not find enough private time to risk transcribing more, or perhaps he became ill or died before he could continue? It is also unfortunate that this particular monk was apparently not gifted musically, and therefore was unable to include the notes. We can still only guess at the melody, but at least whoever he was, he possessed the wisdom to understand the importance of a piece that would have otherwise been lost completely. 

With this find, we are closer to understanding the influence of ergot on those four minstrels from Liverpool and the song’s influence on those who heard it, and are therefore grateful not only to those minstrels for writing it, but this unknown brother who had the foresight to transcribe it.

Here is a closer view so you can read the lyrics more easily:

The obvious intent here is to parody the Beatles' "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds". A while back I wrote a fake history explaining how this came about and also how the original had been lost when subsequent musicians ate the soup-stained document in order to share in the psychedelic vision (remember "blotter acid"?) .

The illustrations depict a musician with a bowl of soup whose rising steam appears like something from a Medieval Peter Max. The top scene depicts the mean fellow being showered, and yes, there is some double entendre here because the shower is tinted with gold. It's not meant to be literally a golden shower though....just a little playful ambiguity to those comically inclined. And just to be clear to those who might easily assume the whacky wheat is doing some whacking to the "buns of great size"'s not. The curvy wheat was only meant to parody the common use of scrolling vegetation in actual manuscripts and offer the bared maiden a bit of modesty. (While naughty, the RenFaire IS a family venture and exposed female genitals are a bit too much in my opinion). If anything, given the lyrics, the fellow cooking for her is obviously trying to please her or appease her, not beat her, only to be abandoned ("and she's gone") with his soup. There is also a little implied desire for analingus rather than spanking, which touches on a rather comical scene from Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales". Sorry to disappoint.

The middle illustration is simply the ghastly green peas, liver, and pie mentioned at the beginning. The last inset at the bottom right is not directly related to the lyrics but refers to a lute.....a reference to "John the Lutist" one of the Liverpool minstrels, the ergot-tainted wheat which prompted the whole thing, and a bizarre birdlike creature which, frankly was just supposed to be a kind of Boschian hallucination and nothing literal.

I did use gold paint for some accents, but unfortunately the photos don't convey its shimmer all that well, and the gold accents just look light yellowish-brown.


Thursday, August 26, 2021


Today I am going to use strictly images from my own private collection. I am doing this to not just illustrate today's topic, but also give an idea of what specifically makes it into my stash. Recently I wrote about "Kieffer/Rebecca" and how she kind of was an exception ....albeit a brief my inclination towards INACCESSIBILITY. Today I am going to elaborate on that notion of finding appeal in the unattainable. 

Given the appeal of porn, I often wonder how many others look at it as I do? For example, for you guys out there, what are your thoughts when seeing something like this?

I imagine some may be imagining various sexual romps or perhaps, given your decision to visit here, something more kinky. But my main question really is targeted at whether in your fantasy or imagination you end up doing something with this person?

I know among vanilla guys, that answer is pretty consistent and direct.....since they have told me so. A regular guys sees a sexy cutie and his thoughts go towards what he envisions doing to or with her. Not me.

My situation seems as different from theirs as can possibly be imagined. 

1: I am not free to engage in ANYTHING sexually without permission. I can look, think, ponder, or whatever else falls well shy of touching......and most certainly not orgasming. 

2: Even with Rosa, my own wife who loves me dearly, nothing is guaranteed and my releases are her decision, not mine. 

Definitely not us, but the sentiment is the same......even if mechanical devices are employed less often now. Rosa is totally confident that her authority is sufficient to ensure my compliance.

3: Over time and with a lot of constant control, I have come to eroticize "not having".

and of course 4: I have ED which has progressed over time and multiple operations to a point of impossibility. Meaning, even WITHOUT restriction, there wouldn't be much I could do in that department at least. (My tongue still works pretty well though. LOL)

So what role does porn play for me? Well, since I am free to look at it, and I am also given permission to tease pretty generously, I will use it almost like anyone else would......except I know that when things seem close to that delicious verge, rather than complete the process, I must stop. And that has resulted in me gravitating towards images that either overtly or subtly reinforce my situation.

