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Friday, September 24, 2021


While I haven't blogged much lately, it is not for lack of material. In fact, I can promise over the next few weeks there may be quite a bit, some of which has already been hinted at. 

My Honey has been away, and in her absence, my heart has indeed grown fonder, but more than that, the time apart has let me give deep thought to some issues that I intend to address with her upon her return, almost all concerning a kind of multi-part pledge of proposals going forward geared to making her happy AND to empower her to get back into the disciplinary mindset she once held so effortlessly. I am hoping she finds what I have to say to be positive and desirable.

I also have a bit of an "adventure" to relate, but I won't post that until probably some time next week. And then there's "the Halloween surprise" I hinted at. I'm hoping you all find it entertaining and not too lame. I will's very self-effacing. 

But lastly, for today, I have a rare admission of a kind of vague fantasy/musing brought about quite unexpectedly by the recent post on QBuzz's blog. As some of you know, Q is a kind of familiar face around here and even though I can't say I am interested in cuckolding and M/m stuff generally, there ARE exceptions, and there IS some crossover. 

I am hopelessly straight as I jokingly admit, but I am very Gay and Bi "friendly". I have Gay and Bi friends and never shy away from joking with them in a way that puts me in their world, usually in a vulnerable self-effacing way. The trick for me is acting on anything like this. My body just won't go along with it no matter how much my brain says, 'hey, what's the big deal?'

Today Q posted these:

Well, don't ask me why, but while the other fine offerings in Q's post didn't do much for me, THIS series not just amused me, but really had me thinking. And I don't mean intellectually. LOL When I saw these characters, they resonated with me in an almost personal way, and well, it led to some fantasy musing.

As background, the notion of M/m spanking is not high on my list, BUT......I have done it. Not often, and only with very select people, but I have done it. In this series, I see a story that may or may not be the artist's intention:

Everyone is on the young side and I envision this to be a kind of early dating/experimentation scene. Whereas cuckolding implies that the actual partner is reduced to a submissive role to both his partner and her lover, this cartoon strikes me differently. I see this as two friends interested in the same hot girl, who both show up in the hopes of some frolic only to discover that it's not a 3-way she's after but a kind of contest where the victor gets the spoils and the loser ends up spanked and locked. And the way the guys and girl are drawn makes me think that even the Top-dog guy, is still her puppy, and she is the boss. 

In the first panel both guys look happy and both seem like fun is within their joint grasps. Neither seem unwilling to share and the less-endowed blonde doesn't seem worried that he is not up to the task. But, look at the pose on the girl. SHE is evaluating them both, not looking to have both. So in the next panel, she recognizes the well-hung brunette as her choice, and relegates the blonde to a cage, where we now see his disappointment at having not "measured up". The brunette however, still just appears happy to have been chosen over his friend.

Ah, but it's that third panel that gets me! It is not enough for the blonde to be locked and excluded from her goodies. No, he must be spanked as well, and in this case, she doesn't intend to exert herself, just her influence. And that watchful eye is enough to tell the brunette that he might be the chosen one, but she calls the shots and if he wants his treat, he'd better do as instructed.....even if that instruction is to spank his own friend. What I like about this panel is his expression. Had things gone differently, he probably would have happily shared her, but now that he has been selected as Top Dog, he can't help but be pleased that he is in the position he's in. Consequently, painfully reddening his friend's butt doesn't seem like any kind of hardship, and in fact is kind of fun. 

Even more telling is that there is no hint of coercion here. The blonde, upon having been ruled out as a contender, could have just left. Instead he lets her lock him up. And then, he lets his friend spank him. Despite their dissimilar endowments, there is nothing here to show that he is appreciably weaker than his well-hung friend, at least not to the degree that he couldn't at least resist or get away if he wanted to. But no, he is over that lap unrestrained and willing to get it good.

The last scene is just the simple payoff. And again, "Blondie" seems utterly capable of fleeing should this situation be too much for him. Clearly he'd prefer to stay roasted, frustrated and on display for the amusement of the others.

The kicker is................................part of me can see myself in such a situation and behaving exactly as the blonde. Not now. Not with Rosa, and in fact not with anyone I currently know. But when I thought about this I remembered a particular 1/2 blind date with an older college friend who was the same height and build as me but far more successful with women in the traditional way. I say "1/2 blind", because it was with me and him visiting his girlfriend at her apartment and me being set up with her room mate. The evening was awkward as hell as the two of us, who were OK with each other but not instantly enraptured, struggled to occupy ourselves without knowing each other, as our friends fooled around in the bedroom. I could see how this friend of mine could have taken both girls and did to me what happened in this cartoon and I feel like I might have gone along with it as easily as that cartoon blonde. In reality at the time? Probably not. But now, thinking about it in other terms? awkward..............'probably'. 


  1. Hi K.D. This one really killed me (Lol)! I looked at the pictures before reading, and (BLAM!) I was the blondinette. But the others were closed friends, and she "choosed" him for his very obvious hard-on. I was acting a very fake sadness while going other my male friend's knee, only wishing the spanking would be looooong and hard, as I can assure you that that silly chastity cage would have been useful at this particular time...For me, a very playful and sensual roleplay with 2 persons I really liked at time. So, even if I think I truely like what you wrote and if I deeply understand your point of view, I just would have a raging but hidden smile facing a similar event in real life. This fantasy is quite near of a real life situation I lived 12 years ago, with slight differences. Let's say, no hard-on because no desire on this girl, and no spanking from my friend excited by a threesome plan...Curiously, I was the one who ended the night in bed with the girl, workshipping her full body, but still not excited ... Too much alcohol and weed, I guess. Thank you for bringing back this journey in my kind of messy past. 12h43 here, time to eat with loved wife ! Have a nice day ! Fred.

