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Friday, October 1, 2021

The Hard Way, Part 1 of 5

 The Hard Way

----Or How I Stopped Cowering and Learned to Love the Dead

Part 1 of 5, wherein KDPierre gets a literal taste of what it means to become the focus of things supernatural.


One early morning I woke to the pleasant sensation of having my penis toyed with. Certainly not the worst thing in the world, especially when one is in the situation I am in, and while I first assumed it was my Rosa, I then realized she had already left for work and that there was no softness of lips or flicking of tongue going on….just teeth. Not that that ruled out it being my Rosa, but like I said, she wasn’t home. So, confused and startled, I awoke to find a gray-haired skeleton nibbling at my attention-starved member.

“What are you doing?” I asked, quite ashamed by my mix of revulsion and chastity-enhanced appreciation. But rather than turn and answer, the ghoul just bit down hard and pulled back her head stretching me like a rubber band.

 Needless to say, this was not terribly pleasant.

“You are as difficult as my sister warned me,” she sighed in disgust as she relinquished her toothy  grip.  “She was the one who came by and spanked you a couple of years ago. It seems you’ve learned little from that experience. But perhaps I can better educate you on how to truly honor the specters of Halloween you say you are so keen on!” I recalled the event she spoke of. It was one helluva roasting from a spanker with no visible muscle mass.

“How did you get in here?" I asked a bit indignantly. But the ghoulish intruder seemed particularly vexed by my query.

"Really? You wake up to having someone with your cock in their mouth and your biggest concern is how they got in? Sheesh! No wonder you have so few orgasms. But fine, 'how did I get in?' ........... um, skeleton key?......." she offered sarcastically and continued in that vein, ", 'A.D.T.' really stands for 'All Dead Things'?......ugh, does it really matter at this point, you pedantic mortal?!" And to emphasize her annoyance, she bit me again, making me wince and re-evaluate how I was prioritizing my concerns.

It did certainly seem trivial to wonder about weak spots in my home security at this stage, so instead I simply asked, "what do you want?"

“I want to play with you as my mortal toy,” she said as she evaluated the part of me she had just used as a chew toy with visible disappointment. “Though frankly, you don’t really have much ‘toy’ to play with, do you?”

The ghoul then wiggled her finger and in a matter of seconds my insulted member was surrounded by a mischief of mice…...and how appropriate the term. “Ah, see?” she asked. “Even my little friends here aren’t the least intimidated.”

“I think they think you’re one of the family, albeit a hairless juvenile, or “pinky” as they’re called.”

“Well, no matter, I’m no Dr. Frankenstein looking to reanimate dead tissue. Large or small, rock hard or limp, it will be fun for me to torment you just the same……………..and it will get you in the proper Halloween spirit. Come with me,” she snapped! Though reluctant to be the plaything of the dead, the ghoul employed a technique that was rather persuasive, clamping the part she had so recently been gnawing in her unyielding grasp. And so, with the part of me so recently bitten now firmly locked in her bony grip, she easily pulled me to the other room.

“I know a good bit about you, you know, so I am quite versed in the things that tickle your fancy…..which are quite unlike the things most mortals prefer. It’s why I chose to visit you.”

“Have you gained that knowledge through sorcery? Or by some supernatural method known only to the spirit world?” I asked.

“Hell no,” she replied! “I read your blog, you idiot! What? You think just because we’re dead, we don’t have the internet? Now behave and listen. I know you love feet, so I brought one along for you to kiss.” At this the ghoulish sister held up, not her own foot, but a severed one whose condition seemed well past its expiration date.  

"OK, foot-boy, start kissing!"

As I approached the dismembered appendage, I recoiled at both the sight and stench of it, not because of any foul, Dorito-chip foot odor from too many hours at the gym, but rather an aroma of decay.

But rather than appear repulsed and risk offending her, I conjured in my mind the foot of another Monster whose feet were far more appealing and pretended the cold toes before me were those.

It worked only briefly since as soon as my tongue lapped the dead meat, a rancid taste permeated my mouth causing me to shudder. 

“Very good!” the ghoul cackled, pleased I was willing to execute her first unpleasant command. “Now, since you managed that, you should have no problem getting to work on MY toes…” she said as she wiggled them until they clicked against each other like dice in a crap game. “Although I must say, they have been dead a lot longer than those you just licked.”

To be continued next Friday, with Part 2! See you then!


  1. Ha! Yes, methinks contemplation of home security issues would be the least of your worries. ;)

  2. Amazing! As a stuntman, you hit the spot, easily kicking the ass of Jackie Chan or French star Jean-Paul Belmondo ! A scary blockbuster with a (very) low budget !

  3. "What are you doing" and "How did you get in here"? those are NOT the first two things my brain would scream. How about "aaaaaaGGGHHHHH HEEEELLP!" LOL

    But yes, it's a story, and I loved it. Will come back for part 2!

    1. Thanks, I'm glad you like it so far. It will get a bit more intense as the story develops. As for my fictional reaction? Well, I am not much of a screamer and hell, it's not like I wake to find her robbing me, or with a knife to my throat, but giving some 'almost nice' attention. How bad can she be? (I guess we'll find out.) LOL

  4. By the pricking of my thumbs. Something wicked this way cums?


  5. I absolutely love the props you have used here! The images are fabulous, and the story made me smile. Looking forward to the next part :)
    ~ Marie

    1. Hey there, and officially......"welcome!" I was hoping you'd drop by and take a look around. (There's even a mention of you in the "Me as Model" post.)

      Thanks for the positive feedback. I'm happy you are enjoying it. Believe me, the story and 'tortures' escalate over the course of the next few Fridays. LOL