Her 'devil horns' make me think she KNOWS I'm looking at her but can't use her cuteness to masturbate to completion and she finds it empowering. She's the temptress obliged to give away nothing more than she wishes. I am the epitome of a guy rendered powerless to exploit.

Now the internet is full of captioned images that cater to guys who want to feel demeaned or teased by some aloof temptress with no intention of engaging with them, and while my tastes are similar they aren't as fueled by cruelty as much as casual indifference. I think it's why I like younger models. Not only are they nice to look at, but their age reinforces the separation between us. Whereas I could appeal to someone of my own age, it is highly unlikely some 20-something is going to have any interest at all. 

I love the hourglass shape of this lovely lady, but in my mind I can see her as attainable, even with my limitations. I don't suffer from low self esteem and figure that I have enough to offer to compensate for my age and ED, so when I DO look at someone like this, I have to work a bit harder to convince myself that they wouldn't be at all interested in me. So, to make her more of an impossibility, I assume she is a woman for whom intercourse is paramount and therefore, even if tempted, would never be happy with someone with my limitations.

But THIS perky young thing is clearly unattainable for someone my age. And her confident expression only adds to the distance. She ceases to be any kind of goal and instead remains an attractive source of frustration and reminder of what I could never have. 

Lesbian imagery works well in that regard also. I seem to gravitate towards images where the subject is appealing to me, but whose age, look, demeanor, proclivity, or whatever else clearly conveys a lack of interest in me. Even in real life, having one of my bosses be a Lesbian is equally powerful in terms of feeling that typical avenues for most others are securely closed to me.....not just by virtue, but hard fact.  

I've shown this before, since it is a favorite of mine. To me the girl on the right is saying, "you can look all you want, old man. I know she looks good so I love showing her off. But she's mine and you can't have her."

This is not to say these are the only types of images I seek or collect. I also like things that amuse me in a titillating way, or which feature kinky things I find cool. But even then I still feel removed from the subject, not engaged with it.

Could you imagine my own collection NOT having a sizable library of feet?
I love this shot. You can keep the images of painted toenails, and glam tootsies. Give me some everyday feet: neat, clean, and naturally pretty in their casualness. BUT......even looking at these, with no face to convey attitude, I still see myself as being permitted to "look but don't touch"......with "....and NO o's!" as the understood foundation of the arrangement.

I am interested in hearing from folks on this one....ladies too. What are your thoughts about erotic imagery being used for the opposite of what I think is its usual intent: wank fodder for personal gratification, and instead encouraging frustration through heightened denial, both in practice and in the interpreted perception of the image? Kind of like this:

This checks ALL of the boxes!
1: It's obviously an intentional selfie and not industry porn, meaning the young lady is clearly doing this because she wants to. She hasn't been caught by accident, or shot by a boyfriend and posted against her will.
2: her smile tells me she's having fun.
3: she's her belly.
4: she's young enough to add quite a bit of distance between herself and me in terms of perceived accessibility
5: her smile is ambiguous enough to allow me to easily imagine it's for me  and my particular situation. In other words, she may have taken this shot to titillate.......... realizing guys may end up jerking off to her image, but causing frustration without release is even more amusing to her.

If you're female, does that sort of situation have an appeal? Would you be more pleased knowing someone was masturbating to your charms, or knowing you titillated and rendered someone feverish yet unfulfilled? As a guy, is porn your gateway to private satisfaction? Or something else? (I also changed the Featured Post to one which relates to today's topic that I wrote a long time back.)

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Not news

Today's title is one of those lucky examples of when one phrase can mean two things and yet each be accurate. In this case it is certainly not news to say that what passes for journalism today is not news.

During the reign of King Donald I, I spoke out often enough to lead many in the American "Red Guard" to assume I was a flag-waving member of the "Blue Guard". I hope today's post clears that up. Prior to Trump one of my main critical targets was the news media. However, when a lover of freedom and democracy is faced with a ruler (sorry I refuse to call him a 'president' because that would imply some sort of adherence to Constitutional order) whose disdain of the media is equal to his own......but for very different reasons, it is hard not to stick up for the bastards. Suggesting that journalists be jailed for writing things a ruler doesn't like because they are not flattering, is ..........well..........FUCKING SCARY! So, I had to put down my acid-filled pen and rather than deride these lazy bastards, stick up for them. Thank goodness, those days are at least on hold!

