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Thursday, September 30, 2021



"Hellooooo, kiddies.........."

Tomorrow is October 1st, and as such will see the debut of "The Hard Way ----or How I Stopped Cowering and Learned to Love the Dead"* a tale of pain and torture, humorously rendered in both word and image. Yesterday I explained my personal approach to being a model in my own photos, and how I have no issue making fun of myself. (In fact I find it therapeutic). To those of you who might wince at remarks that tease about penis size or things like that, please be reassured that any such dialog was written by me. So no need to feel's all in fun. (I've been joking about this since I was 20 or so.) And if the premise of a story is that a ghoulish figure is going to torment a mortal for fun, it would likely be in that creature's nature to be at least a bit sarcastic if not downright evil.

Without giving anything away, I also wish to acknowledge that while most images are unaltered except for shadow, highlight, or color enhancement, SOME DEFINITELY ARE. Since this is a fictional story with supernatural elements, and since these are mostly my photos, I saw no inherent dishonesty in either using some Photoshop tools to dramatically enhance what was already in a photo or to add things that were needed for the story that I had either no intention of inflicting upon myself or were just things that wouldn't exist in this world. ( No spoiler here, but one part of the story required the presence of ghostly ectoplasm. Since I'm not George Lutz and had no access to any, I Photoshopped it in. So sue me....or make a book and movie out of it. LOL)  So again, rest assured, no KDPierres were injured in the making of this feature. Hurt? Yes, definitely...that was part of the fun of making this damned thing, but scarred? No.

The flip side of this occasional, artificial enhancement is that I ALSO tried to make sure that certain aspects of the story that I most certainly could have just written about and not actually suffered, WERE indeed suffered! So I think this all balances out nicely.

But you are all big boys and girls, and you are visiting an adult blog unabashedly known for.....well I don't really think this blog is known for anything, but let's just assume regulars here would not be...or shouldn't be...shocked at what they might see over the course of the story. 

And the course of that story will be 5 installments, published each Friday in October. In between story posts, I will likely do some regular blog topics and personal updates.  But Fridays will be story time. So,  kiddies..............barring the un-foreskien......( a Cryptkeeper-like pun referencing the fact that I happened to be circumcised)  Part 1 of 5 will be published tomorrow! Hahahahahahahahah!


* "The Hard Way" contains scenes of a graphic nature, unsuitable for minors. It is most certainly NSFW. Viewer discretion is advised.......though I hope you all take a peek! LOL

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Me as model

This is one of those posts that came out of a plethora of little coincidental instigations. As I mentioned in a previous post, this October I will be posting a Halloween surprise, but I was pretty vague as to what it was. Today I'm going to go into more explanation, not just of the nature of the surprise but how it fits in with me, others, and being a kind of twisted "big kid". 

First, let me explain what I'll be posting. Back in 2017 I posted a posed post-Halloween shot that popped into my head as I was taking down my decorations. In it I fabricated a story where my 'decorations' were giving me a hard time about having to go back into storage and so, as their "master" I had to send them a clear, "Godfather-like warning" to behave.

Any fan of the 1972 movie will get the joke.

Soon after this shot, I got the idea that in a battle of wills between the spooky world and submissive old me, it would be a clear win for the ghouls. So I made the following shot as their warning to ME to not presume too much authority, and certainly not to abuse animals in the making of my images. (I will put the actual post as the "Featured Post" so new visitors can read it.)

What made this very interesting for me was putting myself in an embarrassing, non-heroic, and humbling position.....and then putting it out there for all my readers to see. I do not consider myself anything special to look at, and I certainly can't show off any endowments that would make me the envy of anyone. Add to this that after several failed attempts to get this pose to work, (with me using a timer and having to scramble into position, having the skeleton tip over and all other sorts of  comical mishaps) I had to seek the assistance of my Monster, Ana, who was home at the time. But she was quite amused and willing to help out with certain aspects delicately addressed. (I used my phone to text her when I was in position so that all she'd see is my butt.......which she as regular visitor here was plenty used to. LOL)

This year, having extended privacy right as I was setting up Halloween, and being in a certain 'mood', I got the idea to take this Halloween interactive notion to a more extreme degree. And so, using just my imagination, some props, and my cell phone with timer (I had no assistants available this time around) I created a follow-up tale of torture, submission, and some dry, self-effacing humor that I hope entertains. The piece is long enough to require being posted in probably at least 4 installments leading up to Halloween itself.

