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Thursday, October 14, 2021

MY M/m

A rare example of an M/m photo where the recipient is potentially older than the disciplinarian.

Several posts back, a certain cartoon series had been an increasing source of thought about some rarely explored areas of my own inclinations. In it a male is spanked by another male, among other things, but in this post, I am going to limit myself to just that one thin sliver. 

That "troublesome" cartoon.

A few facts: 1: I am male (OK maybe not the most macho example, but I have the parts….even if they don’t work), 2: I am unwaveringly straight in my orientation. As I mentioned in a previous post: very GAY-friendly and open, but hopelessly straight to a point that even when my mind is open, my body runs screaming. 3: I am kinky and a good part of my interests revolve around spanking though obviously people here know not exclusively. 

All that said, one would think that perhaps other than my father back in my childhood, I have never been spanked by a man. And…...that assumption would be incorrect. In fact, I have been spanked by two, but they were very exceptional and nonsexual situations. But other than these unusual exceptions, I don’t find myself actively thinking about such things. I simply like women WAY too much!

Now along comes this cartoon, and I am drawn to it and I found myself trying to figure that out. So I imagined an ‘anything goes’ set of circumstances, situations, and people, however likely or unlikely, and asked myself: would I be interested in getting a spanking  from a guy in any set of circumstances and if so from whom?

The initial answer was pretty dismal for a seemingly adventurous kinkster like me. I simply could not initially think of anyone I knew that would lead to any such willingness. But the fact that the drawing situation touched something in me made me think harder. And then?  I thought of someone: a guy I’ll refer to as Hernan, who is a neighbor friend of ours. Now when a sub guy usually fantasizes about being spanked by another guy, often it’s in the context of cuckolding and the spanker is visualized as an Alpha Male type. (Just visit QBuzz’s blog and you’ll see countless examples.) Well Hernan is anything but a macho alpha, being instead a very flamboyant Gay male with a wicked sense of humor. His partner John, however, is a more burly type who easily passes for straight in his characteristic Giants sweats. And I like John a lot, but if I’m going to bend over for a good whacking it’s going to be for Hernan. 

Why? Well, I am not at all willing to submit to a guy who is thinking he’s somehow better or more dominant than me. It might be true, but I don’t care, that scenario is a sure-fire failure from the get-go. But put me in a situation with someone not macho at all, but mischievous as hell, with just the right touch of situational dominance, and throw in a playful rather than sexual rationale for it all, add some witnesses who would make the situation funnier, and you finally have a M/m situation that I would go along with.

I even went so far as to picture how such an unlikely thing could possibly happen with Hernan. Rosa and I have been to their house several times, and Hernan loves to tease me with Gay sexual innuendo, and likes that rather than freak out or be upset, I’ll play right back. So, imagine if you will, a little dinner party. The four of us are chatting and our lifestyle comes up. Those familiar here know this is not something far-fetched. LOL. So say  Rosa, who will unashamedly admit to anyone interested that she spanks me, confirms this fact to Hernan and John, and let’s say Hernan has a bit of interest. I doubt he does because I think I would have picked up on it by now, but let’s just say he responds in his characteristic and dramatic teasing way, and with his raised eyebrows says some Spanish expletive and then warns that if that’s the case maybe he should see how I’d handle a spanking from him. That’s all it would take. And in that scenario, I would most certainly submit to whatever he had in mind. There would be no sex, no secrecy, just possibly me either bent over  or if he preferred, OTK, getting my butt paddled with whatever implement could be rustled up. Hell if everyone was serious and wanted this to happen I could see Rosa sending me home (½ block away) to get her paddle)  And.....double-hell..... I'd even be willing to get it from him on a bare butt! And? I’d find it fun………….. even if I ended up unable to sit the rest of the evening. And Rosa?................. would tease me mercilessly. 

This is the best I can do to illustrate my Hernan-scenario, but thinking of Hernan in a Harley-Davidson shirt is ludicrous. Also you'd need to adorn that exposed wrist with a lot more jewelry! Otherwise? Passable. The thing I like about this shot is that it takes place in a kitchen and seems very casual...........even while the color in those beaten cheeks clearly indicate that the spanking itself is no mere game of party-dare patty-cakes.

And that’s another bit of irony. Given this scenario, I would actually find it funnier if instead of handling it like a joke, he took the opportunity to really let me have it in front of our respective spouses. Instead of resenting it, I’d be impressed if he could have me all kicking and desperate rather than it being some token pit-a-pat thing.

Now this is a VERY narrow scenario! And that’s kind of my point in how limited my “OK Zone” is with this idea. In researching images for this post, I pored over tons of Gay spanking images and found NONE that fit my preferences. The closest I could get were pictures with enough ambiguity so as to allow me or a viewer to pretend the circumstances were closer to my quirky conditions. The typical Gay spanking scene is not unlike straight ones, with Tops of whatever gender fitting the stereotype of the older, wiser, tougher, Dominant, and the sub being either younger, or smaller, or at least more profoundly submissive in personality. 

Legal-but-youthful.............and clearly in charge........if not in focus.