MY issue with the media is their utter lack of unbiased, fact-based exposition of subjects in favor instead of telling me what I'm supposed to think. The way news is supposed to work is that a journalist gets wind of an important current event, and then researches the topic, and then uses their writing skill to succinctly inform us of what is going on in a way that isn't biased with their own opinion of the matter. Opinions are reserved for "editorials"......which are valid expressions but clearly labelled as opinions. It should not matter whether I turn to a Fox story or a CNN one. The two stories SHOULD seem nearly identical if the two journalists were truly journalists and not partisan propagandists. 

Recently I have seen articles about topics I am genuinely interested in, but reading them did as much to inform me as a documentary on the Discovery Channel. One issue in particular that I saw more than one similar article on is the recent concern over passing "restrictive voting measures", particularly in Texas.  The headline warned me that such a dastardly thing was imminent, and yet, upon reading each article from beginning to end, at no point ANYWHERE did the author tell me JUST WHAT THE FUCK THE PROPOSED MEASURES WERE! Instead they tried to scare me with what they would result in and how others felt about it. HOW ABOUT JUST TELL ME SPECIFICALLY WHAT THE PROPOSALS ARE, AND LET ME DECIDE HOW I FEEL ABOUT THEM?

Another issue is Afghanistan. I am not an unquestioning red or blue lockstep marcher. I like to think for myself but I am not an expert in foreign policy and would expect that a person PAID to inform me, would DO THEIR FUCKING JOB AND DO SO. I don't care how this makes Biden look. I don't care who agrees or who doesn't. I don't care about anything other than wanting an unbiased analysis of what we were trying to do there and why we are no longer trying to do that. Period.

These are just two recent examples, but to be honest, it's the same story for every story. When the stories were coming out on racial police brutality or excess, why was it so hard to find out what actually happened? When a new study is released, where is the clear delineation of the facts of the finding? Why is so much time devoted to uninformed third party opinions? If an accusation is made, where is the rebuttal from the accused? 

But, my exasperation with news is not unlike my frustration with politics, and unfortunately the same culprit is to blame for both: the American people. They encouraged news to be trivial, biased, and flashy. All the outlets did was what any commercial venture does: target their product to their audience. So if you are a proud member of the Red Guard, you have what you want. When you are done worshipping at your Trump shrine, you can turn on Fox and watch your heroes bash the other side while accomplishing nothing. And if you're a Blue Guard Twittermonger, in between thought-policing people's speech,  you can click on CNN and see the polar opposite.....with just as much being accomplished. Yay you! Why would either side want to waste their time learning actual facts when they can just go straight to the battle lines armed with the slogans already neatly provided?

Unfortunately there are WAY more Reds and Blues who fuel this partisan machine than folks like me who would like to make up our own minds on each issue and would prefer intelligent, problem-solving compromise to vitriol. Too bad vitriol sells so well. And besides, researching a topic is hard work for a journalist, and then reading it to a point of comprehension takes some concentration on our part as well. Who needs to bother with all that? Isn't life hard enough, what with your cell phone signal going out at times, or your Amazon delivery being delayed, or Alexa misunderstanding what you just asked for from your couch?

And isn't there plenty to worry about without adding more? I mean, when we will finally get serious about things that really affect us? Like......................................................................................................................................................whether LeVar Burton gets to host Jeopardy?
(Did you think I was going to say the environmental fate of our planet and the risk to our very survival as a species? Why? That's too bleak, and there's nothing we can do about it, and hey......I heard it's all a hoax anyway, and I heard that on the NEWS so it must be true!)

Friday, August 20, 2021

Hot Stock

When I first began babysitting my grandson on Mondays, I tried every trick I could manage to make the long drive less boring. One unexpected treat presented itself in the least likely form: a model on a billboard for a local appliance store. I can't say that this was anything I experienced before, but I began to look forward to that billboard each trip, sometimes straining to catch a glimpse or cursing some truck that obscured it from view. 