    1. For some reason this initially ended up in my spam box. I retrieved it and ensured it was now visible.

      I am glad you were inspired by the piece. Your past adventure sounds memorable and interesting and I am glad you related it here.

  2. I always consider you posts as messages in bottle filled with sincerity and sometime opinions for people like me. It's my own definition of gift of love. So the least i can do is to be sincere if I comment on you work, I mean, sincere, respectful, and friendly. But it's harder when i feel that some sadness is not very far from the core, even if you use entousiam and humor to make up, some details are always there. I'm a very long time lurker...I want to be supportive, warming and honest with you, so have no right to be indecent, no right to hurt you. It will never be my will.

    1. Well, thank you. That was very kind. You are always welcome here and appreciated.

      As for underlying sadness? Sometimes. Not often though. I've made peace with most of my issues. And humor has always been a great way for people to channel their issues. Professional comedians often are born out of some sort of difficult situation. Artists too.

      But I don't mind making fun of myself. In fact the upcoming Halloween surprise will be almost entirely kinky humor at my own expense.

  3. Seems like we all imagine ourselves in the role of the blonde guy :D
    Perhaps it's the curse of the cuckold to stick around and endure whatever your goddess subjects you to when you could easily walk away... no matter how painful or humiliating it gets!

    1. Well, I can't speak for you or Courandair, but it would be unrealistic hubris for me to try to pretend I'd be the brunette guy!

      What surprises me is the thoughts that simple cartoon had and has me thinking. And.....there will actually be another post coming in a few days or so also sort of prompted by it.

      The think is I would not want to be a cuckold to someone I am in a relationship with. That's why this cartoon works so well for me. To me, as I said, I see it as a kind of competition/audition held by a woman willing to offer herself as the prize to the right guy. Only in that regard can I see myself being comfortable being the losing blonde. (Like I said, I have some crossover to your likes, but they are VERY specific and conditional. Still......they are there. ;-)

    2. About the power, the impact of a single cartoon, illustration or just a single little piece of drawing art...I was 10 when I "discovered" a single case of John willie's "Sweet Gwendoline". I saw the for the first time adults playing what I used to believe was "just" children games, finally not so 'innocent" ....But something was missing. And then, at twelve, I met The Master: Eric Stanton. And my life changed forever. I was not alone to dream of being spanked hard by beautiful girls...or, even better, their mothers. Never underestimate the power of a cartoon. I could seriously write some pages about the impact of your painting with a flying paddle and a creepy mix of family and institutions beating the ass of a terrified and suffering young man. Everything here, the darkness, the abject fear to be helpless, the very wicked humor of the forces of Evil...and the very real arousal that lies now in my own mental pictures of what was your work, now mine, like a familiar song . But not tonight ! 01h09 am here.

    3. Thank you again. I am hoping you've read my story that those illustrations were drawn for? It's on the main website and called "A Boy Forever".

      (I love Stanton's pioneering spirit.....even if his work has its flaws. But hey, don't we all?)

    4. About Stanton, I was reffering to his work between the early 60's, including his friendly co-working with Dikto, and the early 70's. "Stanton's pioneering spirit"...I like that! About " A boy forever", Ineed to clarify something. I described your illustration from memory, without reference to the text. This is my reaction to the drawing,in itself an powerful attention-catcher firs then an ass-kicking one . I know that if I see The Sorenutz' you shared from QBuzz, this memory will be mixed with all our interractions, with me searching desesperatly for appropriate vocabulary, my dry tongue out of my arid mouth (like in a Wolverton cartoon)...I find this idea of social influancy in sharing fascinating . And warm, I mean GOOD. How many lurkers sharing this here and now ? Possible memories for everyone looking.

      About the story, I've read it for the first time 7 or 8 years ago and this evening. Let's say I like the idea of redemption under the pen of an atheist, but the most important is the figure of a mother, recurring in your work, not only in your fiction stories. I have the feeling that this one cames from your early works . Anyway, I got printed versions of all your stories in my own library since at least 6 years. 01h39 here. Bedtime. fred

    5. Your observation about our interactions all providing influence and memories was rather poetic. And rings true for me.

      As for your appreciation of my work? It's nothing short of touching and extremely appreciated......especially in light of how few people have been commenting at all lately.

  4. cuckoldery is a very particular thing to be into. it is hard. i get very nervous about my wife falling for another man. the shame and embarrassment of the situation however presses so many of my submissive buttons.

    I'm not like the cartoon however. i don't want to know who she is with. i don't want to watch. i am ok with being told about it afterward however. that is a fun tease.

    1. Interesting perspective. Amazing the nuances we all bring to the table on any given issue. Thanks for adding your voice.

  5. ARGH!

    I just left a comment and got an error message when I hit "publish."

    The short version is: I like this. ��

    1. Sorry about that. I just heard something similar from Prefectdt. The weird thing is there is no reason this should be happening since I have changed nothing. I thing Blogger has its own share of technical issues that I as a free user can't criticize as if I was paying for this service.

      Interesting that you like this though. I don't recall seeing too much M/m on your blog.