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Sunday, October 10, 2021

Halloween stories

When I started this blog, it was meant to act as a 'conversation companion' to my website where my stories, cartoons, and illustrations are housed. Over time I think that despite being linked at the very top of this blog's margin, the growing use of cell phones to visit has resulted in many people never seeing that margin and consequently never knowing there is such a place. 

With Halloween soon to be upon us, I'd like to invite new readers, and remind old ones, that there are some goodies to be enjoyed reeking of creepy, Halloween flavor:

Intrepid adventurers might wish to just find their own way around, and so, here is the link to "Collected Submissions----the website" (Old school, but user-friendly and loaded with stuff) LINK

Those just interested in some Halloween stuff can try:

The Story of Sunnydale- A tale told in words and pictures revolving around my Halloween Village made of customized, altered, and repainted Lemax figures. The story is merely an explanation of what my kinky/creepy/Halloween village is about and why the figures displayed there are there. LINK

C 5 - A creepy/kinky short story, intentionally written in the style of an old, Victorian Gothic piece, (think Poe with a spanking fetish). And while I often include humor in my stuff, there is nothing funny about C 5.  LINK

A Halloween wish illustration LINK

I will warn visitors that I have been finding glitches strewn through some stories where the accompanying illustration is inexplicably overlapping the text. If you find this problematic, please visit the LSF (Library of Spanking Fiction) and go to my author page and read the story there. (Most are there , but not all) Unfortunately there are no illustrations at the LSF. 

Also, in about two hours Rosa and I will be heading out for a brief camping trip, so there won't be any updates here at least until Wednesday. So, if you're bored, use the time to visit the website. There is certainly more there than can be seen in one or two visits.


  1. I hope it's not too late, as I was struggling with the desire to "start" the writing of comments I would like to send about your 2 last posting, the "funny" one (for me rather "une dragée au poivre") will be easy.

    The "O" one is deeply meaningful, sounding like a whiplash with echoes in my own life, and I need some time gathering my thoughts.

    I want to ask you if you are allright with me publishing the link of your main site on my (not so) personal Fake Bouse page, including your halloween (excellent) painting.
    As I don't know your opinion about FB stuff, I think it's fair to ask you before.

    If you agrees, I plan to repost it twice a month with a little teasing about a particular story and/or piece each time, in my own (French) words.
    Say I'm serious about being your French Sancho in your path of glory!
    As I'm not scarred to share any good artistic stuff with my (so called) friends, most of them (+/- 200) being musicians I know as persons, and more local friends and stuff I know in real life. I don't fear possible consequences in my real life so much.
    So...I you allright with this ?

    Have a nice camping trip ! It's cold here, near the magic "forêt de Tronçais".

    1. Thanks, it was pretty good. I don't have a problem with sharing but I am not familiar with "Fake Bouse". I even tried to Google the term with only references to blouse collars coming up. Perhaps you can explain. But in the meantime, I am OK with you linking things.

    2. Hi! "fake Bouse" is a kind of nickname for FaceBook here, used by people who don't like FB but still use it for professional meanings. The cheapest way for artists to introduce and communicate. "Bouse" is producted by digestion of a cow. Thank you, I'll work on it soon !

    3. I got it. Some anti-social media sarcasm. Fair enough. I am still ok with it.

  2. Love the diorama. Have a great camping trip. I hope that it is not too cold where you are


    1. Thank you. The weather was pretty good and the temperature never dropped too low. Just a bit of chill in the evening which is to be expected in October.