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Wednesday, September 22, 2021


I've been bitten by the Halloween Spirit
(not bitten by anyone working at Spirit Halloween! ......... though there's one young lady working there I wouldn't mind.....well never mind, that's irrelevant to my point). The only thing is I suppose it's more of a sharp nip than a full-on bite, so my Halloween endeavors have really been more strategic than enthusiastic. Truth be told, I am not quite fully there yet......but that's fine because it is very early....not even October.

My Honey is off visiting her recuperating mother this week and I am on my own. Given Rosa's bouts with anxiety I decided to take advantage of her absence and do up the house and outside so when she got back everything would be done and the boxes all put away. It's now Wednesday evening and I am very near done.....except for "detail-ey" things I will tinker with through the upcoming month. 

When I finish the details and it gets a little closer to October 31st, I will share some images.

I also have a bit of a surprise in the works for you all, but it's way too early to post it just yet. You'll just have to wait until the Halloween Spirit bites you all over the next few weeks. 


  1. I thought "Halloween already", then I remembered that there is one supermarket, in my local, that already have their Sint Nick stuff up for sale


    1. Yeah, I did this mostly to take advantage of Rosa being away. Otherwise I probably would have started later this week. BUT there are several places in my town and even neighborhood that have had Halloween up for a couple of weeks already! Go figure.

  2. Halloween ...It appeared in France in the early 90's, quickly big money business. Not a tradition here. But I have sweet memories, our 6 years daughter and a wild little bunch of bloodsuckers, with lampoons and baggs, singing furious silly things with their funny and sexy mothers dressed as witches ... It would be so good to take a looooong switching on my sacrified (bare) bottom by a bunch of wicked witches in the light of a bonfire before acting like a very domesticated werewolf, sobbing at their feet, lickin their lovely toes and round bottomcheeks ...The magic of Halloween. Well, I guess it's time to go to bed. 01.25 am, here !

    1. What a sexy little fantasy! You naughty boy! LOL

      BUT, I will say your thoughts are very much in line with the "surprise" I have in the works for later on. Very interesting that our minds were so in sync.

  3. I don't do much decorating for Halloween, but I have mini pumpkins on my porch already and am looking forward to picking big ones from the patch again this year to carve.