Then, not long after making this story, I was treated to some visual goodies made by a fellow blogger I recently discovered and whose blog I have now linked in my margin: Marie Rebelle, and her "Rebel's Notes". Marie and her husband have taken a lot of photos and some employ this same idea of using props as humorous though sexy enhancements. I could not help but chuckle at the timing of this discovery. I love when people do this and have several images in my private collection of people doing this which I will feature in some upcoming posts.

But, back to how this pertains to me. I suppose if I'm honest I know two things about myself: I am clearly an exhibitionist, BUT I also am realistic enough to know that nothing I can possibly show will ever come across as tantalizing, sexy, or flattering. So, how does someone like me deal with these two fact? Like I always have.................with humor. 

A couple of years ago I hosted "Jackass July" and another time I made a dare/bet with my Monster where I agreed to post on my blog any pose she chose with whatever caption she wanted to accompany it. The result was this, which I have shown before and is far more mischievous than one might initially think: 

Ana's quote is a bit cryptic unless one knows what this shot was  REALLY about. The caption leads one to believe that it is just about not having bulging muscles, six-pack abs, and a 10" schlong but actually this timed selfie photo depicts me after a long self-tease, where literally one more touch would have certainly triggered an O.....for which I had no such permission. So that's me in that, 'couldn't be more frustrated than this' state, and the caption REALLY means: No matter what you may look like or feel like, it's probably likely that you are having way more orgasms than frustrated old me. Humor at my expense both IN appearance and in situation. 

What made this funny for Ana and me, is that I have used HER image far more times than she took advantage of mine, mostly with her different series of foot photos, including Halloween ones. And yet she is never the embarrassed butt of a joke like I am. Her foot poses have elicited many compliments from admirers, whereas her dare to me just flagrantly advertises to the world what a perpetually-frustrated and controlled little sub I am. And those feet? Here's one shot, there are many more if you scroll back to prior years:

Yes, there are still props in play. Yes there is some humor here, BUT ultimately Ana's feet are pretty enough to still have that appealing aspect that my shot lacks. It's like the difference between going to a Halloween party as a sexy nurse in a mini-skirt with a comically-oversized syringe and going as the ass-end of a horse.

And I suppose that's just working with what you've got. Brad Pitt is a big star with a lot of money, but so is Danny DeVito......though neither would ever be cast for roles more appropriate for the other. I am OK with being the kinky 'Danny DeVito' then. Visitors here have probably seen every square inch of me at one time or another just like I've seen DeVito naked from behind in "Big Fish" which gets a much different reaction from women I'm sure than a similar scene with Pitt. I doubt anyone here can name a shot that hasn't shown me in some humbled state. I've routinely exhibited my beaten bottom, my penis when shriveled from shame or the effects of a big butt plug. Hell you've seen me wearing those butt plugs too! I've been teased and denied, caged and locked, you name it.

This October you'll all get to see more, told in a cohesive narrative, and hopefully amusing enough to offset my lack of physical appeal. Yeah......technically in my own self-published realm, I AM a model......but one who can never be accused of being standard 'model material'. And that's just fine. 

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Oldie wisdom


( A timely post with oldie inspiration. To learn more about the September Song Project, click: Mrs. Fever's "Temperature's Rising" blog.)

You always hurt the one you love…..

Sometimes without even remotely intending to.  I did this recently while having dinner with two of my dearest friends and I didn’t even know until a day later. Without going into specific detail it came down to me going on about a topic I wanted their advice on. I had no idea my issue would trigger one of their own and lead to heartache.

It took a couple of phone calls and some explanatory discussion to clear things up. And when all was said and done, both Nickki and Jean realized what really had happened and how my talking was not some innuendo about them but me just being very open about myself. So, naturally I not only cleared that up but apologized as well for hurting them, unintentional as it may have been.

After all was formally settled I became upset with myself. While my words were not about them, I should have realized that what I was saying could very well affect them negatively…...kind of like telling someone with a serious eating disorder about this great meal you just had; not malicious but more cluelessly insensitive. Add to this that I love these people very much and factor in my submissive personality and, well……………. out pops the guilt, and in a big way. 

Fortunately life neatly provided an opportunity for resolution in the form of one additional follow-up call with Nickki. At the end I confessed my self recrimination and while acknowledging that I appreciated her understanding and forgiveness, I had a serious favor to ask:

Given our arrangement, would she please be kind enough to seriously punish me for hurting her and her wife? 

While not angry with me since the incident was resolved, she did understand my request and said she would have no problem giving me a serious, separate, and hard spanking for it in the near future. I thanked her sincerely for that gracious concession. 