The name of the store is "Kieffer's" and so, not knowing much else, I began to refer to the young lady pictured as "Kieffer". As I got to the stretch of highway adorned with her image, I'd think, "where's my Kieffer?" or "oh goody! I'll be seeing Kieffer soon." My mind conjured her back story and I wondered if I searched somehow, if I'd be able to find out who she was in reality. Since she wasn't glamorous, but just perky-cute and very 'girl-next-door', I wondered if given the limited resources of a mom&pop appliance store, whether she might be their daughter or some member of the team or family. She became something of an obsession......albeit a limited one, confined just to that weekly drive. But ON that drive, she was my special treat.

Being kinky, I don't fantasize about sex. Imagining some frolic in tangled sheets with genitals doing what everyone knows they were designed for, doesn't even enter my mind. Instead I think about the person in detached terms and conjure up scenarios for roles to play out. So too with Kieffer. Under what strange circumstances would she become another authoritarian in my life? What possible rationale would place me across her lean lap for a spanking that triggered that wide, toothy, open smile of hers? What situation would see her inserting her toes into my mouth? I had no desire to fuck her. Hell, I wasn't even interested in seeing her naked..............although a few devotional butt-smooches would certainly have an appeal. No, Kieffer was just my special fantasy-fodder for a long drive. 

When the billboard changed, I frowned at my loss, and then cheered as I passed her reappearance in a different location. Realizing with this change that my days with Kieffer could well be numbered, for the first time I took my obsession home with me and began to search the store's website to see if my "family member theory" might be true. It wasn't. Then, several weeks later, while cruising images for a post I still have not completed, I stumbled across this entirely by accident:

IT WAS HER!!!!!! And she seemingly changed her mind about 'spanking'. I only hoped it was in favor....for fellow adults. LOL

Now that I had an image online, I changed my search parameters and after a few disappointing dead ends, hit the jackpot. Soon I had several images........and a name: REBECCA ARIANE GIVENS. With a name, further exploration was simplicity itself and the first hit turned out to be an article on her: (click for link to article)  and then even an interview: (click link for interview).

Not a glam model, but prolific!

As it turned out my 'girl-next-door' was anything but. A nutritionist and health advocate born to mixed ethnicity parents, Rebecca is considered THE top "stock model" of our day. And despite only having seen her in that billboard, she is said to be everywhere. To be truthful, this information ruined my image of her as a nobody with a darling smile. And now that I know the truth, Rebecca has lost much of her appeal. Don't get me wrong, I still think she's adorable as all hell, but the fact that she's no longer my little discovery but a world-wide sensation, has kind of removed her from that special little fantasy of perceived accessibility. 

And yet, INACCESSIBILITY is usually a big thing with me! (This is a topic I have been giving a lot of thought to lately and I think it deserves a post all its own when I have my thoughts properly collected.) I am not sure why it feels different with Ms. Givens. I only know it was easy for me to think all sorts of delicious little kink-thoughts about my 'Kieffer' which now don't flow as smoothly with Rebecca.

I got schooled too. 

While this may sound a little creepy, it should come as no great surprise to any regular here that when I see a woman, I automatically find myself picturing what her feet look like based solely on her face, and sometimes hands.* (I know a lot of guys see a female and picture them naked, and I'm not immune to that either, but as someone who took a LOT of figure drawing, it's actually too easy for me to do that and therefore less appealing than guessing what kind of toes they are hiding.) And the weird thing is, that for whatever reason, I'm actually pretty good at it. Often, it isn't difficult to see someone, either in photos or in real life with enough foot showing to tell me whether my speculations were on target, close, or way off. Unfortunately, while I have my theories on Rebecca's wiggly piggies, the only shot I could find of her barefoot was this one:

Can't tell much from this, but I'm still pretty confident that my mental image is likely close to the truth.

