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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

RenFaire 2021

It's been busy and today I will be putting away the last of the props and materials. The weather could not have been better, and feedback has been positive, especially over some of the new twists I added this year. There were also some standout moments where people really came through for me. BUT..........the experience was far from perfect, and I am not in the best of moods regarding future events. However, there is a lot of time between now and next year, and depending on circumstances I might find myself back in a willing frame of mind. I just don't know for sure.

I explained it to my daughter this way: imagine a balance scale upon which I could add stone after stone of positive moments and experiences to one side, and then dropping one cinderblock of work and a second cinderblock of stress induced by Rosa's anxiety over the party onto the other side, thereby catapulting all the positive stones straight into the sky.

The RenFaire is becoming an unpleasant repeat of my blogging experience: a lot of work and effort rewarded with just enough positive interaction to let me know what I'm doing is appreciated enough for a limited number of people to want to participate, but not enough to balance out the amount of work going into it all. I believe the similarity between the experiences is making each feel worse by compounding the issue at the heart of it all.

But enough of that. Right now my challenge is to get everything put away and try to muster some Halloween spirit, which I did have going already but was also negatively affected by the stresses of the RenFaire. 

In the meantime, here is a shot of Rosa and me from this year:


  1. OH THE OUTFITS! Love it!

    I'm sorry you're feeling stressed out, hopefully between now and next year you'll have figured out if you really want to do it all over again!

    Meanwhile, I have a Pavane on my blog and I thought of you when decided if I should include it in my links! So in a way, that one's just for you!

    1. Thank you. This was the first time I got to wear the helmet, even though I got it a while ago. But the new helmet and new sword made a real difference to the last time I wore the tunic.

      Thanks again. Time will tell.

      I am heading over now.

    2. These days I don't comment a lot, and I kind of feel ashamed regarding the pleasure or the emotions your work brings to me. I'll try to make up ... Please, just don't stop ! C.

    3. Well shame is an emotion that lets us know when we shouldn't be doing something we aren't supposed to, OR not doing something we should. ;-) Besides.....I like your comments.

  2. A Knight and his maiden....some great role play opportunities there KD !
    Looks like you really went all out for the event so you deserve to enjoy it.
    I suppose not everyone appreciates how much work went into it and how much it means to you.
    Don't quit.

    1. I would agree about the potential, but the reality was far less conducive to roleplay. The anxiety over the party had her in tears that morning, and her subsequent mood was so nasty, she even shocked some of our friends with how she spoke to me, so no roleplay was going to happen there.

      I see no way to continue until, or unless, Rosa gets her anxiety issue treated.

    2. I agree KD. That sounds like quite extreme anxiety.
      BTW I figured you are a knight but what is Rosa's role exactly? Queen ? A fair maiden ?
      Stick to role playing in the bedroom for now I suppose.It would be a shame to waste those amazing costumes.

    3. We like 'queen'. She is better now that the party is over.

    4. She needs a crown then....another project for you!

  3. What a charming photo. I love the costumes.

    If hosting a RenFaire gives you pleasure, then don't stop. But if the stress is too great, it's time to step away and give yourself a break.


    1. Thanks. All those smiles felt quite phony though.

      It gives me pleasure. It makes her miserable to a point of tears and near emotional collapse....and then that situation leads to stress for me. Event preparation does not stress me directly.

      I see no clear path except an at least temporary suspension until her issues are resolved.