I knew Nickki wasn’t mad at me, and I knew she understood how the misunderstanding occurred, but I also knew she would not have any objection to spanking me for it anyway. You see, she loves me too……..and you always hurt the one you love. It’s just that now it will be her turn…...and the pain will be more physical than emotional, more intentional than accidental, and directed to one very specific place that won’t be my heart. And since Nickki, (and Jean too,) tend to love their friends deeply and unconditionally, I have no doubt that Nickki will deliver….with love…. a spanking that burns just as warmly as their affection. 

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Bold steps

In a little more than a few short days from now, my Honey, Rosa, will be home once more. I have certainly missed her but more importantly the time apart gave me some time to really think through some things. As a result of feeling more open to seeing a wider perspective on issues that have been a factor here in recent months, I have come up with quite a few proposals for my love.

A lot of times a sub wishes for more attention, and I am no exception. I also feel that living a DD lifestyle is tricky because we are responsible adults, and even if our personalities are suited to either being held accountable, or holding someone accountable, these tend to fluctuate in intensity with the rigors of life. Rosa and I are no different, and even though this blog affords ample proof of a lifestyle committed to serious DD and also playful D/s, there always seems to be an ebb and flow to it.

My proposals are not entirely self-serving, nor are they wholly altruistic. I am offering a plethora of possibilities that hopefully benefit us both in ways well-suited to our natural roles. Quite predictably, to any sub who has ever wished for an adjustment or enhancement to their relationship, is a desire for a greater level of accountability. One proposal to keep this in a low-key forefront, is the adoption of a quick, maybe minute or so ritual, just before bedtime: I would like to be able to kiss my Honey's feet once she is settled in to remind her of our roles and give a chance to consider the day from that perspective. Did things go well? Did I behave? Did I annoy her? Does she wish to address it, either now, or another time?

The idea here is to just have her take a moment to think like a Top. She is not obligated to do anything, say anything. My kisses are something she likes, and all they are doing is saying: "I'm here trying to please. How did I do?"

Naturally the point behind this is to encourage accountability.....if not in that precise moment, then eventually, BUT the afforded moment to consider my performance and behavior gives her the opportunity to address things rather than let them fester.

What's the point of having a DD arrangement, if it's rarely used? Rosa wasn't always reluctant to spank me for misbehavior, only the erosion of moods through the stresses of life wore down her resolve. It's quite possible I didn't help with my attitude at times. Hopefully things will go back to their previous levels with some of these proposals? In discussing this with Nickki, she admitted that it is transparently obvious that I simply behave better, more attentively, and more respectfully if the punishment paddle is used without hesitation.

My next proposal is one I am quite sure she will jump on. One issue we have is the feeling like she would like certain things done around the house and my defensiveness over feeling like I'm already doing a lot. The fact is both are true and I've somehow been too stubborn, or too myopic, to see the simple solution: one day a week my 'work' will simply be housework rather than projects outside or in my workshop. For me this is not taking on anything extra. I would be 'working' each day anyway. It just means that if there's no rush to finish that patio or construction project, it can spill over to the next week but that just like Mondays mean babysitting in PA, another day will mean housework instead of construction. I don't get any more burden than I fairly have, but her priorities are more respected.

Who knows? Maybe housework can even have some edge attached? Win-win?

Another proposal goes hand-in-hand with that: Rosa loves her pedicures but often asks at the strangest times. For a while now I have let this annoy me, leading to me making excuses, getting snippy, or even just outright refusing or suggesting a postponement of "I'll do them tomorrow". I thought long and hard about this and realized how shitty this is. I like feet. I LOVE Rosa's feet. Grooming them is not arduous. It requires little effort and not even a lot of time. It makes her insanely happy. And, the end result is a happy spouse with beautiful feet that I get to enjoy when kissing them. WHY THE FUCK WOULD I GIVE HER A HARD TIME OVER THIS? But I have. My proposal is a commitment to doing them when asked, no excuses. My incentive, is that I am going to assure her that I consent to being punished for even an eyeroll if she catches me in an impatient mood. 

Still Life with Rosa's feet and paddle. If she agrees, feet will always be tended  to........cheerfully....or while sitting on a sore bottom. Either way they will be tended to.

The next one is complicated. We already have the agreement in place that when called to help her with her English, my 'reward' is a minute or so of self-teasing. When in a good mood this is wonderful. When in a bad mood, I don't do it. I think this is a bad trend. I think that to ensure a greater level of compliance, I should have to do the tease regardless of mood or what I may be in the middle of. And the flipside of this is that I think that we could both benefit from the resulting mindset of me being teased often, but given O's even less frequently than I am now. This one is going to require some mutual discussion, but Rosa has never been squeamish about denial.

Teases: treat or requirement? Both.

The others are of a more kinky/perk/personal nature involving little things we used to do that we've let go dormant. I am hoping that the big suggestions lead to a mutual mindset that makes these little things desirable once again. 

