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Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Repurposing O's

So, I finally got to run ALL of my proposals past Rosa and not one resulted in anything but a positive response. (Curious readers can scan back a bit to September 25th's "Bold Steps" for more details.) So after all the angst of wondering what her reaction would be, I now know. In the post I referenced, there was a mention of a new chastity program, though it was not laid out in detail. So today, for those interested let's look at what my chastity-oriented life will look like going forward. Well, in some ways it’s simple, and in others it is technical, but still pretty easy to remember:

For Rosa? She needs to do nothing but be herself. If she wants me to have an O for whatever reason (and these reasons with me are far more complex than just being sexy and nice) I will have one. If she doesn’t? I won't. You can’t get any simpler than that.

Now, to be realistic, one must remember that often Rosa relies on me asking to at least prompt a decision, not always, but often. Therefore what I am allowed to ask for  can be very influential on the likely frequency of what ends up happening. That said, what are MY new parameters?

Well, I can still ask for a tease whenever I want, but going forward I will only be able to ask for one O per month and only in even-numbered months. (February, April, June, August, October, and December). This means if it’s June, I can ask for an O, and if it’s refused for some reason, I can ask again another time, right up until I am either granted one, or the month ends. If I ask on June 1st, and Rosa says ‘yes’ and I get one that day, I can’t ask again until August 1st. If I miss out on O’s altogether in June, I STILL can’t ask again until August 1st. 

This will likely curtail my already scarce orgasms substantially. And to thwart denial resulting in a loss of libido and also to sort of flush out the system and get me back to a point where not having an O actually causes frustration, there will be two, one week periods in October and again in April where for one decided-upon week each of those months, I can have nearly unlimited O’s. You’ll notice these months are also even. And while it may be unlikely for me to be granted a requested O in this same month, I technically can still ask for another outside of that seven day sanctioned  ‘therapy week’.  

Essentially this means if the only o’s outside of those recuperative weeks are ones I ask for, my O’s if all granted, will total 6 per year. Now, do I think I will only get 6? Probably not.  And if you count the therapeutic ones, I'll have substantially more, but the idea behind this is not to keep some sort of O-denial scorecard, but to kind of condition both Rosa and myself to look at my O's differently.

In the past an O was either a necessity to keep me in a proper state of mind, or a treat. Going forward, they can still be effective mood management, and they can still be rewards of a sort, but since the goal of all of the new proposals is better behavior and a greater focus on Rosa's whims, one would think that eventually I would become more deserving of rewards than punishment. And if I am getting fewer O's, then the new O program could appear counter-productive. This is true if O's for me are looked at as a primary treat or reward, but what I am thinking and Rosa likes also, is ........with fewer O's even WITH better behavior, but MORE TEASING, simple acts like foot or butt-kissing will become rewards in and of themselves. 

How powerful would it be for each of us to know that I will knock myself out in a desire to please, with only Rosa's approval and possible access to feet or bottom as a likely reward? Taking O's off the reward table will turn them into something else.......something that regardless of effort or behavior I should not feel entitled to. (Something that, if honest, I do consider them to be  right now. I accept they are outside of my whim, and I like having to ask, but deep down, if I've done all I should and it's been a while since my last one, my brain thinks that getting permission for one is kind of a given. I just like the idea of erasing that assumption....and Rosa sees the power in it too.) So by making MY requests for them a rare possibility, but leaving her dispensing of them entirely at her whim, my O's.......which already are kind of considered HERS, really end up being something much more of Rosa's domain than mine. 

The question now is: will this new program achieve that? And if it does, is the next step down the road, eliminating the possibility of me asking for one entirely, making them solely the discretion and desire of Rosa?


  1. I like that the end goal (or part of it) is to remove the presumption of entitlement. :)

    Good luck with your new programme.

    1. Thank you for weighing in. It helps to hear from someone for whom this is not an alien concept.

      And, thanks. I hope it works and does not turn into a nightmare or become counter-productive. But, if it does? Well, then we'll just tweak it, change it, or whatever.

  2. That is a hard regime to keep to. I don't think that I could do it


    1. Well, keep in mind, that the wild card in all this is Rosa. "I" might not be able to ask for more than 6 O's per year, but she could, if she chose to, give me two a day, all year long.

      Now, will she? Probably not. But in an odd numbered month, where I can't ask, might she five me one if she sees me needing it? Quite possibly.

      Right now, without any influence of this new program, I have already been O-less for a month or more.

  3. No matter the topic is, everytime you blog, and you're very versatile, feeding your prose with the same generosity than a boxer with tactics and a great sense of show, on every project, it sounds to me that you are shouting "F..k! I LOVE LIFE!" Good luck with this heavenly program from HELL ! (not nearly mine in fact, me being just a little gamer ... with sciatica). Anyway, COVID Didn't get the job done ! You're already a champion !

    1. Thank you again, Courandair. (But my friend, you'd be welcome here without all the generous praise. You're making me blush.)

      I do love life though. ......which makes mortality VERY scary for me.

    2. Does that means you have now 4 blushing cheeks ??? As a French friend (and I'm sure I'm not the only person in France reading this) I'm more than happy having contribuated to this happy moment ! (big smile on my face while writing...)

    3. Well, the color in the lower ones has faded by now. (Lasted for a while though) LOL

      As for France and 'Collected Submissions'? Hey, mon ami, spread the word! You can be my official kinky ambassador.

    4. Funny...and touching. I'm siting here for at least an hour, playing guitare (the electric one) in a very quiet atmosphere, warming at this low yet very clear sound that I love so much just before bedtime, reading your answer ... So touching.
      Anyway, introspection, food for thought. Let'sleep on it ! (I may have a talk with ol'pal Sisyphus...and be in touch!)

  4. denial is a fun torturous way to play / live. our desire to please the other becomes even more important.

    since this is starting mid year will this october have the free week?

    1. I've lived this way as you know from other posts on the topic for a looooooong time. This is something to add a new layer and freshen things up. And Rosa likes it.

      Yes, this October will feature an "O-Therapy Week". Given our schedule for other stuff, it will likely.....though not from 10/17-10/23. As it is I haven't had an O in quite a while.