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Friday, August 20, 2021

Hot Stock

When I first began babysitting my grandson on Mondays, I tried every trick I could manage to make the long drive less boring. One unexpected treat presented itself in the least likely form: a model on a billboard for a local appliance store. I can't say that this was anything I experienced before, but I began to look forward to that billboard each trip, sometimes straining to catch a glimpse or cursing some truck that obscured it from view. 

The name of the store is "Kieffer's" and so, not knowing much else, I began to refer to the young lady pictured as "Kieffer". As I got to the stretch of highway adorned with her image, I'd think, "where's my Kieffer?" or "oh goody! I'll be seeing Kieffer soon." My mind conjured her back story and I wondered if I searched somehow, if I'd be able to find out who she was in reality. Since she wasn't glamorous, but just perky-cute and very 'girl-next-door', I wondered if given the limited resources of a mom&pop appliance store, whether she might be their daughter or some member of the team or family. She became something of an obsession......albeit a limited one, confined just to that weekly drive. But ON that drive, she was my special treat.

Being kinky, I don't fantasize about sex. Imagining some frolic in tangled sheets with genitals doing what everyone knows they were designed for, doesn't even enter my mind. Instead I think about the person in detached terms and conjure up scenarios for roles to play out. So too with Kieffer. Under what strange circumstances would she become another authoritarian in my life? What possible rationale would place me across her lean lap for a spanking that triggered that wide, toothy, open smile of hers? What situation would see her inserting her toes into my mouth? I had no desire to fuck her. Hell, I wasn't even interested in seeing her naked..............although a few devotional butt-smooches would certainly have an appeal. No, Kieffer was just my special fantasy-fodder for a long drive. 

When the billboard changed, I frowned at my loss, and then cheered as I passed her reappearance in a different location. Realizing with this change that my days with Kieffer could well be numbered, for the first time I took my obsession home with me and began to search the store's website to see if my "family member theory" might be true. It wasn't. Then, several weeks later, while cruising images for a post I still have not completed, I stumbled across this entirely by accident:

IT WAS HER!!!!!! And she seemingly changed her mind about 'spanking'. I only hoped it was in favor....for fellow adults. LOL

Now that I had an image online, I changed my search parameters and after a few disappointing dead ends, hit the jackpot. Soon I had several images........and a name: REBECCA ARIANE GIVENS. With a name, further exploration was simplicity itself and the first hit turned out to be an article on her: (click for link to article)  and then even an interview: (click link for interview).

Not a glam model, but prolific!

As it turned out my 'girl-next-door' was anything but. A nutritionist and health advocate born to mixed ethnicity parents, Rebecca is considered THE top "stock model" of our day. And despite only having seen her in that billboard, she is said to be everywhere. To be truthful, this information ruined my image of her as a nobody with a darling smile. And now that I know the truth, Rebecca has lost much of her appeal. Don't get me wrong, I still think she's adorable as all hell, but the fact that she's no longer my little discovery but a world-wide sensation, has kind of removed her from that special little fantasy of perceived accessibility. 

And yet, INACCESSIBILITY is usually a big thing with me! (This is a topic I have been giving a lot of thought to lately and I think it deserves a post all its own when I have my thoughts properly collected.) I am not sure why it feels different with Ms. Givens. I only know it was easy for me to think all sorts of delicious little kink-thoughts about my 'Kieffer' which now don't flow as smoothly with Rebecca.

I got schooled too. 

While this may sound a little creepy, it should come as no great surprise to any regular here that when I see a woman, I automatically find myself picturing what her feet look like based solely on her face, and sometimes hands.* (I know a lot of guys see a female and picture them naked, and I'm not immune to that either, but as someone who took a LOT of figure drawing, it's actually too easy for me to do that and therefore less appealing than guessing what kind of toes they are hiding.) And the weird thing is, that for whatever reason, I'm actually pretty good at it. Often, it isn't difficult to see someone, either in photos or in real life with enough foot showing to tell me whether my speculations were on target, close, or way off. Unfortunately, while I have my theories on Rebecca's wiggly piggies, the only shot I could find of her barefoot was this one:

Can't tell much from this, but I'm still pretty confident that my mental image is likely close to the truth.

I have to say though, that despite the disappointment regarding her notoriety, I am pleased that her seemingly global presence has NOT resulted in me ever having stumbled across her with a stupid kinky/spanking caption! Maybe her 'look' isn't dramatic or stern or aloof enough for those grubby little sweaty horndogs out there? But at least it's a plus.

"Yay, me! Successful yet 'spank-caption free'!"