Will these ideas lead to unquestioned obedience across the board, 100% of the time? Probably not. But what good is aiming too low? Let this be the ideal and let Rosa and her paddle deal with the lapses.

Friday, September 24, 2021


While I haven't blogged much lately, it is not for lack of material. In fact, I can promise over the next few weeks there may be quite a bit, some of which has already been hinted at. 

My Honey has been away, and in her absence, my heart has indeed grown fonder, but more than that, the time apart has let me give deep thought to some issues that I intend to address with her upon her return, almost all concerning a kind of multi-part pledge of proposals going forward geared to making her happy AND to empower her to get back into the disciplinary mindset she once held so effortlessly. I am hoping she finds what I have to say to be positive and desirable.

I also have a bit of an "adventure" to relate, but I won't post that until probably some time next week. And then there's "the Halloween surprise" I hinted at. I'm hoping you all find it entertaining and not too lame. I will's very self-effacing. 

But lastly, for today, I have a rare admission of a kind of vague fantasy/musing brought about quite unexpectedly by the recent post on QBuzz's blog. As some of you know, Q is a kind of familiar face around here and even though I can't say I am interested in cuckolding and M/m stuff generally, there ARE exceptions, and there IS some crossover. 

I am hopelessly straight as I jokingly admit, but I am very Gay and Bi "friendly". I have Gay and Bi friends and never shy away from joking with them in a way that puts me in their world, usually in a vulnerable self-effacing way. The trick for me is acting on anything like this. My body just won't go along with it no matter how much my brain says, 'hey, what's the big deal?'

Today Q posted these:

Well, don't ask me why, but while the other fine offerings in Q's post didn't do much for me, THIS series not just amused me, but really had me thinking. And I don't mean intellectually. LOL When I saw these characters, they resonated with me in an almost personal way, and well, it led to some fantasy musing.

As background, the notion of M/m spanking is not high on my list, BUT......I have done it. Not often, and only with very select people, but I have done it. In this series, I see a story that may or may not be the artist's intention:

Everyone is on the young side and I envision this to be a kind of early dating/experimentation scene. Whereas cuckolding implies that the actual partner is reduced to a submissive role to both his partner and her lover, this cartoon strikes me differently. I see this as two friends interested in the same hot girl, who both show up in the hopes of some frolic only to discover that it's not a 3-way she's after but a kind of contest where the victor gets the spoils and the loser ends up spanked and locked. And the way the guys and girl are drawn makes me think that even the Top-dog guy, is still her puppy, and she is the boss. 

In the first panel both guys look happy and both seem like fun is within their joint grasps. Neither seem unwilling to share and the less-endowed blonde doesn't seem worried that he is not up to the task. But, look at the pose on the girl. SHE is evaluating them both, not looking to have both. So in the next panel, she recognizes the well-hung brunette as her choice, and relegates the blonde to a cage, where we now see his disappointment at having not "measured up". The brunette however, still just appears happy to have been chosen over his friend.

Ah, but it's that third panel that gets me! It is not enough for the blonde to be locked and excluded from her goodies. No, he must be spanked as well, and in this case, she doesn't intend to exert herself, just her influence. And that watchful eye is enough to tell the brunette that he might be the chosen one, but she calls the shots and if he wants his treat, he'd better do as instructed.....even if that instruction is to spank his own friend. What I like about this panel is his expression. Had things gone differently, he probably would have happily shared her, but now that he has been selected as Top Dog, he can't help but be pleased that he is in the position he's in. Consequently, painfully reddening his friend's butt doesn't seem like any kind of hardship, and in fact is kind of fun. 

Even more telling is that there is no hint of coercion here. The blonde, upon having been ruled out as a contender, could have just left. Instead he lets her lock him up. And then, he lets his friend spank him. Despite their dissimilar endowments, there is nothing here to show that he is appreciably weaker than his well-hung friend, at least not to the degree that he couldn't at least resist or get away if he wanted to. But no, he is over that lap unrestrained and willing to get it good.

The last scene is just the simple payoff. And again, "Blondie" seems utterly capable of fleeing should this situation be too much for him. Clearly he'd prefer to stay roasted, frustrated and on display for the amusement of the others.

The kicker is................................part of me can see myself in such a situation and behaving exactly as the blonde. Not now. Not with Rosa, and in fact not with anyone I currently know. But when I thought about this I remembered a particular 1/2 blind date with an older college friend who was the same height and build as me but far more successful with women in the traditional way. I say "1/2 blind", because it was with me and him visiting his girlfriend at her apartment and me being set up with her room mate. The evening was awkward as hell as the two of us, who were OK with each other but not instantly enraptured, struggled to occupy ourselves without knowing each other, as our friends fooled around in the bedroom. I could see how this friend of mine could have taken both girls and did to me what happened in this cartoon and I feel like I might have gone along with it as easily as that cartoon blonde. In reality at the time? Probably not. But now, thinking about it in other terms? awkward..............'probably'. 