I have to say though, that despite the disappointment regarding her notoriety, I am pleased that her seemingly global presence has NOT resulted in me ever having stumbled across her with a stupid kinky/spanking caption! Maybe her 'look' isn't dramatic or stern or aloof enough for those grubby little sweaty horndogs out there? But at least it's a plus.

"Yay, me! Successful yet 'spank-caption free'!"

* One day I may do a post on this.....but probably not. Foot stuff tends to be of limited appeal. But while my theory sounds strange, I think it's more like seeing physical traits as somehow genetically linked. For example, if a person has longish facial features and that is also seen in their fingers, it's not a stretch to assume that once their tootsies are on display, that they too will share those tendencies. The opposite is also true. Ladies with short plump fingers and rounded facial features often have toes that match. 

Monday, August 16, 2021

How did they do that?

It's always fascinating to ponder how people with limited technology managed to create splendor from seemingly nothing. Documentary geeks that we are, Rosa and I have enjoyed a couple of interesting documentaries both featuring the trio of historian, Ruth Goodman, and  archeologists, Peter Ginn, and Tom Pinfold 'learning by doing'.....with the help of other experts and some old books, excerpts, and illustrations.

If you'd like to see how castles were built or people survived in Medieval times, consider: (On Amazon Prime) "Secrets of the Castle" and "Tudor Monastery Farm". Secrets was my favorite and features a wonderful 25-year project currently 17 years in, taking place in France: the construction of an actual castle using only local supplies and employing only Period-accurate tools. 

Some of the ways these people lived and did things might be as shocking as a arrow up one's ass, so have a look!

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Smorgasbord spanking

When Nickki and I first discussed the spanking she came over to give me on a Tuesday that got postponed to Sunday, the reason was strictly centered on the proxy arrangement we made a while back. (See "Proxy Time" April 21, 2021) However, upon arrival I discovered that the day was going to go a bit differently than expected.

One thing I found oddly appropriate was having to wear a pair of ladies' panties and a head scarf along with my obligatory housedress. The effect was intended to make me look more like the person I was standing in for. The proxy spanking took place with me flopped over some cushions while Nickki lectured "Carla" on all of her rude misdeeds and applied her paddle with more force than I expected assuring Carla that "she" would feel this for quite a while after.

Nickki truly was using this opportunity to purge her anger at Carla and I was the sacrificial recipient of it all. One thing Nickki did that made a huge difference for me was simplicity itself: as she spanked with her right hand, she gently soothed my back over the dress with her left. I told her later that it made me feel like she was saying "OK, KD, my right hand is spanking Carla, but my left is telling you that I'm not directing this at YOU." And she admitted that was exactly her intention. The weird thing is......IT WORKED!

The spanking was truly severe and utterly unenjoyable, (something I myself see as a good policy for proxy punishments, despite the difficulty) and I think since it got so difficult at times, that had it not been for that manual reassurance, I might have felt abused. (Not that my best buddy, Nickki would EVER abuse me in reality.) Due to the panties, Nickki kept pulling them up my buttcrack so she could hit bare flesh. It was a humbling feeling.

Ostensibly I was to get around 600 spanks, but it seemed like I got considerably less. It seemed like the harsh scolding and very hard swats wore down not just my butt, but Nickki's anger at Carla. Perhaps the severity worked to burn her frustrations out sooner than she expected? Regardless of the reason, Nickki just told me that she was done for a bit and we were taking a break. I had no objection, since as I said, this was a favor......not fun. 

During our break we discussed 'sitting' but I will save that topic for a post of its own LOL. And then Nickki told me her feelings on the proxy punishment and that she felt that all of her anger was gone. I was instructed to remove my scarf, but she also said we weren't done for the day. And so after a few minutes it was time for more smacks!

This time there were some changes. Part two would take place over a pillow that rested on her lap, essentially an elevated "OTK". AND..........this came the panties! Now, bare-bottomed and in a position we both find very evocative of maternal discipline, Nickki proceeded to give me a payment spanking for some different past services. As she kept remembering new reasons I teased her that due to extended period where she could not spank me, that she was just looking for reasons to really roast me now. She laughed, but didn't disagree.

