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Thursday, October 21, 2021

Here, piggy-piggy

As mentioned in the warrior doll post, I also made a creepy pig. The funny thing is how we ended up getting it. While camping the weather was initially drizzly and once we set up camp, we decided that rather than just sit under a canopy for hours on end, we should maybe pick up a few things from a local market and look around the area.

While out, we saw a kind of antique store/flea market combo and Rosa suggested we give it a look. While there, we saw a cute porcelain pig doll in a country dress and it seemed like Rosa wanted it. When the price was quoted as $10, we both frowned a bit, and Rosa kept walking, but the lady there quickly amended her quote to just $5. To me this seemed MORE than fair, and I asked Rosa what she thought, and she said, "get it."

At the time I thought she wanted it. But much later when I asked her what she wanted me to do with it, she said, to make it into a Halloween thing and added that she naturally thought that's what I wanted it for. So after some discussion we realized that she said to get it because she didn't want to disappoint me, and I offered it to her because I didn't want her not to have it if she wanted it. A misunderstanding, but a kind of nice one. LOL

So here we are now with a cute little piggy that neither of us really wanted and I just figured it would be a fairly easy conversion to something a bit more disturbing. This shot is one I found online of the exact same porcelain pig doll head and body in a slightly different dress than ours:

And this is what I did with ours:

I used Miliput to extend the mouth into jowls capable of housing those tusks and also added the austere brows. The tusks were carved out of some white plastic rod, and I re-used the white underskirt from the same broken doll I got to make the Zuni-guy's hair from, cut it, and sewed it (myself......with some struggle LOL) into the blood-stained apron. The cleaver is an old cheese knife I had with a different doll, but which looks much better with Piggy. After that, it was just a matter of a quick repaint into less cheerful colors.

She now sits on the same mantlepiece that displays my Halloween "kid's toy shelf"....the same one that the nasty monkey sits on. I didn't really need another doll for that shelf, but looking at how it turned out......for $5 and very quick work, I'm glad we got her. I wonder though, how the woman who reduced the price for us would feel about this makeover? 

Annnnnnd........for those who prefer their piggies neither innocent NOR demonic, kindly try "Three Piggies" (LINK) (if you haven't already, or just want to read it again.) It's an illustrated "children's story" for kinky adults in which several of my favorite kinks all play some part in a kind of 'love contest', and although it's not in any way a Halloween story, you might find it fun.


  1. Well I think that little piggy is going to give the big bad wolf a bit of a shock :)


    1. I agree, but you know, even the 'nice' piggies in that story ended up eating wolf stew that night, though I imagine this piggy might be a little more "Hannibal Lecter" about it. LOL