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Sunday, September 26, 2021

Oldie wisdom


( A timely post with oldie inspiration. To learn more about the September Song Project, click: Mrs. Fever's "Temperature's Rising" blog.)

You always hurt the one you love…..

Sometimes without even remotely intending to.  I did this recently while having dinner with two of my dearest friends and I didn’t even know until a day later. Without going into specific detail it came down to me going on about a topic I wanted their advice on. I had no idea my issue would trigger one of their own and lead to heartache.

It took a couple of phone calls and some explanatory discussion to clear things up. And when all was said and done, both Nickki and Jean realized what really had happened and how my talking was not some innuendo about them but me just being very open about myself. So, naturally I not only cleared that up but apologized as well for hurting them, unintentional as it may have been.

After all was formally settled I became upset with myself. While my words were not about them, I should have realized that what I was saying could very well affect them negatively…...kind of like telling someone with a serious eating disorder about this great meal you just had; not malicious but more cluelessly insensitive. Add to this that I love these people very much and factor in my submissive personality and, well……………. out pops the guilt, and in a big way. 

Fortunately life neatly provided an opportunity for resolution in the form of one additional follow-up call with Nickki. At the end I confessed my self recrimination and while acknowledging that I appreciated her understanding and forgiveness, I had a serious favor to ask:

Given our arrangement, would she please be kind enough to seriously punish me for hurting her and her wife? 

While not angry with me since the incident was resolved, she did understand my request and said she would have no problem giving me a serious, separate, and hard spanking for it in the near future. I thanked her sincerely for that gracious concession. 

I knew Nickki wasn’t mad at me, and I knew she understood how the misunderstanding occurred, but I also knew she would not have any objection to spanking me for it anyway. You see, she loves me too……..and you always hurt the one you love. It’s just that now it will be her turn…...and the pain will be more physical than emotional, more intentional than accidental, and directed to one very specific place that won’t be my heart. And since Nickki, (and Jean too,) tend to love their friends deeply and unconditionally, I have no doubt that Nickki will deliver….with love…. a spanking that burns just as warmly as their affection. 


  1. hopefully a good outcome for all concerned will occur

    1. I tend to think so given what I know about Nickki and how she responded to my request. She may not be upset enough to have initiated this on her own since she knows it wasn't intentional, but she understands that I also have a personal sense of accountability, and she respects it enough to act on it. (She did it before with my confession of the two smack-thing. It was my request, but she acted on it forcefully. I imagine this will be the same or similar.)

    2. At least, she won't use the bathbrush on your head...Lucky guy !

  2. I think we all get wrapped up in our own perspectives and stories sometimes, and in doing so are blind - if only temporarily - to how others are feeling/reacting.

    And really, we can hurt the ones we love (provided they also love us) precisely because that love is present. It makes us vulnerable.

    1. Yes, that is pretty much what happened. I was so eager to hear their opinion on what I was referring to that I didn't realize my story was hitting too close to home for them both.

      But even though the punishment came at my suggestion, I have little doubt that Nickki won't derive more than a little satisfaction once I'm across her lap.

    2. Thank you Mrs.Fever. I got this rampant fear almost every time I post a comment.