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Friday, October 8, 2021

The Hard Way (Part 2 of 5)

The Hard Way- Part 2 of 5.............. in which KDP learns that 'wax' is also a verb meaning 'to make something stronger' this case, his submissive devotion. 

Having now been tasked with further foot worship by my ghoulish visitor and still tasting the rot from the first foot, I simply refused. But my tormentor was not one to be denied. With one swift sweep of her hand, she caught my scrotum viselike in her grip. “Oooooh, pookums, are you sure you won’t change your mind?” she asked politely as she squeezed. I had to concede her methods were quite persuasive.

Once released, I dropped to the floor and kissed the bony offering. I would have thought that a dead foot, long since devoid of flesh, would not be as foul as the still decomposing one, but I was wrong, though the aromas were very different. While the other reeked of decomposition, the ghoul’s toes smelled like a blend of death and junk food…….kind of like the entrance to a Walmart. But I prevailed and continued to timidly lay pecks on the foot before me regardless. 

“Oh you have no enthusiasm,” the ghoul wailed! “I thought you were a kinky foot-boy? Where’s your passion? Where’s your joie de mort?” I replied that I was doing my best, but the ghoul just grinned evilly. “Are you, really?” she drawled sarcastically. “Let me see if I can motivate you to do an even better job,” she mused as her empty eye sockets scanned my table of decorations. She arose, and again gripping me in a way that left me no pleasant choice but to follow, pulled me along, this time much more forcefully than before, as she perused the items I had so carefully laid out.

“You have quite the collection,” she complimented with an evil undertone of mischief. “Let’s see what we have to work with.” Her first stop was a set of framed photos. “Oh, I like the one with the carpet beater. She reminds me of me in my younger days, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.” 

She then espied a skull candle holder swarming with snakes, and pulled me right over to it. “Hmmmm, now this makes me wonder what would happen if I just brought this beauty to life with a touch of my finger? If those mice thought you were one of them, I’m sure this hungry serpent might think the same. And imagine how famished she must be after all these years without food?”

With that she offered my member to the still creature, its sharp fangs bared and ready, and let her finger hover menacingly above its head as if to animate it at her whim. 

But the ghoul then changed her mind. “No, while a nice hard bite would be quite amusing, this particular specimen, being  quite venomous, would defeat my ambition of having you around to play with. But…...that candle looks interesting. And…..” she looked to her left and saw the little serial murderer/dismemberment scene I had made and continued, “.....those pincers could work out very nicely as well. Yes, let’s start with these instead!” 

Snatching up the antique pincers, the ghoul soon had me in a most precarious situation. 

She clamped the pincers onto my penis and twisted and pulled me to her chair teasing, “as fun as these are, they are a bit of overkill for this particular task. But then again I didn’t see any antique tweezers laid out on the table, so these will have to do.”

Once she had me where she wanted me, she then held the unlit candle above my trapped little self.

Then, without a lighter or match, the candle lit itself under her gaze and almost immediately began to drip hot wax on my trapped penis head, which she held forcibly upturned so the wax could fall right onto the sensitive tip. “Ouch!” I yelped. 

“Sting a bit?” She pouted in mock sympathy. 

“Oh yes, Ma’am! I’ve done wax play before, but this is much worse than anything I’ve ever experienced!”

Nodding, she explained. “You’ve probably never had wax heated by hellfire dripped on you before. It’s almost as hot as Dunkin Donuts coffee.” 

As the candle dripped its superheated wax on me, I yelped in surrender. “OK, OK, I’ll do better!” I promised. But the ghoul shrugged off my pledge of amends.

“I’m sure you will, but I’m not stopping this little torment until the mushroomy head of this thing of yours is completely covered. Don’t worry though. Given its size it shouldn’t take long.” 

Then after doing exactly what she had intended, her fleshless fingertip stingingly flicked the wax from me and once clean, I was released from the pincers. As much as my glans hurt, I marveled that the wax, though hot enough to sting mightily, produced not a single blister. 

Grateful for this, I again dropped to the floor and  kissed the ghoul’s foul feet with much more fervor than before. But even after the torture, I found it difficult to maintain my level of devotion for more than a couple of minutes. 

The ghoul’s toes truly repulsed all of my senses and soon my attention faltered once again. This time however, the ghoul grew vexed. “I have been NICE up until now….”, she snarled, “ but you are too easily distracted. I think you need to learn just how bad things could get for you! UP! Let’s take another look around.”

-------------to be continued next Friday with Part 3 of 5--------------


  1. You obviously enjoyed yourself, playing with all these props! *laugh*

    I especially like your analogies -- "like the entrance to Wal-mart" made me laugh, and I don't think I will look at Dunkin coffee quite the same way again. ;)

    1. Well, if this wasn't fun, there'd be no point in doing it. It's not like I'm getting famous or making money off this stuff. LOL

      Thanks about the analogies. It's kind of my 'thing' to make accurate yet off-the-way comparisons. Stay tuned for part three. There are a few more CBT-themed persuasions on the way before my visitor turns her attentions elsewhere. LOL

  2. Skinny girls can be hot, but I think that your new Domme need to eat a sanich :)


    1. Perhaps. But a lot of someone's appeal is in their demeanor.....and frankly I think she kind of rocks the whole "dead-thing". ;-)

  3. I received a link to this bit of humor today. As if fits your bony motif, I thought you might enjoy it:

    1. Thanks, those were cute, but the thing that impressed me the most was the quality of those skeletons! I've repainted indoor stuff before to get a more realistic quality but these look like the real thing.

      (I might post a photo of a plastic cat skeleton that I recently "upgraded" so that, besides the ears, now looks pretty convincing. )

  4. You made me laugh with the Dunkin Donuts coffee. I never had one of those, but surely would remember this story if ever I get there. Love this and already looking forward to part 3 :)
    ~ Marie

    1. Thanks. Dunkin Donuts coffee for me is not notable for its flavor......which I find too bland, but for the fact that it seems to defy physical science in terms of its temperature. I've joked that:
      -it's brewed in Hell
      -poor people could use a cup to warm a room
      -it has to be purchased at least an hour before one intends to attempt drinking it

      Part 3 on Friday! As I said....a bit more CBT, getting more extreme with each attempt, before Part 4 where other body parts become targets of torment.

  5. Yeah, i'm going to say Dunkin Donuts coffee was the highlight of this post for me too.

    but also, OUCH. I admit, I was wincing most of the way thru the post. Glad you had fun! LOL.

    1. Thanks. That coffee IS notoriously hot.

      As for wincing? Well, that is the point of torture, LOL, but rest assured, nothing hurt as badly as I'm pretending in the shots. Even the wax was only a very mild sting, and I've done far worse wax-play than this.

      It was fun doing this, but honestly, coming up with ways to use stuff was more of a kick than some of the little discomforts I endured.