By the time she was done I was a sore-bottomed mushball.......but that mentality has always been a dangerous time for me. Feeling defeated and contrite has nearly always led me to confess something to my "bosses", be it Nickki, Rosa, or even Ana that I had not possessed the courage for beforehand. While in position I awkwardly asked Nickki if I might tell her something that was bothering me and something I don't think I've ever written here. But back when Nickki spanked me for the length of my interview questions (Nudging the Bear- November 5, 2020) she had me give her two swats over her clothes for feeling like she was guilty of not recognizing who I was and how innocent my interview questions really were. I didn't include this in my post since I always felt funny about it.

Since that was our last 'adventure' until this one, those two little swats haunted me all this time. So......I told her that I fully understood why she asked for them and that because I understood, I delivered them as requested....BUT......I felt that while I am certainly capable of switching and have no problem even punishing someone in a flipped around scenario, for some reason, it just didn't feel right with her. I further asked what she thought and if she agreed that we were better suited to a permanently one-sided arrangement.

Nickki admitted that while she definitely wanted the swats at the time, that upon receiving them and feeling what a punishment smack felt like....even OVER clothes......, realized that she had no intention of such a thing ever happening again. For me this admission was a relief. And so, being of the same mind, and with Nickki now seeing how my taking a paddle to her, even for just two requested swats, felt presumptuous, we discussed an easy remedy....................easy since I was already in just the right position for it!

Though I had initiated this, I was impressed by how easily and confidently my friend addressed the issue. Taking up her paddle once more, she explained how I needed to be assured that the two-swat incident was something that would NEVER happen again and that there was only ONE dynamic between us: Nickki was the boss and I obeyed or else. And to both ensure that I never forget this and to alleviate any guilt I might harbor for the past event, she then ABSOLUTELY ROASTED MY BUTT!!!!  And a part of me LOVED that she did not merely add on a few extra swats, but really spanked me good and proper.

The spanking I got was far more than I expected, and she only stopped when she noticed that pesky abrading just starting to occur again. But while I was grateful for her concern, I can't say that stopping when we did in any way left me feeling unresolved. Not at all! I was one well-spanked subby-boy! But.......I felt so much better! It was like some cosmic wrong had been finally corrected.

We then sat together and talked like we always do after a spanking and discussed how it all went. I won't go into all the details here, but it was all positive and productive. One thing I would like to mention is that this "smorgasbord" of reasons for a similar activity impressed me with its clear distinctions and clear delineations of my emotions.

1: The proxy spanking had a flavor all of its own. I felt recognized, yet accepted as a willing sacrifice to a greater good: that of a kind of therapy for an angry Nickki. And it was not in any way fun, playful or enjoyable in the sense that a play spanking can be. A true success all around.

2: The "payment" spankings hurt, but were actually kind of fun. During them Nickki heaped praise on me as a friend and helper even as she mischievously raised the heat in my seat. LOL Another very different feeling, yet equally successful for what it was.

and 3: The role affirmation spanking had still ANOTHER distinct flavor to it. Not quite punishment, but certainly not 'fun play' it demonstrated our roles in a way that showed that Nickki could be many things as a Top,  but that underneath it all was a serious recognition of who we both are and what that means. For me THAT one had a huge impact later on as I thought about the real life implication of it, and when I discussed this with Nickki she understood it as well and admitted it was pretty powerful stuff, and had to be pretty intense for me in particular to see a friend and equal as having such authority.

All I know is that my guilt was gone and I now had the oddly reassuring message spanked into me that I need never worry about any role reversal between us. I am not sure what that says about us, or me, but I am very happy that she listened to me and then dealt with this so emphatically.

So......that's about it.  All that's left now is the picture, of which we just did one quick one this time:

Me, still in my frock, sporting some tingling color! You can see a slightly darker area on my right cheek where the abrasion was beginning. It turned out to be a sore spot but nothing more troublesome. And the creases are not from any implement but just from having sat on the seams between sofa cushions for long enough before the shot was taken.

Tuesday, August 10, 2021


I am not in the best frame of mind this morning and as such am going to postpone the story of the "Smorgasbord Spanking" and instead, respond to the curiosity of a few of you who expressed interest in the sword collection I mentioned. Here are some shots of not just my swords, but the 'collection' as a whole.