OK, so now with Hernan’s scenario behind us, who else?  With no one else I know as a candidate, I  asked myself, “OK, so what set of circumstances would I need to accept a spanking from a male I perhaps don’t know or know only casually?” Well once imagination comes into play, even the narrowest of conditions suddenly become possible. And while still pretty limited, here are a few brief scenarios I came up with:

Scenario 1: I am talking with Rosa, and she tells me that in sharing one of our adventures with some male co-worker, he expressed an interest in seeing her in action. She asks me if I’d be ok with it and after finding out some stuff about the guy, agree. Ideally he too would be Gay, though it’s not mandatory. (Though the problem with this “straight” speculation is that I can’t imagine too many straight guys wanting to spank another guy anyway.) Anyway, he witnesses our interaction, is intrigued, and asks Rosa if he can have a turn? Depending on the situation and his personality, I would go along with it. The key here is I trust Rosa, and if she felt this would be a good idea, well…...I’d do it. If she refused, the question would be moot. 

Scenario 2: Somehow at some get-together, it comes out that I am pretty liberal and prone to taking crazy risks in games and stuff, and someone much younger than me, but curious, suggests some spank-oriented dare. (Again, I can’t picture a straight guy wanting to do this, and my key factor is that for this to work the desire to spank me has to be present in the potential candidate. Whoever it is, he’s got to want to do this more than me.) So…..the game is chosen, the stakes set, we play and I lose, and the result is I am now obligated to be spanked by this guy. What works for me here is that: it’s a game and therefore playful, the guy in question wants to spank me for whatever reason, the dynamic is a bit of a reversal because in this scenario the instigator is maybe mid-20’s or so, and there are witnesses to watch the whole thing play out.

Not a perfect illustration for my scenario, but close enough to get the point across. Imagine the other players being of mixed genders, and all adults rather than what appear to be teens.

 ( A variation on this is that it’s a birthday party, someone wants to do birthday whacks, the person with the birthday is unwilling, and someone who knows me well, like Ana or Rosa, offers me as their proxy, and again there’s a male guest there who wants to take advantage of this turn of events.)

Scenario 3: Here’s the last very narrow and strange scenario, and the ONLY one that involves a burly straight male: My Nickki tells a male friend of hers about our adventures, and he being straight and suspicious, tells her that I couldn’t possibly be doing this stuff with her for anything other than a deeply sexual reason. She assures him this is not the case, saying it’s playful and adult-sexy, but not sexual. He persists and says “if that’s true then ask him if I can be present for one of his punishments from you and that I do it for you myself?”  Confident of her position, she agrees and asks me if I’d oblige. Now in this scenario my motive is entirely different from the others. Here I don’t want this guy to spank me  but am willing to endure it to show my obedience to my “boss”.  Ideally  the resulting spanking would be tough to take, but I submit to it to prove my sincerity, especially since this would ostensibly be a punishment for something I actually DID to upset Nikki.

Here we need to imagine the victim being as old as I am, and Nickki looking on with a smirk.

In looking back on all of these scenarios, there are a few consistent, rigid conditions:

The guy in question is trusted by Rosa or Nickki, or perhaps even Ana or Marta. He is usually not very Alpha, but could be in the last scenario, and is more likely to be younger or flamboyantly Gay. There is no sexual aspect like him being nude or shirtless, or asking for some submissive sexual act as proof of my defeat. There is no implication of cuckolding or sexual service. Instead, the atmosphere is playful....a game of sorts. And in each and every situation there are witnesses present. Not one of my imagined scenarios occurs in private between just me and the guy in question. 

Now I don’t know what this means or says about me, my proclivities, my views on the diverse world of spanking, or whatever. But these are honest revelations. And believe me I had to really ponder them to even realize they were in me. 


Remember.................tomorrow is Friday! Another installment of "The Hard Way" will be posted in the morning!


  1. I think sometimes it's interesting to mentally explore ideas without it really "meaning" anything, other than that it's an exercise in imagination. So as for wondering what this says about you or your proclivities... I don't know that it says anything deeper than the fact that you're willing to let your imagination explore possibilities. (Unless you *want* it to be about something beyond that?)

    I have been known to do similar mental exercises, sometimes resulting in seeing the *potential* in an activity I'd otherwise overlook. (Sometimes sexy, sometimes not.) I think part of being "open-minded" requires that kind of open-imagination process.

    1. I agree. One of the things that bring out the very nasty, sarcastic-to-a-point-of-cruelty side of me I try to keep buried, is when a hypothetical question comes ups and someone says something like, "well, we don't do that....(or "that's not how things are" or some other dismissive, real-world negation of the hypothetical premise) so, I can't answer." I just want to shout, "yo!, dufus, do you have a fucking working brain? It's a FUCKING HYPOTHETICAL! Use your goddam imagination for once." I've never actually said these things, but I've come close.

      Maybe since we both write, we are more prone to seeing how something would play out in a fictional environment?

    2. OH, I've often had conversations where someone says something about a hypothetical situation, beginning often with a phrase like "do you suppose" or "what if" and when I hear a reply that sounds like what you described (I wouldn't know / haven't tried it / not my thing) I can't help but roll my eyeballs and add a retort to the tune of "that's why she/he/I said 'what do you think if....' - it's a hypothetical question innit?" Tsk.

      Sometimes its as simple as saying "I didn't ask you what you did, I asked what do you think you would do IF..."

    3. Fondles: Oh I'm not surprised you've encountered this also. It's rampant! The world has lost its ability to think outside of the box. Where's Mr. Rogers when we need him, encouraging imagination? LOL