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Thursday, September 30, 2021



"Hellooooo, kiddies.........."

Tomorrow is October 1st, and as such will see the debut of "The Hard Way ----or How I Stopped Cowering and Learned to Love the Dead"* a tale of pain and torture, humorously rendered in both word and image. Yesterday I explained my personal approach to being a model in my own photos, and how I have no issue making fun of myself. (In fact I find it therapeutic). To those of you who might wince at remarks that tease about penis size or things like that, please be reassured that any such dialog was written by me. So no need to feel's all in fun. (I've been joking about this since I was 20 or so.) And if the premise of a story is that a ghoulish figure is going to torment a mortal for fun, it would likely be in that creature's nature to be at least a bit sarcastic if not downright evil.

Without giving anything away, I also wish to acknowledge that while most images are unaltered except for shadow, highlight, or color enhancement, SOME DEFINITELY ARE. Since this is a fictional story with supernatural elements, and since these are mostly my photos, I saw no inherent dishonesty in either using some Photoshop tools to dramatically enhance what was already in a photo or to add things that were needed for the story that I had either no intention of inflicting upon myself or were just things that wouldn't exist in this world. ( No spoiler here, but one part of the story required the presence of ghostly ectoplasm. Since I'm not George Lutz and had no access to any, I Photoshopped it in. So sue me....or make a book and movie out of it. LOL)  So again, rest assured, no KDPierres were injured in the making of this feature. Hurt? Yes, definitely...that was part of the fun of making this damned thing, but scarred? No.

The flip side of this occasional, artificial enhancement is that I ALSO tried to make sure that certain aspects of the story that I most certainly could have just written about and not actually suffered, WERE indeed suffered! So I think this all balances out nicely.

But you are all big boys and girls, and you are visiting an adult blog unabashedly known for.....well I don't really think this blog is known for anything, but let's just assume regulars here would not be...or shouldn't be...shocked at what they might see over the course of the story. 

And the course of that story will be 5 installments, published each Friday in October. In between story posts, I will likely do some regular blog topics and personal updates.  But Fridays will be story time. So,  kiddies..............barring the un-foreskien......( a Cryptkeeper-like pun referencing the fact that I happened to be circumcised)  Part 1 of 5 will be published tomorrow! Hahahahahahahahah!


* "The Hard Way" contains scenes of a graphic nature, unsuitable for minors. It is most certainly NSFW. Viewer discretion is advised.......though I hope you all take a peek! LOL


  1. I will definitely tune in for your tail.

    Or, err...

    Your tale. ;)

    1. Both are indeed accurate! And good, I'm glad. I've read on your blog that you shy away from humiliation-type stuff, and ....well, some of the teases I receive from my tormentor aren't exactly complimentary. ......Um.....accurate perhaps......but definitely not complimentary. LOL

  2. As time goes by ...1950's : humor in a jugular vein . 2020's : humor in a gluteal vein ...Make America great again !

  3. I'm sold. This was a great preface to your storyfest. I'll be back as often as I can!