* One day I may do a post on this.....but probably not. Foot stuff tends to be of limited appeal. But while my theory sounds strange, I think it's more like seeing physical traits as somehow genetically linked. For example, if a person has longish facial features and that is also seen in their fingers, it's not a stretch to assume that once their tootsies are on display, that they too will share those tendencies. The opposite is also true. Ladies with short plump fingers and rounded facial features often have toes that match. 


  1. Finger to toe ratio? I have never thought about that before, but then I am not into feet. I find females with long fingers attractive though


    1. I like variety, long or short, all kinds of genetic expression. I don't really have a "type". I can't say my personal observations are factual or coincidental, and they're not 100%, but I don't think it's a stretch to observe that certain physical traits seem to often if not always go together.

  2. I have long fingers but small toes.

    And stock-model "seen everywhere" miss Rebecca may be, but I've never seen her before this post. (Then again, I go to great lengths to avoid being subject to avoid advertising. So that could be why.)

    Not quite the same thing, but re: something to keep you going on a long drive -- When I was in college, I would drive home to visit my parents (and to work -- mostly it was to work; my parents are no joy) and about 80 minutes in to the 110 minute drive, I would see a smoke stack in the distance... It was like a little beacon. Nothing fun to look at and certainly not anything to fantasize about, but... OH, SWEET RELIEF. I'M ALMOST THERE.


    1. I love exceptions to any rule or trend.

      I never saw her before either. The article came as quite a surprise.

      I have certain landmarks that do something similar, and I still look for Rebecca in her new locations, but....alas the fire has dimmed quite a bit. LOL

  3. please do the post. The blog is your expression. if others don't like feet so be it. they miss out.

    as to the day dreaming. there are worse things to ponder. Since you shared here i assume the ladies in your life know. Do they approve / disapprove / ambivalent? is there the celebrity free pass for whom you can fantasize about playing with?

    1. Okay, perhaps I will. It's nothing scientific or even provable though and I'd hate to post something and have all these people challenging something that I know has no real validity beyond my own experience, but we shall see.

      I doubt they know anything specific about Rebecca, mainly because there's not much to know and nothing I would feel obliged to tell. Once a week for about 5 minutes I'd see her face on a billboard and think naughty thoughts. Hardly a behavior worth reporting. As for a 'celebrity pass'? I would think such a thing meant needing a pass for a fantasy which is nothing more than an indulgence of the imagination. Since my honey controls the solid majority of what would encompass an individual's sex life, from the relationship stuff to the private, I think that's authority enough. My o's might be open to control, but my thoughts are mine and no one gets to censor them. I doubt she'd want to have that responsibility anyway since I imagine playing arbiter of my thoughts would be like being the zookeeper for a menagerie of griffins, dragons, and demons, with maybe even a kraken tossed in. LOL

  4. I wonder... you've seen my foto, and my toesies too. Did you imagine them looking the way they do?

    1. I would say generally, yes, but specific details are never predictable with my very unscientific association system. But given your overall appearance, nothing in terms of general structure surprised me. Now, if you had stubby, plump toes with really rounded or bulbous ends, I would have blinked in surprise.

      I would say my son's current girlfriend has been my most recent glaring exception since with Summer upon us I got to see her tootsies and they were nothing like what I would have guessed. Not in terms of better, worse, or whatever, but just in terms of being opposite of what I thought based on my "formula". Like I said, it's not 100% by any means but I find the exceptions more fun than when I'm right. LOL

    2. Haha, i understand you. I think there is a certain "likeness" between a person's overall presentation and digits!

    3. Yes, we tend to share characteristics even while wanting to be unique. It just doesn't work that way. Shared characteristics have led to not only what we think of as "race" but even on the most plebian grounds of "having a TYPE". If characteristics weren't somehow linked there'd be no race or 'types'. (Red hair and freckles? Stocky bodies with 'chicken butts'?)

    4. by chicken butts do you mean cellulite? i'm a bit confused.

    5. I tend to use "chicken butt" to describe what some call a heart-shaped butt, although I have found that "heart-shaped" is used differently and can describe a regular inverted heart with the dual curves of the top of the heart corresponding to the lower curves of cheek, OR I have heard it used to describe an upright, standard heart, so that it relates to a butt where the hip/loin area is wider than the lower cheeks which are narrower. I tend to notice this on chunkier women though it is not limited to them. So when you see a stocky barrel-shaped female, and her butt is disproportionately larger on top and smaller near the thigh, I call that a "chicken butt" so as not to confuse the term 'heart-shaped' with the wrong image.