Wednesday, September 22, 2021


I've been bitten by the Halloween Spirit
(not bitten by anyone working at Spirit Halloween! ......... though there's one young lady working there I wouldn't mind.....well never mind, that's irrelevant to my point). The only thing is I suppose it's more of a sharp nip than a full-on bite, so my Halloween endeavors have really been more strategic than enthusiastic. Truth be told, I am not quite fully there yet......but that's fine because it is very early....not even October.

My Honey is off visiting her recuperating mother this week and I am on my own. Given Rosa's bouts with anxiety I decided to take advantage of her absence and do up the house and outside so when she got back everything would be done and the boxes all put away. It's now Wednesday evening and I am very near done.....except for "detail-ey" things I will tinker with through the upcoming month. 

When I finish the details and it gets a little closer to October 31st, I will share some images.

I also have a bit of a surprise in the works for you all, but it's way too early to post it just yet. You'll just have to wait until the Halloween Spirit bites you all over the next few weeks. 

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

RenFaire 2021

It's been busy and today I will be putting away the last of the props and materials. The weather could not have been better, and feedback has been positive, especially over some of the new twists I added this year. There were also some standout moments where people really came through for me. BUT..........the experience was far from perfect, and I am not in the best of moods regarding future events. However, there is a lot of time between now and next year, and depending on circumstances I might find myself back in a willing frame of mind. I just don't know for sure.

I explained it to my daughter this way: imagine a balance scale upon which I could add stone after stone of positive moments and experiences to one side, and then dropping one cinderblock of work and a second cinderblock of stress induced by Rosa's anxiety over the party onto the other side, thereby catapulting all the positive stones straight into the sky.

The RenFaire is becoming an unpleasant repeat of my blogging experience: a lot of work and effort rewarded with just enough positive interaction to let me know what I'm doing is appreciated enough for a limited number of people to want to participate, but not enough to balance out the amount of work going into it all. I believe the similarity between the experiences is making each feel worse by compounding the issue at the heart of it all.

But enough of that. Right now my challenge is to get everything put away and try to muster some Halloween spirit, which I did have going already but was also negatively affected by the stresses of the RenFaire. 

In the meantime, here is a shot of Rosa and me from this year:

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Busy little squire

This is my first chance to relax since breakfast and possibly the quick lunch I had. Saturday is the RenFaire and there's a lot to do. I probably won't be posting or even commenting much this week. But in the few minutes I have now, here are some of my favorite shots from years past:


Me and Rosa 2017, when she was crowned Queen.

The infamous stocks, equipped as you see with a slapper and run by our neighbor the Lady Marta. The axe is for more serious offenses.

The 2019 incarnation of the Azurton-Ochershire Museum.

Our Maypole.

I'd also like to say that in keeping with Mrs. Fever's September Song thing, I have been working along with a lot of music in my head, and one favorite (among many) of mine is the collection of Dances from Terpsichore by Michael Praetorius. And here's the little dingy-thingy to show my support:

Although when I think of the scene below, I can't help but hear Richard Wagner's Siegfried's Funeral March from Gotterdammerung (damn you Boorman!):

Art thou worthy?!

And a blast from the and Rosa in 2015. 

Thursday, September 2, 2021

Toes on my mind

Edited to add that I just realized there were several comment/Blogger issues over the past few days and if you left a comment and got no reply from me.......which I never wish to do....I have now responded to what I think is everything that was missed. I also am going to try to kill the robot. Wish me luck.

Yesterday my Honey asked if I would make her a cocktail......"something different" she said......and pamper her with some "diggin' in" (her term for a pedicure). Rosa's moods have been erratic lately and I liked this shift to something more playful and obliged her whim.

So, we settled by the TV each armed with our own preferred variation of a "White Negroni" (Rosa prefers Lillet as a slightly sweeter substitute for the dry vermouth that I prefer) and I set about my task. She was a happy piggy. LOL

Today Rosa went into the office for work rather than working from home because of an appointment later that is near where she works. And......I already miss her. I am thinking that if her playful mood holds, maybe some toe kisses might be in my near future?

I posted this and other shots a while back to surprisingly no response whatsoever, so I figured I'd try again. LOL Though grainy, due to the low light, I actually like how these came out.

Another angle: heaven seen from below.