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Monday, August 16, 2021

How did they do that?

It's always fascinating to ponder how people with limited technology managed to create splendor from seemingly nothing. Documentary geeks that we are, Rosa and I have enjoyed a couple of interesting documentaries both featuring the trio of historian, Ruth Goodman, and  archeologists, Peter Ginn, and Tom Pinfold 'learning by doing'.....with the help of other experts and some old books, excerpts, and illustrations.

If you'd like to see how castles were built or people survived in Medieval times, consider: (On Amazon Prime) "Secrets of the Castle" and "Tudor Monastery Farm". Secrets was my favorite and features a wonderful 25-year project currently 17 years in, taking place in France: the construction of an actual castle using only local supplies and employing only Period-accurate tools. 

Some of the ways these people lived and did things might be as shocking as a arrow up one's ass, so have a look!


  1. Limited Technology is our view of the past. They had technology but we fail to see it or accept it. It boils down to what ever you want to do, technology is sometimes in the way, but 'can't' never did anything. Jack

    1. You are absolutely right (and on topic!)

      ( Does anyone else remember being forced to memorize the last stanza of Edgar A. Guest's Poem because of Marlo Thomas in TV Guide? "Can't is a word that is foe to ambition....." )

  2. Is this by any chance related to your comment on LSF forum, with the family friend "preaching" the alien pyramid hypothesis? 😁

    I think perseverance and devotion is a much better explanation - and that 25 year France project, I'm sure, will show something similar. Devotion could lead to miracle-esque feats indeed (not by the power of preying, though!).

    Things like draining a lake using only tea spoons is actually feasible, if you can somehow manage the work force's absolute obedience/devotion! (Not to say that ancient architects and workers brute-force it completely, they were brilliant for their times no doubt - I'm an Egyptian myself, and wouldn't dare insult my own fore-bearers, however it's just that I don't think the maths and technology were anything remotely "other-worldly" like some seems to think, but rather it was the will to try and err on humongous scale, and having the workers willing/forced to go along with it, time after time.

    1. So related they could be twins. LOL Good observation.

      And yes, people got things done......'no aliens were harmed in the making of this pyramid'. You should check out the documentary. Such simple solutions to complex problems....even the Egyptians I believe figured out that pulling a rock-loaded sled was much easier if someone just wet the sand ahead of them.