All the pieces shown are either "battle ready" replicas or authentic antiques. None of these following pieces are "decorative". "Battle ready" means that the sword or weapon is made exactly to the standards of the originals, employing forged carbon steel, and could be used as they were intended without fear of breakage. Decorative pieces are cheaper, easier to maintain, but only good for hanging on a wall of for costumes. Decorative pieces would likely break if used as a real sword.

The Medieval/Renaissance stuff:

On the right is my first sword: a replica but 'battle ready' crusader style broadsword from around the 1300s. (On the left is a cinquedea, which is much later @1500s)

A nice array showing how my collection is displayed. From left to right we have a Polish Pole axe, a German flanged mace, a main gauche dagger, a basket weave, flamberge rapier, a heavy war hammer, and on top a spear with lug, sometimes referred to as a 'boar spear' even when not being used for boar. 

A better shot of the previous pieces.

Rosa gave me this last Father's Day. It is awesome to wield!

And all of my 'kids' chipped in to get me this battle axe, (which I modified a bit) on that same Father's Day.

This is one of my favorite pieces: a St. Michael's 'falchion' (@1400's). My daughter, Michelle has the same piece.  It's just beautiful and very wieldy. 

And last up for this time period is Rosa's Pilsen rapier.

Later periods:

An Indo-Persian talwar with a replica blade but authentic handle from about the 1700's or early 1800s. 

A replica Polish karabela, @1600s.

For some reason I don't usually think of these two as part of the collection, but they are swords and they are actual antiques, both circa 1800s. 

And finally.......the new guy on the block........

A replica Norman "arming sword" from around 1100s. 

As a RenFaire-type person, I have other stuff too. But you can see all that when I post RenFaire pictures, or look back to pictures from the past. (I always recommend that people new to this blog, and who like it, take the time to scroll back and check out some past posts. There are some goodies to be found, I assure you.....and not just in weaponry! LOL)

Monday, August 9, 2021

Smorgasbord Spanking Teaser

On Sunday morning I got my spanking from Nickki at her place, but it was not as simple as just getting the proxy smacks alone and therefore in my limited time today I would not be able to cover everything I wish to. So, instead, I will give you all a peek at what my butt looked like............not right after.......but quite a few hours later. (And I assure you all, it's still pretty tender right now!)

One thing Nickki kept saying was that I'd be feeling this for a while, and another thing later that she was always right. When it came to her first statement, her second one was proved true as well.

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Weird Day

I almost got spanked by Nickki today, who actually came by to do just that. However, even though Rosa was home and approved the visit, she was unaware that her oldest son was home, and even though he was out of the house temporarily, he could return at any moment. I informed Nickki of this and she felt as I did that perhaps a different arrangement would be better, and so instead of today, I will be heading over to her place on Sunday for quite a walloping............not for anything I did, but as proxy for the houseguest she had until recently who drove her crazy. Naturally I will write more on this after it happens.


But my day also involved finally getting around to getting things going for the upcoming RenFaire which will be in mid-September. As always, there's a lot to do to get ready.

The making of a Medieval castle.

Another nice development was a successful eBay purchase of yet another sword. (you can't have too many swords, ya know. ) I was very happy that the seller accepted my offer without even suggesting further negotiation. So hopefully it will be here soon and I will post pictures when it comes. 

So today I began reworking the annual "Quest for the Holy Grail" contest. Each year I have to update the tasks so that it is always new and fresh. Some things we keep almost as expected traditions, but other stuff gets tweaked or changed completely so that the quest is always a new adventure for the participants. What surprised me was how quickly I managed to do this. Only a few details remain, but in one day I pretty much have the 2021 Quest all figured out and even written out. 

One feature that will not change is the archery trial where Lady Marta gets to whack some hinder with her custom leather slapper. At this point, it's kind of a tradition and although not everyone in attendance is as kinky as me and Rosa......although Nickki will be there as will Ana......I'm always surprised at how this seemingly kinky twist seems so appealing to vanilla game players. Go figure.